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  1. Trying to find Solo 1000 locally is like trying to find baby unicorn teeth. Most shops out of anything I'd want and one shop had 4 pounds of WST for $85 before tax. I plunked down the $90.10 out the door and just called it a day.
  2. You bring up a point I didn't think of: availability. It's been so long since I purchased powder. I've been dealing with the 22LR availability (always seem to find inventory at non hoarder prices, knock on steel billet). Guess I should do a search for what's out there and at what price. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Finishing up 8 pounds of WST. Shoot 5" 45acp and 9mm 1911, lower PF, always Bear Creek moly (135RN, thinking of 147g, and 200swc or 230RN). Like everything about WST: clean, smoke free, have years of data. But Solo 1000 is tempting because the grass is always greener on the other side, right?! Can anyone compare the softness of the two especially in 9mm? Is Solo1000 clean and smoke-free like WST? Or would this be a lateral move at best?
  4. Found new in box for $600 yesterday.
  5. Is $722 delivered the best post-holiday price in US?
  6. Oooh so close, but they're out of stock too.
  7. Thanks. Did some searching and a few have left the disconnector in. The SA trigger is sold out at CZ Customs.
  8. A month or two ago I purchased a DA/SA SP01 Shadow for a Production gun & put in a few goodies from CGW and CZ Customs. DA and SA trigger feels great, gun is comfortable, reliable through the 500 rounds or so. Obvious why this is a popular Production option. But I shoot my 1911 9mm so much better. I don't want to start a comparison.... but before I sell the Shadow and stick with my 45 for SSTK in USPSA (thanks bikerburgess for edit) and the 9mm for IDPA I had a few questions about converting it to SAO only, if you don't mind. With the SAO trigger will pre-travel be a lot less? And will reset be a little better? I understand the mechanical differences between a 1911 and CZ trigger, and I understand it's about practice and muscle memory. I could always get a SAO CZ but since the conversion is easy there's hope of salvaging a great and reliable 9mm for my needs and ability.
  9. He'll sell direct to you. After I touted their service, etc., a friend placed an order. Was told it'd ship that day, a Friday. Going priority mail. Over a week passes. Nothing shows up. Friend calls and leaves message. No return call by the start of next business week. Big shipment shows up! USPS label shows it left Bear Creek one week after the friend/customer was told it'd leave. Delays are part of business. Not being truthful shouldn't be. My friend was not impressed with my recommendation.
  10. That is funny. I think some small companies - and I know a few outside the ammo world - do away with a phone number or website. Yes, I said "no phone." One company has been an industry leader for about 15 years and they stopped the land line because their small staff was spending too much dink donking around with conversations that delayed the actual buying customer. I think Bear Creek may have gotten too big too fast and their staff too small. I think it's supply v demand. Just enough supply to meet the perfect demand without making your job a stress crazy scenario that makes you a total azz to the dedicated repeat customers. Still laughing over the 80s comment and time machine.
  11. Wow, N320 is spendy! Seems a jacketed bullet is a good combo. That would add up. About 2 cents more per jacketed bullet + N320 vs WST + moly.
  12. This may help: http://www.czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=42644.0
  13. Looks like WST is my best bet for a 9mm & 45acp low-mid PF powder.
  14. Seems all my shooting is either 100 degree temp or 40 degrees, and WST is reverse temp sensitive. Is there a clean burning powder that both 9mm and 45acp like? Reloads all lower to mid-PF, don't want to spend crazy amounts, can't leave a nasty soot, funnels out of a 550b easily. And a powder that doesn't go way up in PF when it's 40d and get sluggish in the hot summer? Or should I just stick with WST and consider it as good as it gets?
  15. I believe they use a PO Box as the "official" address since it's on my 2011 price list. Should call and see is 2012 prices went up.
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