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Found 3 results

  1. I've been playing with where I direct my attention right before the buzzer goes off. I started off, like most people, staring at the first target that I'd engage, but then I started to wonder if that was what was making me not have a clear sight picture when my gun came into view (changing focal planes). So now I stare at the ground, about 5 feet in front of me, at nothing in particular. What I'm waiting for is my gun to come into view so that I can follow the sights up to the target. But lately, I've been shooting Steel Challenge and wonder if not looking at the target is slowing down my first shot times. I seem to be going back and forth on this, maybe because I don't have any real empirical data to back it up. Anyone done any testing with this?
  2. Still trying how best to aim with the open gun. For those who have read BE's book, you know about the different shooting focal points. These all make perfect sense for guns with iron sights. Should this change when shooting open with a red dot? Take 'Type 3' focus for example, where the idea is to focus on your sight and not your target. When using a red dot, is it better to focus on your dot, or should you always focus on your target and the dot just "appear" on the target?
  3. Hi everyone, i posted this topic a couple weeks back in the "introduce yourself" section and wanted to see if maybe i re-posted it in here it might grab someones attention - thank s for looking, and for any help offered! -Chase M. Posted 26 March 2013 - 10:29 AM Hi everyone, I’m a newbie here but have been lurking on the forum for a few months trying to gather tips whenever, wherever I can. I just finished Brian’s book and to say I am inspired would be a tremendous understatement. Who would have thought the concepts, ideas and strategies he thought up 20+ years ago would still be just as relevant as they are today! (Thank you again, Brian) So on to my latest road block - Shooting groups from 18-25+ yards-freehand(I mean standing with both hands).Before you all beat me up too bad - I am following the steps as have been outlined by the master - started out shooting at nothing at all, just the berm. Got comfortable enough to "see" what I needed to see when I needed to see it given the circumstance (shooting at a berm with no target) and felt it was time to move on to bench rest shooting. I stayed on that damn bench until I could get my 2.5-3" groups at 20-25Yds consistently with little or no flyers on most given days. Relying on mechanics, eyes open, calling the shot as best I could see it, following through- everything was working well from the bench. So I moved on...I went in steps- started at 5 yards, moved to 10 then on to 15 and after that is where things started to change...Drastically. I observed that at about 18-20+ yards my fundamentals begin to deteriorate rapidly. I am overcome by "thought" rather than "action" - immediately I am doing mental checks on ALL my fundamentals - stance, grip, pressures, relaxed stomach, FRONT SIGHT, EYES OPEN, trigger, call the shot - EVERYTHING! And its during that time my form just goes to complete shit. I’m anticipating the shot/recoil, losing the front sight, incorrectly calling my shots; it’s just the worst feeling ever. So my remedy when this is happening is to first observe that it is happening and go back to what’s comfortable and easy (I know what a puss) moving it back to 7 yards, 10 yards 15 yards and guess what - as soon as work back up to the 20-25 yard range - it’s the same problem! It’s almost like at that distance (20-25 yds.) my mind flips this anxiety/doubt switch that on some days it literally seems impossible to overcome so i resort back to bench resting, or moving back to 10-15 yards and usually end up leaving the range feeling very unaccomplished and pretty bummed out... Sorry for the rant! Please know I am not looking for that "one special answer" I was really hoping just to get your guys opinions, possibly some tips and maybe some shared similar experiences if at all applicable or relevant to my situation. Thank you everyone in advance for taking the time to read and/or respond all input is much appreciated! Make it a great day everyone!! -Chase M.
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