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  1. Thanks EaZeNuTZ33 that is the kind of honest opinion I was looking for.
  2. That's interesting they would still use a 1x6 over 1x10 I wonder if it's because they feel more comfortable on the 1x6 because they are used to it or 1x10 just not that much better
  3. Now that the vortex 1x10s are out and being ran how are they? any buyers remorse? does the 10 power help the long range game?, is ffp all it's cracked up to be? Getting ready to make the jump from my 1x8 strike eagle just need to hear the opinions of some mortal men that have one.
  4. My RIA fits fine in my Weber Tactical upgrade it with the hood for 3 gun. Also you can pick out your favorite color and when you upgrade to STI or Atlas it will fit them too.
  5. Hayes custom seems to be the place for the RIA
  6. Ria right out of the box is pretty good, upgrades don't have to be done all at the same time if your on a budget
  7. I am a lefty and I think the grip memory when switching is something, sometimes when I switch it feels like I actually have a better grip with my right than left for some strange reason probably the muscle memory mentioned above, and trying to crush it with the right normally.
  8. Another vote for Weber plus they have cool colors https://webertactical.com/gamer-series/
  9. I run the Weber / carbon arms belt it has an inner belt and ratchet in case your feeling extra skinny one day and need to sinch it up or to many burritos and need to let it out. Also pre dilled so easy to mount the gear up. https://webertactical.com/product/weber-tactical-signature-carbs-ratchet-belt-system/
  10. I have he cought the throw lever on the side and some how squished the tube. It was a vortex so they warrantied it no problem.
  11. Really great advise here. What are you guys doing in dry fire to help with the calling of shots? is it about getting perfect trigger presses in thousands of times to get rid of the jerking?
  12. check out weber tactical they have all things for your new belt
  13. I would spend some on decent caddies they will really make the most difference starting out.
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