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  1. sierra77mk

    Burris announces new 1-6 Scope designed for 3 Gun

    It's official from Burris. Good afternoon, The RT-6 does not come with lens caps or a scope cover. Thank You, Burris Technical Support https://burris.supportsync.com/ 1 They cheaped out. I cannot believe it. Even Tasco and Simmons care enough about their product to provide the user with some way of protecting their lenses! With all the hype about this scope a while back... No protection for the lenses. The Shame of it all...
  2. sierra77mk

    Burris announces new 1-6 Scope designed for 3 Gun

    My RT-6 came with NO lens caps or lens covers. Every other scope I own came with lens caps. All my Burris XTR-II's came with Bikini style covers and a soft cloth scope cover. Is Burris cheaping out with this model or did I get a short packed box?
  3. I have a fixed stock AK that I'd like to keep original but I hate the buttplate because it is slick and won't stay on the shoulder. I was thinking about hitting the buttplate with Flex Seal spray. I don't want to make it longer so I don't want any slip on type of boot. Any other Ideas?
  4. sierra77mk

    Does Hornady still make the 62gr BTHP (#2276C)

    So an update: I have been shooting the 68's for years and getting 1.5-moa in a 18" 1/7 bbl. Fine for my matches and the price. I bought some of the 62gr BTHP match for the heck of it. Initial testing shows these 62's are giving me under 1 moa and I think I will be running these the rest of the year.
  5. sierra77mk

    Does Hornady still make the 62gr BTHP (#2276C)

    It seems Mid South is the only place which has the bare bullets and Hornady will be selling a loaded round under their Frontier Cartridge Company line. Since it is not in their catalog, it makes me wonder if this bullet was a one time run for reloaders.
  6. This is the 62gr HP that is made like their 68gr #2278B match bullet. I do not see it on their website. The only 62gr I see the #22760B which is the 62gr FMJ.
  7. Best all shotgun stage at this match ever. We shot #3 as the last stage on the last day and, as is customary, I was first up. I don't know how that happens to me every year on the SG stage.. I usually cringe at the 30+ birdshot stages but this one was well laid out and actually gave the average shotgunner a chance to load and transition to the rabbits and flyers. No real "walk by" target "traps" or sneaky targets etc... And we mostly shot in the shade. Kudos to the designers on this stage in particular.
  8. sierra77mk

    Experience with Blc2 w/168gr bullet in .308

    I stay with stick powder in .30 cal service rifles. BLC2 748 H414 etc are too temperature sensitive. Varget & IMR4895 are my choices
  9. sierra77mk

    Best Limited Holster for M&P

  10. When I see a post that states: "Posted July 15" What YEAR was it posted? Am I to assume if there is no year shown then it was posted in the current year? When does the year get added to a posting date? After 366 days?
  11. sierra77mk

    Average lifespan of Lee Universal decapping pins?

    15+ years and countless cases, crimped or not. Then a couple weeks ago a .223 case flipped out of the shell holder into the path on the downstroke and the pin broke. Any other time I had foreign object or berdan case the pin just backed out. Do you think the press timing is just a little off or the pin is not exactly centered in the collet so you're not centered up on the primer?
  12. sierra77mk

    How I Attached ELS Accessories To My MOLLE Rig

    These Bladetech MOLLE Clips are exactly the solution I found for this match and a battle belt. They are offered in two sizes, small and large. The small fits three rows of MOLLE webbing. BladeTech did not list a dimension but the large must be for vests and about 5 rows of webbing. I think I might get some more for my Choate shell carriers.
  13. sierra77mk

    3 gun barrel from WOA

    SPR is 2.56 lbs so this one is not that much lighter. That being said my SPR profile is the most accurate BBL I have. the 1:7 loves sierra 77's and hornady 68's are a close second. I had John build my 18" upper with rifle length gas specifically for heavy bullets & long range matches. A 16" 1:9 with a lighter contour is what I use for 55gr at matches under 300yds. So if a 1:8 mid-length gas is what you'd want, I would not hesitate on a WOA BBL.