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  1. thank you for your suggestion. I am currently using an 8 lbs progressive spring from Wolff. do you think a 7 lbw spring would make such a big difference?
  2. I'm currently shooting a load of 8.7 grain Vectan SP2 behind a 124 gr Alsa Pro round nose bullet. The weapon that is involved is a SPS Vista Short that already has a new compensator (EGW Titanium Hybrid) After I got a lot of helpful tipps here (thanks again for that), i used a thumb rest from range panda which helped my split times again. The el presidente is routinely shot by me with the weapon in its current setup in 4.2-4.4 seconds, which is a gigantic improvement compared to my previous achievements. My load currently reaches a safe factor of 170 and 160 is required here in Germany. Going higher as 8,7 gr of SP2 in the 9 Major would not feel safe. My consideration now was whether a barrel porting or even 2/4 would allow the gun to shoot even flatter. And how much factor I would lose with what size of the popple holes. Is there any empirical value in this regard? Loosing to much power factor would realy... su*k. Thank you and have a nice Thursday
  3. I thought i would let everyone present participate in the further developments. I have spoken to my gunsmith about several things. -first of all, the vista short compensator was overgased. we will install a new compensator, namely the EGW Titanium Hybrid. I have tested several loads with Vectan SP2, at the moment I am loading 8.8 grain with a 124 grain bullet, which gives me a power factor of 171. Furthermore, we decided to install a tungsten guide rod to bring a little more stability to the system. before I think about the recoil spring ( currently a 10 lbs) the firing pin stop and other things, I will spend about a month with the weapon in the new configuration and see if I can get all the magazines to run reliably. I am definitely not disappointed anymore. I think there were a lot of mistakes in the fact that I was too hesitant about the ammunition. I will definitely keep you all up to date
  4. Very helpful replies so far Thank you all so much!
  5. Right- its the Power Faktor. a brilliant idea but how could you eliminate this vibration on the system of an open weapon? I would be quite open about a new mounting solution, and Yes- using a C More atm. Vectan SP2 is quite similiar to 3N38 . But producing a bit more gas/ little bit slower.
  6. i have tested both the nitro fin and the range panda thumb rest, both of which did not work for me personally I have relatively big hands and have now figured that out my grip was most consistent when I press my left thumb against the cheely mounts Frame from my red dots. I would still like to thank you very much for the tips
  7. I recently decided to switch to the open division. Before that, I shot quite successfully with a CZ Shadow 2 in the Production Optics Division My CZ was redesigned by a gunsmith and fitted with a weaker recoil spring, a Trijicon RMR and when shooting fast the red dot has almost never left the window. Convinced that the Dot will be even flatter in the open division i bought my first open gun, a 2011 from a well known gunsmith in Germany. The gun is in 9 major and my recent setup looks like this 17 lbs mainspring 8 lbs Wolff recoil spring Compensator is the big 2 port from the Vista Short. My reload currently looks like this 7,4 grain of Vectan SP2 right behind a Frontier 121 gr bullet ( a coated flat Point Bullet) at 1.1417 inch. Powerfaktor is about 164 maybe my idea of the open division was just wrong, but the red dot is very unstable and I'm really not that much faster than with my shadow. am I doing something wrong or something? expectations just too high? I appreciate nice tips
  8. Is Vectan SP2 available in the US? I use 8.0 gr in the 38 super auto and 7.4 gr in the 9 major with a 121 grain bullet
  9. Please excuse that I hijack the topic. how is the red dot covered in order to achieve the effect? this type of training is completely unknown in this country.
  10. Thank you all so far for your suggestions.
  11. Picture did not upload in First Post- Sorry
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