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  1. Carter’s Compensator Muzzle Brake Spray TOMBSTONE PRODUCTS 602/765-3800 It might be carried by Dillon or Midway.
  2. I installed it and I love it. Much improved trigger pull.
  3. Just an update on why I choose to carry out in the boonies of Nevada.... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=545550 It's a nine-page thread, but the gist of it is: some crazy old coot shoots at riders near his property, not far from Reno. The safepacker is working well. I had a huge yard sale crash earlier this year and it held the gun securely.
  4. Just a reminder that Heroes returns Monday night...
  5. http://news.scotsman.com/entertainment.cfm?id=1483222007
  6. I got mine today. Or rather, I got one addressed to Eric Johnson. Somewhere there's a guitarist whining, "Where the F is my connector?"
  7. That Aprilia is gone. #$%&! Euro-trash blew up on its first lap and wasn't worth fixing. Replaced by a 1993 Yamaha TZ250, what I wanted in the first place. That yellow 250 Ninja is gone, replaced by a 1988 CBR600F Hurricane.
  8. Monday and Tuesday I went to school, Jason Pridmore's STAR riding school held at Reno-Fernley Raceway. Excellent learning experience. Get this: somebody made an unsafe pass of me in the fastest turn on the track while I was on my "out" lap (warming up tires). There was an instructor behind us. The instructor had a video camera. The instructor was co-owner of the school. He told that guy he was no longer welcome on the track with the rest of the students. That guy was a repeat student who had probably paid them a few thousand dollars in tuition, and they had the will to keep him off the track. I am really impressed.
  9. Wrong sound! Brring, briiinng, braaaaAAAAAAP! I had an instructor tell me how much he enjoyed smelling and hearing my bike as he followed me yesterday. With my bike I can't hide the fact when I'm closed or neutral throttle versus on the gas.
  10. I ordered one. I'm thinking I'll pull the factory 3.5 out of my 17 and put it in my 26, then put the LW in my 17. BTW, I dropped my loaded 26 last night. Bag to dresser to floor, spinning all the way.
  11. Check out the Freakonomics blog about it.
  12. I solved it by having a gunsmith weld up the dovetail and recut the slide for a Heinie fixed sight. Solved it with the next gun by starting with fixed sights in the first place.
  13. It's a small thing, but I feel like I can always take my ball and go home should things get ugly with the club. #A36569
  14. Found by searching: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=43329 and there's more out there.
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