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  1. Press the magazine base down onto a table while hand cycling through a magazine. This will force the magazine to sit higher in the gun during cycling. If the rounds all cycle correctly the problem is likely to be the height of the magazine catch is too low. A simple test to eliminate one possible issue.
  2. Cheap multi stack food dehydrator works fine. If you want quick drying - dip the wet brass into a container of denatured alcohol to displace the water before drying. Optional, works fine without this step.
  3. High anvils in Winchester is likely to be the problem. Winchester primers seem to be inconsistent in anvil height, resulting in some primers dragging on the top lid of the primer feeder. I know this is the case with Vibraprime. The PAL feeder probably has a slightly higher lid, as well as a different feed chute shape, and primers do not drag on the lid. Have a look at clearing the anvil height in your problem fixes.
  4. A jammed primer pulled back under the primer tube in a 1050 should break the blue tip and avoid a detonation of the column of primers, so it is a key safety item. The inflexible brass tip from the 650 could supply enough resistance to detonate a jammed primer. Not worth the risk to save a few cents. A simpler long term fix is to work out why primers are damaging the blue tip. For me, I replaced the white retaining tab with a bent retaining wire to hold the case in place at the priming station and I have experienced zero primer misfeeds since the change. Everyone told me the tab had no relationship to jams, to look at alignment, to use shims, etc. Then Dillon moves to a spring wire instead of a retaining tab on the new presses. Like minds.
  5. Re other options. If you want to experiment - compress the hammer spring a litle on a screwdriver or rod and heat it with a propane torch until it is red. Re-temper it by dropping it in oil. You will have a significantly lighter double action. Do NOT do this for a carry gun or a gun that has to meet competition rules. Stretch the spring longer if you have gone too short for reliable ignition. Buying a lighter spring is easiest, but this method works if you can't find a light enough spring.
  6. Does your seater die have a removable insert? One way is for flat, the other for round nose. If the 'ring' is a dimple at the top of the bullet you may want to investigate the insert, if you have one in the die. Figure 7 in this Dillon doc (http://dillonhelp.com/Dillon Manual PDFs/april-2015_dillon-die-instructions.pdf)
  7. The handle I have works fine, it allows the press to be situated flat on the bench 5+ inches in from the bench edge without a need for any spacers under the press. I'm happy with it, I was just wondering if someone else was experimenting with handle variations and if there are different ideas out there. Seems not. Thanks, all.
  8. Is there a company making offset/ergo handles for the 1050? My home-made roller handle lets me sit my press further back on the bench. I'm wondering if there are other handle options out there for me to try on the 1050.
  9. No pins, primer in during wet tumble for pistol brass. Then onto a stack of trays in a cheap food dehydrator for an hour or so and good to go. Quick and easy.
  10. Varying dimensions on the S&B small pistol primers I tried. Uneven seating using an RL1050 and some high primers. No problem at all with the same press and all other brands I have used. I onsold the S&B and the problem disappeared.
  11. Is anyone making a longer or modified version of the 'thumb rest' along the bottom of the cmore mount?
  12. I wet tumbled new STI mags one at a time with stainless pins, no brass. It did a nice polish on the inside of the tubes. Nothing spectacular and shiny, just smoother.
  13. 10 round single column in a wide body mag (usual in Aus)? If so, the spring is really tight when 10 rounds are loaded and you need to remove a coil or two or easier insertion. Not a problem if you can find double column mags with an Arredondo 10 limiter. If it is jamming when empty it may need reshaping. Measure your other mags for comparison, try inserting just the mag tube on its own to see if that is the problem or if it is the base plate.
  14. 107 here in Perth, Western Australia a couple of days ago. Perth is a coastal city, so it was even hotter inland.
  15. Is your decapping pin pulling the primer back in? Some pins benefit from being shaped with a file so that there is no chance of the primer anvil catching on the pin and drawing the ejected primer back into place.
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