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  1. OK, not a movie, but a TV show that was later made a movie.
  2. I had a hard time hitting my reloads in my Tanfoglio after I got an STI and practiced mostly with the STI.
  3. reBUTTalHEAD: One who argues in the What I Hate forum, contrary to its guidelines.
  4. I won't shoot a comp gun upside-down again. I won't try to cut a cylindrical piece of wood in a band saw again. I won't spray brake cleaner on gun parts without eye protection again. I will never again put hydrogen peroxide disinfected contact lenses in my eyes until the catalyst has neutralized the peroxide. I won't go to the beach without sunscreen again. I will never again operate a thumb-throttle ATV that must be slowed for turns immediately after operating a thumb-throttle watercraft that must be gassed for turns. I will never disrespect a woman again.
  5. Put boxer shorts on backward and didn't notice it until facing the urinal at work, trying to find the fly.
  6. Today I shot Smoke & Hope for the first time since Piru last year, and I was back to my old habits: 1-2-3- then flinging a broken-wrists shot at #4 in my peripheral vision, missing half the time. So I tried 1-2-4-3 and shot a 1.99 with my Limited gun (Major ammo). Sweeeeeeet. And never missed #4. Meanwhile, ong45 gave it a try with his Open steel gun and shot a 2.16 on his first run. With the dot turned off. We think this order is the Trick of the Day. When it gets old and we start missing, we're going to reverse it, 4-3-1-2.
  7. Shot it for the first time today. Going left to right, I kept missing the stop plate, shooting early in the sweep back from #4 (the right rectangle). Going right to left was much better. 2.87 runs from 1.07 draws, Limited Major. Just fooling around, shooting #2 (left rectangle) first gave a smoking draw time but it was hard to transition from #1 to #3 and time suffered. P.S. I guess there's no standard for numbering the plates. I am numbering them left to right, 1-4, skipping the stop plate.
  8. Limited, 64 points in 7.02 seconds, 9.116 hit factor, good enough to win the stage. From the right side, middle target first, working outward, then from the left side, outside target first, working inward. Interesting that I shot this different in Open. I didn't have my GM Limited gun setup and couldn't settle the sight back in the A zone. Hence all the Bs and Cs. But it was one of my better reloads. Too bad I didn't review the timer.
  9. (sorry for the delayed response) schmitz, as BerKim said, your old avatar was on a site that wants a browser cookie. My old browser would always ask me whether I should accept that cookie, but my new browser doesn't. Meanwhile, back at the Forum Nomenclature suggestion box... (sorry for the bad seque) Internet Drama Queen This person specializes in being a victim, finding (or feigning) insult where none was intended, and bringing drama to where none is wanted. non-grammarian this person rarely uses capitols misspells freequently and almost never uses punctuation. adnd makes horrible run-
  10. John Hiatt: Thing Called Love, Cry Love, Slow Turning, Perfectly Good Guitar, 'nuff said.
  11. Hey schmitz, can't you just save that picture to your hard disk, then upload it as your avatar? We'd really appreciate it. Singlestack... if the shoe fits, er, if the underwear fits... Yours actually isn't that bad. I came up with avatard when I was thinking of a term for TDean, who has been changing his avatar every 1-3 days.
  12. avatard: Member who lacks the abilities to create and/or select a proper avatar. He may be using a reserved stock avatar, or an annoying animation, or bizarrely scaled dimensions.
  13. The Seagull: Appears suddenly, makes a lot of noise, craps all over everything, then flies away.
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