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  1. Once I learned to keep both eyes open, I struggled with eye dominance and double vision. I tried tape and it worked well but I was determined to have both eyes open and no tape. After a lot of effort, I was able to tune out the image that I didn't want to see but it took a lot of work and if I didn't maintain that skill, the double vision came back. Last year I gave up and switched back to tape. I'm shooting a lot better now and don't worry if I will see double during a match.
  2. Two. If one is in use, police training, competition other than USPSA, I can go to the other and practice.
  3. Table draw and reloads DOT drill from Ben Stoeger's website
  4. Relaxed focus on the first target with peripheral vision/attention on the gun. Watch the gun go out to the target. I think that where you direct your attention is more important than where you look.
  5. Great info for dryfire. Instead of taping, I made a ball of masking tape and stuck it between the hammer and firing pin. It was big enough to keep the hammer back and allow the spring tension to be felt.
  6. I hear Ben Stoeger has a lot of drills. Maybe you two should team up for a book.
  7. It looks like he ran out of the samples 9 years ago. LOL
  8. For me, out of an STI Trojan at 1.180 180gr bullet at 4.8gr of N320 gives 175PF 200gr bullet at 4.1gr of N320 gives 172PF Brian
  9. Try this link. It still works and updates monthly http://www.uspsa.info/cgi-bin/db_class_summary.cgi
  10. " Is calling your shots knowing EXACTLY where each shot lands, all the time? " Yes That's my ultimate goal.
  11. Try this. Look out your window, line up a spot on the window with an object outside, tree, car door etc. look at that spot on the window and really see it. Notice how well you can see the spot in detail and at the same time be aware of its relationship(alignment) with the tree. Next time at the range, do the same thing with your sights and the target. It's amazing how much there is to see.
  12. She is in high school... Well Dan, at least we now know why your son hasn't been bringing any girls home to meet you.
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