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  1.     BTW your friend should have used a local gunsmith-replacing a trip is no big deal.


  2.      I read your write up on Shay.  There's no excuse for what he's done under any circumstances.  Your friend needs to first send Shay an email asking for Shay to return his pistol ASAP fixed or not fixed.  If he doesn't reply to the email within 1 week then your friend needs to contact an attorney asap and have him send a Demand letter to Shay.  That will get his attention.


    1. slinginlead


      Thank you,


      I will talk to him tomorrow and see if he is willing to do that.  I know he is fed up with him and is thinking of just having him send the gun back in what ever shape it is in and send it to another smith


  3. Hello, 

    I came across a topic you posted in several years ago regarding the Springfield XDM 5.25 9mm and rear adjustable sights. You had stated that you had replaced the rear sights with Dawson's.

    Do you still have the pistols and would you provide a few pics?




  4. Sorry for not being more specific-this would the the IPSC pedal for my weak hand thumb. So I guess I won't be using it in CDP-thanks
  5. Is a thumb rest on a 1911 legal in IDPA? Thanks
  6. In most of the Academy's I have visited the guns have locks on the triggers and no dry firing is allowed. Looks like this salesman violated store policy by removing the lock.
  7. Fiocchi I think makes primers. Isn't Tula also making primers? Also Wolf
  8. Want to buy and STI???

  9. David,

    I also live in El Paso and am active in both the IDPA and USPSA clubs here in El Paso and Las Cruces. Welcome to the sport and if you need any info on either one of the local clubs send me a PM.


  10. Jerry Barnhart? Would he be considered as one of the greatest?
  11. has not set their status

  12. Would this Ghost holster work for the CZ TS .40?

  13. Was in one of my local gun shops last week and asked the owner if he had ever considered carrying Blade-tech holsters. He never heard of Blade-tech. LOL
  14. Here are the photos of the reloading bench I just purchased and assembled in 5 minutes. It is a Bench by Keystone and is 5' X 2' X 3'. I secured it to the wall with three 4" screws and it is solid as a rock and is awaiting the Lee Loadmaster I purchased from a member of this Forum. I need to upgrade the top but will do that later. I stink at carpentry-this gets the job done for right now.
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