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  1. This is somewhat confusing to me, If I have a Gen 4 Glock with the dual coil system and I want to change the recoil spring to 13 lbs or 15 lbs is the only way, to buy a Gen 3 recoil guide rod, with a Reducer/converter + buy 13lb Spring? Is there such a thing as a Gen 4 Dual Coil Assembly with already a 13 lb spring installed?
  2. Hello, Just wondering what is everyone's opinion on the best parts to make the ultimate 1911 trigger for competition? My plan so far is to get the following parts below and then send to a gunsmith for a trigger job, goal is ~2lb. -1911 40 S&W - 14lb recoil spring and a 17lb mainspring - EGW Hard sear - EGW Long disconnector - Colt sear spring - Doug Koenig 1911 Low Mass Hammer - SVI Trigger Bow - Single Stack - SVI Trigger Insert - Medium Flat Suggestions? Comments?
  3. ANy updates on the best Anti Fog glasses? and Cat crap?
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