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  1. On the contrary my friend! I looked into a 35 Remington Marlin 336 yesterday while at my local gun shop. He has one for $449 that I'm thinking about picking up on Monday.
  2. I agree. Not to mention the fact that H&K is putting RFID chips in all of their production pistols. Not that I'm a 'tin foil hatter', but the whole concept seems kind of nefarious if you ask me. Do a google on H&K RFID chip. You will find all sorts of explanations of why they are there. Most of which are "to track maintenance schedules".
  3. Bwahahaha ... I've gotta see that! You're kidding right? Have any live footage? Not that I'm calling you a liar ... but I've been around a lot of good shooters, and I'm not sure I know anyone who can shoot a ragged hole with a semi-auto at 25 yds. free standing!
  4. How about WST? I've had good luck with it in 9mm. The plus side is the mild recoil. Not that the 9mm recoils that much, but mine shoots like a dream using WST.
  5. I'd get a Kimber Stainless Pro TLE II, Stainless TLE II, or Gold Combat RL II if it were my money.
  6. +1 You aren't loading 500+ yd. rifle ammo. Don't worry about the lands in a pistol.
  7. X2 For one ... Colt's sole existence is for military and LEO contracts. They have strayed away from the civilian market, and emphasize on government contracts. Also, Colt does absolutely nothing for the civilian shooting industry. As a matter of fact, a few of their higher level management have laughed at the prospect of a civilian gun ban stating, and I quote, " It won't affect us as a company. Ninety-nine percent of our business is in the domestic and foreign military and NATO Law Enforcement Departments. " I haven't owned a Colt in years, and refuse to support them. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Here's the deal ... First ... use some Imperial Sizing Die wax Next .... The 7.62 MILSURP brass is quite a bit thicker both in the web, and through out the brass than your average commercial .308. I have found that rocking it back and forth improves my odds for a successful sizing. You can only press so much brass into a small area before it buckles. Now, to clarify ... When I say 'rock back and forth' I don't mean literally. Put the brass through 1/4 of the way, and back out, then 1/2 then back out ... so on and so forth until the entire case is sized. With once fired 7.62 you aren't only resizing the neck, but forcing the 'extra brass' to reform at the case mouth. This ALWAYS lengthens the case length on the first resizing, and will have to be trimmed. The M240 machine guns are so overly headspaced that you are, in essence, reforming the case from the shoulder up on your first loading! Hope that helps.
  9. I'm thinking of picking up a 336 in 35 Remington. In your opinion, what is the best cartridge available in the 30 cal. Marlins?
  10. See ... you've done it again. Chased off the new guy! He hasn't responded to his own post in 3 days. I think he wonders if this forum is full of a bunch of degenerates and perverts!
  11. A weapon-mounted light won't illuminate your sights. A support-hand flashlight won't either. If your target is in the light, but your gun isn't, you want night sights. In my experience, and YMMV, when I use a weapon mounted light to identify a target my sights will be back lit enough and I can use my sights fine. I have found that I can engage multiple targets exposed at a fraction of a second in the same splits as full daylight. When engaging in short exposure, high stress, battle type reactive engagements, there is little or no time to focus on dots anyway. IME "night sights" will appear as a black post as will the F/O's. Depending on how deployed, a reaction hand light will cause a lot of back scatter coming back of the gun and sights and will constrict your eyes losing night vision not to mention a lack on weapon control. During dusk and dawn there is a small advantage but really not much one just needs to test. After hundreds of hours operating at night.... ah never mind..... I was just inquiring to folks game guns anyway. I'm the total opposite. It's all based on opinions at any rate! However, I prefer night sights over a standard mounted weapon light. In the theater of operations I was involved in ... a weapon light made a good target! Then, of course, there were the weapons mounted IR lasers that were night vision compatible. But, we are talking apples and oranges here. The everyday civilian would have no use whatsoever to even have access to these. In the world of civilian applications and marksmanship I tested and evaluated several "tactical" and practical weapons sights before deciding on the Trijicon HD Night sights. Again ... I don't use my M&P Pro as a carry weapon, so the chances of me ever even using it at night are slim to none. So, for daily practice ... the High Def front orange dot shows up very well in the sight picture. If anyone ever came up with a High Def / Florescent Orange front sight I might be inclined to give them a try. However, there are none on the market that I am aware of other than Trijicon.
  12. FYI ... the new barrel doesn't have anything to do with accuracy, as far as I know. It only address the early lockup and lock open problems people were having. If you compare a new style barrel with an old barrel you will see that the cut in front of the frame is more rounded as opposed to stepped. This prevents the slide from coming in contact with the barrel prematurely. As for accuracy with the pistol .... It's not the pistol. I can guarantee that. Strap it to a vise and manipulate the trigger. You will see that the M&P is easily capable of 2 1/2" to 3" groups at 25 yds. if you take the human factor out of it. I've addressed this issue time and time again with the "Which pistol is more accurate?" topics. If you take the human factor out of the equation you will find that almost any production pistol made today is more capable of accuracy than anyone give them credit for. In other words .... it's the shooter and not the pistol. The correct question should be ... "Why can't I shoot my M&P?"
  13. I have no idea! I could check with them on Monday, and see if he kept it.
  14. Is it removable to switch between rifle and pistol charge bars, or do I need to buy 2? Thanks.
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