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  1. Thanks. Interesting that your new plate slid right in. Getting my original plate out was a bear. I'm hoping my new plate will slide in, no problem.
  2. The mounting threads stripped out on my CZ Custom RDS RMR plate, so so I need to install a new one. Question is: What is the best way to do this? The RDS plate uses a very tight friction fit. I tapped the old one out but I had to use a punch to do it, and it marred the soft aluminum plate. Obviously, that won’t work for installing a new plate. So what’s the best way to drive the plate into the CZ Custom RDS cut without boogering it up? Thanks in advance.
  3. I’m going to use my P-10 with a DPP for CO. I ordered CZC extended base pads to achieve 140mm mags. I will order Grams follower kits for these mags, but I’ve read conflicting info on how many coils the springs should be. Should I spec 11- or 13-coil springs with my Grams follower kits? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I read somewhere online (I thought it was here on this forum) that a guy had cut down his DAA Racer pouches so mags weren't surrounded by as much plastic as the stock design. Supposedly, a hacksaw was used for the rough cut and a Dremel to smooth the edges. And the result was that it was easier to index the mags with a forefinger easier, and they were still held securely when running. Has anyone here modded their DAA Racers? If so, can you describe your process? And, hopefully, show some sweet pouch porn? Thanks!
  5. I have a CGW SAO trigger for my Shadow Target and I want to install it. Can someone direct me to videos that show how to do it and remove the disconnector? Many thanks.
  6. natcreat

    CZ75 magwell?

    Bump. Does the TTI extended base pad work with the CGW (Springer) magwell? Anyone with experience please chime in. Thanks.
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