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  1. I do use the factory striker. FYI
  2. Maybe I need steel toe IPSC Race shoes. LOL
  3. I've taken an OCD approach to my ammo and triple checking it to eliminate any chance of malfunction. WHY .... now ? Because of primer strikes that my son inlaw an army armored says should of gone off. As reloaders we all have experienced hits that should of gone off, but during a stage it makes for a bad run. It's not uncommon for a 1911 to experience it and common reasons as high primers or other variables. With a striker fired gun there are a lot more various causes for it. I have not polished any of my Apex parts only shot the gun. There are about 2k shot since I went with my setup, and since I went OCD on ammo the light strikes have gone 99.9% away.. so I guess any now are primer Mfg related. (And any sear flutter was cured with a heavier sear spring early on.) My trigger started at 1lb 12oz, last nite after cleaning and checking pull weight afterwards it has dropped to an average of 10 pulls to 1lb 9oz. With a low of 1lb 7oz.
  4. Dang guess one more change. Went with the SJC heavyweight black brass magwell. Along with a tungsten guide rod. It shot flatter, i guess to get the thing dead flat I need to add people holes. For now I'm pretty happy with it. The brass one weighed 7.5oz the SSS aluminum one was 1.8 oz.
  5. I have the same as stick.... Got 1lb 12oz, after 1k am getting 1lb 9oz . If I polish my trigger bar I may get it lower.
  6. How many rounds did you get thru it before it happened?? After using mine I do still case gage every rd I ran . Thanks for the info!!!
  7. The glock was for a client. Mine is this.
  8. Did Mine and others on mill and wire edm.
  9. Not gauging my ammo has screwed me at classifier matches!!!! That's my story and I'm sticking with it !!! LOL
  10. PD 124gr JHP 1.175 oal 8.5grs 3n38 173PF
  11. I'm loading mixed bass and I don't get a lot of completed rounds that are bulged but when it happens its frustrating to get my bullet hammer and disassemble them. This set up works GREAT. I just set aside the ones that won't gauge until I have a batch and QD change to my single stage press. I have a torn rotator cuff and it kills me to use a hammer. Guess shooting steel matches makes it hurt more than USPSA.... more draws during the day.
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