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  1. sliver strikers have a shorter "leg" than the original black ones. You combine this with a PRO factory sear and a reduced power sear spring you get a problematic gun. this is also the reason S&W had problems with the "dead trigger" when they switched to the silver strikers. their fix was a stronger sear spring.
  2. Every one I know currently on Team S&W shoots M&P 9s when they are shooting in a division that 9 makes sense. Brandon, Julie, Randi shoot exclusively M&P 9s. I know Dave Olhasso and myself go back and forth between M&P9 and M&P 45 depending on what we are doing. Jerry, Kay, and Lena all shoot M&P 9s in 3 gun. I forgot Julie does shoot a 1911 when she shoots bianchi,
  3. I like the new one. A LOT less likely to go into orbit when removing the rear sight. I don't know for certain, but the spring and cap are probably the most requested M&P part as so many are losing it. Another bonus with the new one is it will help keep people from getting the spring kinked which yeilds a non funtioning gun. The cost to make the new one I am certain is more expensive than the old stamped metal one and to make one like the new one from metal would have been MUCH more expensive.
  4. Anyone who did not get signed up but wants to shoot can. You just need to bring a completed application to registration at 8:00 am the day you wish to shoot and we'll find you a place to shoot.
  5. Hey Dan, I might be able to make it after all. PM incoming! Dan put him on my squad so I can watch him for any funny business. We'll put him in the OH squad. We may as well keep you westerners all together.
  6. No one needs to break a sweat over it this year. I'll leave it at: some targets are fully lighted others not so much and ROs won't need night vision to watch the shooters.
  7. lets just say I choose my words wisely for the record they were 4 watt CFLs last year.
  8. With several late additions we are close to our numbers from last year. There is still room for late comers and walk-ins on each day. We worked all weekend on some "specialty" props and I must say they all turned out great. So we will have a few things that you probably haven't shot at before The indoor stage was completed and for those concerned it has 100 times more light than last year.
  9. Actually, the method that I suggested results in something that uses the built in fonts. It's pretty slick. it does use the fonts in the nook and you can read it however the rule numbers do not line up with the rule paragraphs so it is pretty hard to use. I thought this would be pretty slick as well, however after a little more thought not sure I like it. I'd rather the squad not stop shooting/scoring to look something up in the rule book. If they are using the nook book they cannot be scoring the next guy. I am going to leave the rule book in there for now, but I doubt it gets used much.
  10. We are now up to 130 competitors and still have plenty of room on each day! If you want in please send me an email or PM here and I can get you signed up in no time. (come on Keen several of your OH brothers are making the trip you know you want to ) Match web site Match Application
  11. give me two weeks to run this section macth then I can get you in.
  12. The additional force required ro get the gun to autoforward is slowing your reload down. Trust me when I say this, You cannot move at super speed and super force at the same time. Choose one...choose wisely Oh, and eventually your M&P will fail to strip a round. It has happened to everyone I know that relies on it, almost always in a match that matters.
  13. <sarcastic mode on> Hey, here's a great idea. When people come up with neat ideas like this, wouldn't it be nice to actually tell people how to do it??? <sarcastic mode off> Sorry Graham, I am by no means any kind of super user of these things so I had to wait until I had one in front of me to figure out how I had done it... From the andriod screen click the "four square" button (Bottom center)then find the program "nook touch tools" (in mine I had to swipe to one side to find it) launch the program and grant it permission. Then you'll see a button on the bottom of the screen "B&N buttons" you will see a list of the buttons and what they are programed to do. To program one to launch practiscore click the desired button (I choose "long press 'n' button) then click "launch application" you will now see a list of applications. Click on Practiscore and you will be in buisness
  14. I changed the "long press" of the "n" button to launch practiscore. That way if anyone gets lost it is very easy to get back to where they shouldn't have left.
  15. It's starting to look as if the only way to install something without ADB on your PC is to first install ADB on your PC and use it to down load a file manager so that you can load files without having to have ADB installed on your PC. I know that makes absolutely no sense at all, but that's what I seem to be seeing. I downloaded an app from the app store I believe called androexplore. you can use that to install practiscore from a card.
  16. Talked it over and have decided to wave the late fee T-shirts will be ordered soon so if you don't get the app in soon you may miss out on a T-shirt. The app will be updated to reflect the NO late fee change in the next couple days.
  17. I got through the stack today we are now up to 88 into the squadding system.
  18. I have been out of town for the last week. I am sure there is a pile of apps waiting for my return. I do not for see canceling the match!
  19. I posted the stage pdf on the web site. WPA section Stages Thank you Vince for doing the conversion!
  20. Sorry my guy that does the drawing didn't get them finished before I left for vacation. I'll get them up in a PDF when I get back
  21. I have a few more apps going in today, but are certainly behind where I would like us to be
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