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  1. Nice to see some numbers on that PF for OAL change. I guess these RMR (or maybe any JHP) isn't well-suited to this Bar-Sto match barrel, based on the OAL I need for them. But maybe I can find a mild load that is safe and effective still. I've been working on other projects at the moment, but one of the 650s is still set up for this one.
  2. Knowing you have a big comp does help put it in some perspective, thank you.
  3. Yes, we've determined it's hot. Does your Glock have a big compensator? We are working on 124 JHP loads.
  4. Man, I have a lot of AA7, too, but I don't think I tried any of that when I was looking into getting this gun reliable last year. I know it would not cycle factory ammo of any bullet weight, including +P, nor anything I could make safely with typical 9mm powders. I've no need to make Major for what I'm doing, so I will add that to the experiment list.
  5. The most recent thread that came up on my search parameters was from 2016. Instead of bumping that old thread with a "check me" post, I'll just drop the question as a new thread specific to these Rocky Mountain Reloading bullets. I have a Springfield XD(m) 4.5 pistol with a Bar-Sto Match barrel. The barrel and Open compensator were fitted by Springer Precision. This compensator needs 9mm Major (or at least a WAC-type powder) to even function the pistol, as I've learned the slow way. I'm not an Open class shooter yet, but I built this pistol anyway, and would like it function. If I only shoot steel with it, I don't need to make Major anyway. In order to get the plunk-and-spin in my barrel, I needed to seat these to OAL 1.086". This was quite a bit less than the recommended OALs I was seeing in the 2016 thread that showed the typical WAC load for a 124 JHP to be 6.8-7.2 grains of powder. So I loaded a test round with 6.7 grains of WAC and it fired at 1474 FPS with a slide that locked back on the empty magazine and had no obvious recoil, breech blast, or fired case issues. That's a PF of 183. Because of my OAL, should I just load a few more, maybe with even a bit less powder, for more testing, or are there any concerns I should pay greater attention to? Thanks.
  6. I agree. I'm actually hoping I get full reliability and be no where near Major. I will have the opportunity to test the other loads by Sunday. I've been working on my precision rifle stuff for the past two weeks
  7. Thanks. Yeah, and I had no intention of starting there. Should have looked at all the baggies after a week... Am using Winchester Small Pistol primers as that is what I have a lot of. I have a couple different brands to try. I need to unbox everything after moving all my components to another room.
  8. Yes, I thought I made it clear I understood that. I was surprised I hit it so quickly based on data I was reading. I even said I wouldn't use 6.5 because I don't even want to be that close.
  9. Well, that was my fault. It was at least a week since I loaded the rounds and put them in a box before actually going to the range to test them. I pulled out the baggie labeled 6.5, and for some reason thought that was my starting load. It wasn't until I sat down to write the after-action report to you guys that I saw the baggies labeled 5.8 and 6.2. I felt like an idiot. They all worked, and gave me the avg 172 PF. I did have a few that were close to 165 PF, and didn't think that I was pushing it yet, so thought I'll try the next load up, especially since I was reading of a lot of data with guys using 7.0 - 7.1 grains, just to see if that would give me a consistent Major load if I ever needed one. When that first one felt bad, I decided to quit for the day and think about it later. I wouldn't want a 6.5 load anyway if 6.7 is that much too much. I've no need to push the envelope that badly. 1. I should have started at 5.8. 2. Now that I see I started in the middle, and didn't like going up at all, I'm feeling better about starting over at the lower ones and checking for reliability and comp effectiveness again. FWIW, the round that slapped me in the hands had a lower velocity, at about 1260, perhaps indicative of not all of the pressure going through the barrel.
  10. So I made a dozen-ish each of some loads with 5.8, 6.2, 6.5, 6.7, and 7.0 grains of WAC pushing the 124-gr FMJ (JHP is on backorder). I still have the 14# recoil spring in the gun. I started with the 6.5-gr loads and tested them through the chronograph. The gun cycled fine, but was snappier than I expected a comp'd gun to be. With velocity avg at 1390, the avg power factor was 172. I then tried the 6.7-gr load. The first shot (so I know the gun was in battery) had the sharp, painful slap in my hands as if something had gone wrong. I can see no damage to the pistol, though. I put everything away and decided to ask for ideas on how to proceed. There was already a lot of brass on the ground; I've not seen one that looked damaged yet, but I still have a bucket from that day, most not from my gun, and no guarantee that I even recovered that one. Powder is charged via the Dillon measure in my XL650. When I do stop and weigh a test round, charges are perfect. I made each lot and promptly loaded a magazine with that load and put it in a labeled baggie, so I didn't accidentally jump to a 7.0 load, which I'm hearing should be fine anyway?
  11. I've got the next shorter barrel, but otherwise that set-up. I've got so many components already, I'm hoping to use them, but if nothing works, I'll try one of your recipes. I do have 1000 plated 100-gr that I bought for making 380, but could be a possibility, even though I prefer jacketed. At least they have no exposed lead.
  12. Is this your comp? http://primarymachine.com/cz-p-07-09-stealth-comp/ This is mine. I didn't think it was considered a small one. https://shop.springerprecision.com/Springer-Precision-XD-XDm-9mm-Open-Compensator-SP0152.htm And, duh, it says right in the description that it was designed for 9mm Major. I honestly don't know if I remember reading that when I bought it and then just forget when my plans changed. I will load accordingly and go from there. It will still be fun to play with even though I'm not in that game anymore.
  13. Wow, lots of good info here. Thanks, guys, I'm soaking it in and will try several of these ideas, and keep you posted.
  14. I do have a box of 147-gr Berry's plated, but would need reliable data, which is something I've not trusted for plated bullets. Plain lead or real jacketed bullets have always been much more consistent.
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