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  1. lumpygravy

    IRS Scam call?

    So I just received an obvious IRS scam phone call which said something to the effect of I'm going to be sued by the IRS blah, blah blah. Please call this number blah, blah blah. We're not kidding blah, blah blah. Now I know the right thing to do is to report the phone number to the IRS and then disregard the voice mail but that's just SO boring. I'm trying to think of something to say if I should (not saying I would because I don't want to invest too much time into this) decide to call back and pull the scammers chain for a little entertainment. I'm coming up empty at the moment and would like to collect suggestions from any other wise asses out there in the Benoverse. Absurd, creative, humorous, even outrageous possible responses anyone?
  2. Funny stuff folks. Did anyone else notice that all of the replies started on April 1st?
  3. If you're headed to Maui, Ray (rishii) and the VISS guys put up a great match. Check with your carrier for all regulations and restrictions. I've only flown Hawaiian Air the last couple of times, but packing up to 11 pounds of ammo is usually the permissible limit for domestic. Locked hard case inside of your checked luggage. TSA inspection on both legs. Usually not a hassle if you plan a little extra time for check in. Note to self: plan next trip to be in time for the state championships.
  4. I always find stuff in the last place I look - even if it's the first place I looked...
  5. What he said ^^ I have SV Limited and single stack guns, both blued. The Limited gun only shows a little wear under the dust cover at the contact point with the DAA holster. Virtually no other wear marks elsewhere. The SS gun shows lots of wear from the BladeTech holster all around the front of the slide - particularly near the muzzle. To be honest, I shoot a lot more SS that Limited. I really like the color of the SV bluing. ETA: no wear on either grip area. Limited gun has grip tape so no direct contact for the most part. The SS gun with checkered steel grip/frame also is still nicely blue after several thousand rounds.
  6. twice, in public, while sober? I'll go first: I'm a seasonal bike commuter in SF so riding the streets and in traffic is not really a big deal for me. I've even been able to learn to do track stands at stop signs, red lights, etc.... So I hit a little stop-n-go traffic and roll into my stand waiting for a gap between stopped cars. It's a slight downhill incline and my front wheel is at a pretty acute angle but I'm holding my stop no problem. A gap opens and I go for it... except my shoe gets stuck against the front wheel (remember the angle) and I flop like raw chicken skin on the kitchen floor. Tons of pedestrians and drivers and other onlookers all around and I can just hear them all thinking "What a moron." Same thing happened again a few weeks later in a different location. I mis-timed a light and started before I had the green. A bunch of other bike commuters behind me had to go around my personal fail - at least I didn't make anyone else fall.
  7. Not a tempurpedic, but a memory foam type mattress pad over a standard mattress with a top sheet and either a light or medium weight synthetic comforter. Our T-stat is set to 55 at night in San Francisco, CA where below 50 is cold and over 70 is hot.
  8. I believe the hydro/baking soda/dawn combo is supposed to break down the skunk spray enzymes and the oils. Seems logical to me but I've never tried it myself. I have an indoor bully now and he's never seen a skunk and hope I never have to deal.
  9. lumpygravy


    Who is Adele? That's a rhetorical question and not intended to turn this into a discussion per form rules. That said, who is Adele?
  10. Lots of good shooting in the immediate SF Bay Area. Richmond hosts a match nearly every Sunday (USPSA, IDPA, etc...) and conducts a monthly new shooter class to get you started. richmondhotshots.com Welcome!
  11. Shooting when you feel like crap is still better than working when you feel good.
  12. I finally shot a local charity match that I had missed for the last few years. I arrived at what looked like a really fun stage, got the stage plan dialed in and was ready to rock. Hit all my planned positions and reloads (single stack) except for the last one. The minor bungle caused a brain fart and I took the last targets out of my planned sequence. I heard the "Oh...." from the peanut gallery but it was too late. I had engaged the last two targets before realizing I had stepped over the fault line. Four hits with matching procedurals. Still, I had a great time with great folks for a great cause.
  13. Having just past 20 years with the same employer, I'll chime in. I work for a national land conservation non-profit. As such, any recognition is unofficial, fiscally limited and at the supervisor's discretion. Some supervisors choose to recognise their staff, some don't. I have a great supervisor who asked what I'd like for making 20 years. Instead of the normal lunch or drinks, I asked for ice cream and to invite a fellow colleague who also made 20 years a couple of years ago but was unfortunate enough to have one of the non-recognising supervisors. Personally, I'm not big on commemorative stuff so ice cream with a small group of valued colleagues was perfect.
  14. If this is only short term until you get setup to load 40, I wouldn't put too much thought or effort into it. Just buy enough to break in the gun and get you to the point when you can start rolling your own. I don't reload (anymore) so I have a slightly different perspective. I'm 200 rounds into a 500 round evaluation sample for 2 ss guns and 2 limited guns. This first pass was through the primary ss (~150 rounds) and 5" ltd (~50rnds) both AET barrels. Next time it'll be the backup ss and the 6" limited. Both chrono'd a little hot: like 174PF for the SS gun and 176PF for the limited gun. Without adjusting sights, it seemed to shoot a little low at ~15yds. Zero failures on the SS gun. One curious failure to feed in the limited gun where one round did not chamber but flipped around backwards. (Yes, I'm sure I put it in facing the right way.) This is the first ever failure for this gun in about 6k of mostly Atlanta Arms reman 40 (OAL = 1.185) and a similar sample of Expansion Industries reman 40. The AA chrono'd around 170PF through all four guns - though I didn't keep any records of the results. The Expansion chono'd fine - around 170PF in three of four guns. It chrono'd a little lite in my SV SS for some reason and dammit, I didn't keep records of that and now I wish I had. Zero ammo related failures in any of the four guns with the AA (~13K) and the Expansion (another 500 rnd. sample). Guns were sighted in for the AA and the Expansion shot close enough that I didn't notice a difference. Expansion and Freedom are comparable for the same type of ammo. The AA reman is more expensive because of the jacketed projectile.
  15. Yep - that's the one. For those familiar with old San Francisco, the San Francisco Gun Exchange used to be located on 2nd Street and Mission. Good times and far too much money spent there. I think I cried a little when they closed.
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