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  1. It’s not mine, I was just showing the rotation of the powder measure. LOL. I didn’t catch the rod either.
  2. My RMR is back, they said it was a faulty electronics unit, they’ve seen it before. They replaced the electronics and updated the emitter support. The update must be new, the unit was made in March. The new CZC mounting plate is installed RMR and sealing plate is installed and running fine.
  3. The Dremel will work fine, work slow and check for fit. The dust that it will produce is very hazardous to your lungs, protect yourself or wait for the RMA.
  4. My RMR is on the way back, they said it was a faulty electronics unit, they’ve seen it before. They replaced the electronics and updated the emitter support. The update must be new, the unit was made in March. The new CZC mounting plate is installed I have the Trijicon sealing plate RMR will be here tomorrow
  5. Not nearly as inexpensive either.
  6. All The 9mm bullets I buy are sized to .357, they just seem to work the best in my CZ’s and all the rest of my 9mm pistols.
  7. Me too, when the new plate gets here I'll have a better look at the slide. I have a class this weekend so I ordered a 507c to get me through the weekend. Almost had to use my Wilson EDC x9 for the class, that would have sucked, I hate that gun.
  8. They are sending a new plate, and a sealing plate has been ordered. I didn’t know I needed one with a type 2. First pistol mounted optic, you live, you learn.
  9. Initially, it started flickering and I though wow that battery didn't last long, so I pulled it off the plate and one of the ground ( I think it's a ground ) tabs was laying on the plate the battery fell out and the other tab was hanging. This kind of stuff usually only happens to my brother. Called Trijicon yesterday and they should have it back today and let me know what's up hopefully.
  10. Anyone think this is a problem? I'm not say this is what did it, but 5 days and maybe 1000 rounds.
  11. I cant explain that Maybe they need glasses too.
  12. UPDATE So while the gun was at CZC my brother shows up with his M&P pro with a freshly installed RMR and his wife’s stock M&P pro. I couldn’t shoot her gun for s#!t so I tried his and it was eye opening, I was literally hammering my 200 yard 24” plate with his gun and sight. After we were done loading some ammo I emailed Stuart and asked him to cut my slide while it was there, that dude was awesome he got it done and back to me in under 4 weeks. It was delivered Thursday the 25th, looked nice and I practiced the draw and finding the dot Thursday and Friday night, Saturday I was pretty good, it took about 400 draws from the holster I pick up the dot 90-95% of the time. I filed down the front sight and blued it cause I think it looks cooler shot a bunch Saturday. Went back in the backyard on Sunday and I couldn’t miss the targets. Holy s#!t where has this been all my life. I’ll continue to use this system and I may need a few more cut. Oh yeah, there was nothing wrong with the gun. It was me and my 50 year old eyes.
  13. He said it was really nice, and moved on to the aimpoint. I have zero interest in the aimpoint.
  14. My friend just sent me this from the NRA show, it doesn’t look horrible.
  15. Looks like they added this after I posted it. NEW ITEM ALERT! Be the first of your friends to own this great new optic. Trijicon is a strategic partner, we will be one of the first to receive inventory on May 9th 2019. We will fulfill all orders on a first come, first served basis. Place your order now to reserve your place in line at no risk to you. We will ship as soon as possible, and won't charge you until we ship.
  16. They have to be able to lift 70 pounds, I make them bring them back as well.
  17. Which dot size? Like I said earlier I just ordered a RMR and CZC cut the slide on my Shadow 1 for it which is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I’ll probably hold off for a couple months until the bugs are worked out if there are any.
  18. Shows in stock $495 shipped https://www.armsunlimited.com/Trijicon-SRO-Adjustable-Red-Dot-Reflex-Sight-p/2500003.htm
  19. Looks like they will be $490 from Euro Optic pre-order And I just bought an RMR
  20. I'll look at mine tonight but I just assumed they were pressed in, knock it out, make a new one and press it back in.
  21. I also would have looked at the online data that said 4.4 was the max charge and assumed I should stay under that if I wasn't going to work up the load.
  22. I would have loaded 10 ea @ 4.2, 4.4, 4.6 and 4.8 then tried the 5.0 if the 4.8's were good.
  23. Ran a couple thousand more rounds this weekend, I'll be leaving the brass tipped 650 rod in there for foreseeable future.
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