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  1. Damnedest thing. I went thru two in two weeks. Bent the spindle a little first time so I bent it back best I could and got several hundred more loaded then had a case turn sideways on me. I did see a review on amazon that the lymans will work in Hornady dies but are a bit shorter. As CPD7119 stated above Thank you. So $4.00 for 10 of them at Midsouth Shooters Supply. I will tag them on to a future order.
  2. I have mostly Hornady New Dimension Dies. Their "Headed" style decap pins are nearly $1.50 each. But RCBS and Lyman also make "Headed" pins sold in 5 or 10 packs for much less and I'd like to know if they are interchangeable. Any advice on saving a buck or two would be appreciated.
  3. When I shot the 2016 Resurgence match, I bought a surplus M12/UM84 holster. Fit my para P16 just fine. In fact this holster fits a ton of handguns. The rules of this match mandated carrying your holstered handgun even on stages where it was not used. I thought a flap holster would be ideal for going prone in sandy environments, moving thru obstacles etc... The rules allowed changing holsters between stages so a blade tech was used when appropriate. I recommend everybody get a M12 as an extra "just in case/just to have".
  4. Try a smear of RTV silicone in the loaded chamber hole. Available at auto parts store. Can't hurt and non permanent. I use it as a poor mans gas buster around my charging handle for rifle.
  5. Some of you have mentioned "Aussie Clays". That's what I have. "Made in Australia. Packaged in USA." Is there a different source for Clays powder now? And how is it different?
  6. I have an 18" DMR (no longer offered apparently) 1:7 rifle length gas, that shoots 3/4 moa using 77 sierras. 68 hornady;s are about 1.25moa. My go to heavy bullet upper.
  7. SO THE PROBLEM IS FEDERAL BRASS! I have hundreds of Federal and PMC once fired cases I got from somewhere and decided to load them up. The Federals all have the setback problem. Occasionally the other bullets setback too but almost all Montana Gold 147's would push back in the Federal cases. In 25+ years or reloading I did not know that Federal pistol brass was known to be thinner. Searching on BE forums taught me this. I reloaded ~ 500 FC96 headstamp NATO GI cases and did not have such a problem. Federal commercial headstamp did me in. The Federals will be used for .356 coated Eggleston bullets. Thank you for your suggestions.
  8. Why can I load 147 grain Hornady, Precision Delta, Remington HP, Remington FMJ Winchester FMJ with no problems and then when I load Montana Gold 147's I can push the bullet back into the case with moderate hand pressure against my loading bench? Is it the brass jacket sliding against the brass case? Dissimilar metals grab but similar metals will slide? A copper jacket in a brass case on all of the other listed bullets and I have no problems. Montana Gold bullets measure .3555-.356 so they are NOT undersized. In fact the montana gold 147's that I am using are almost identical in profile to the remington FMJ's. So why the setback problems? I am beginning to despise Montana Gold's entire product line, I have more problems with their bullets than any other. Full disclosure, I have not purchased any MG 9mm bullets, I have won several boxes of several weights at matches but I will not buy any unless someone can tell me the trick to loading them like copper jacketed bullets. I use a redding crimp die and I have to crank it down til the bullets are deformed and I can STILL push the bullets back into the case. What is the secret to loading brass jacketed bullets?
  9. I am having no luck finding something and hope someone can help. I am looking for a semi stiffened panel with MOLLE/PALS webbing on the outside and with belt loops on the belt side or a "tunnel" for a belt to thread thru. Like this but with only 3 panels. https://www.elitesurvival.com/belts/sidewinder-adaptive-molle-battle-belt/ The idea being I can keep my competition belt using Tek-Lok components and holster on my strong side as usual, but slide on a "panel" of 2-3 mags when I am competing with a .308 rifle. I already have the pouches, I just want a panel to re-purpose them.
  10. It's official from Burris. Good afternoon, The RT-6 does not come with lens caps or a scope cover. Thank You, Burris Technical Support https://burris.supportsync.com/ 1 They cheaped out. I cannot believe it. Even Tasco and Simmons care enough about their product to provide the user with some way of protecting their lenses! With all the hype about this scope a while back... No protection for the lenses. The Shame of it all...
  11. My RT-6 came with NO lens caps or lens covers. Every other scope I own came with lens caps. All my Burris XTR-II's came with Bikini style covers and a soft cloth scope cover. Is Burris cheaping out with this model or did I get a short packed box?
  12. I have a fixed stock AK that I'd like to keep original but I hate the buttplate because it is slick and won't stay on the shoulder. I was thinking about hitting the buttplate with Flex Seal spray. I don't want to make it longer so I don't want any slip on type of boot. Any other Ideas?
  13. So an update: I have been shooting the 68's for years and getting 1.5-moa in a 18" 1/7 bbl. Fine for my matches and the price. I bought some of the 62gr BTHP match for the heck of it. Initial testing shows these 62's are giving me under 1 moa and I think I will be running these the rest of the year.
  14. It seems Mid South is the only place which has the bare bullets and Hornady will be selling a loaded round under their Frontier Cartridge Company line. Since it is not in their catalog, it makes me wonder if this bullet was a one time run for reloaders.
  15. This is the 62gr HP that is made like their 68gr #2278B match bullet. I do not see it on their website. The only 62gr I see the #22760B which is the 62gr FMJ.
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