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  1. I have been using it for almost two months now. It is certainly one of my most recomended apps. You can also put in your exercise to buy you some extra calories. While I am not really trying to lose weight as much as lose a bit of fat, it is great for keeping track of the macronutrients. It also works well for anyone trying to watch sodium or cholesterol. While it doesn't tell you what to eat and not eat, anyone can tell pretty quickly where they can make some changes to save some calories.
  2. This was never one of my written goals. However, it is a by product of the effort I have put into achiving some of my goals.
  3. I had a fantastic demonstration of how to zero a classifier when we ran this one in our July match. 2NS 2ES dang that was virginia count? Came back with my second run through the match and shot 34 pts in 3.68sec for a HF of 9.2391 another "M" got 36 pts in 3.60 for a 10HF. Both of us were in production.
  4. Getting better everyday

  5. I'm looking forward to buying him dinner. Dan any chance you might let me know you got my email?

  6. Free Idaho there are some excellent instruations on several targets. I made several of his drop turners and they all have turned out great and function very well.
  7. Dan is quite the character. When surrounded by chaos he truly knows how to pick on some one whos twice his stature and entice him into the feats of strength! Oh and he may have lowsy taste in dining, but he can make an M&P sing quite nicely!

  8. I came across a couple recall notices today and thought I'd post them. Kahr PM9 barrel recall North American Arms .22 PMC warning Not a Firearm in my state but still someone out there may have one... Crossman air pistol safety malfunction. Dan
  9. I just keep coming back to Ronin. it has it all, plot, action, and 1911
  10. I bought this grizzly 3103 for gunsmithing and have found it very accurate yes it has backlash but very very little. Here is a SV slide I did it started as a Bald and bare (round top no sight cuts) Now it is fluted, flat-topped,serrated, with bomar sight cuts. I think it turned out pretty good. Yes, I would not hesitate to recomend this machine to anyone looking to getting into gunsmithing and for the price I think it is very tough to beat. But, that is just my 2 cents worth. Dan
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