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  1. The first recorded attempt at the scam....
  2. Glad to hear you're back Gino Depending on funds, my house remodel and work, I might be headed back to Maui later this year. I'll be sure to drop you a note if it works out. I'd love to shoot with you all again and this time, I'll have my SV single stack.
  3. All of these good looking wide bodies are getting a little boring. Not that I don't have an SVI wide body, but how about some single stack goodness? Yes, it's a 40.
  4. Not saying it didn't happen, 'cuz you can't make up stuff like this, but... Pics of the toasted frog?
  5. Hey Gino, I was there (though I was young and stupid at the time) and I quit for almost 12 years. Now I'm old and fat and having the time of my life just shooting with good folks like you. I finish wherever I finish - I don't even pay attention anymore. You're spot on about the body not being able to do what the mind fondly remembers. It's the club nobody wants to join but everyone has to sooner or later (it came sooner for me ). So if you're not feeling it, take some time and give it a rest. Come back when it feels right. Aloha Brah. Thanks for making me feel welcome on my visit.
  6. I can appreciate that since during a 6 hour power outage last night, I cursed at the darkness as I stubbed my toe on my way to lighting a candle....
  7. One that I use when kidding with one of my range buds: "Your feet are bigger that's why you're so much faster. Every step you take is 2" farther along."
  8. I think it would be prudent for 818 to send a query to Amidon for an opinion on the HP cut. I think one is as cosmetic as front serrations but that's only my opinion. I didn't see the trough you mention. Were you referring to 818's pics? I only saw a flat top which is allowed (as are tri-tops) and normal serrations. I've seen an actual trough milled into the top of a slide using a ball end mill on limited guns.
  9. Honestly, I never thought about an HP cut nor do I recall anyone asking about it as it may relate to SS rules. Good question. I'm guessing the HP cut will fall under: 18. Permitted modifications are those of a cosmetic nature (e.g. custom grip panels, scrimshaw or similar surface engravings, checkering or serrations etc.), replacement single or ambidextrous thumb safeties, and any open sights (which may be embedded into the slide). Specifically, the "cosmetic" part. Nice piece BTW....
  10. Thanks for the thread resurection - I was getting strange looks from co-workers who were wondering what I was laughing about. Glad I'm not the only one who carries a spare pair in the pants leg....
  11. That's a sweet SS blaster May I ask who did the hard chrome? and I can't quite tell fromthe pics, but did you chrome the hammer too?
  12. Where did you get the grips!!!! Those look like Larry Davidson's Grenade Punishers.
  13. Placed an order Thursday. Received order today. It doesn't get any better than that. Now USPS had a little something to do with it, but it all starts at the point of origin.
  14. I usually do ~200 in about a two hour practice. This consists of several runs on a practice field course and I go until I'm out of ammo or stop learning. I always finish with basic accuracy at a static line. I used to do 300+ but time was less of a factor back then. Now I get to the range in the am and usually have honey dues in the pm.
  15. There was no manual even for the 1st gen model.
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