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  1. Tested the Staccato out with the MBX mags yesterday. Chambered and fed JHP's and FMJ's fine. So looks like I'll wait and see what happens with the STI gen 3 mags that are in production. Otherwise I'll be sticking with MBX mags I guess.
  2. I will, once they're able to. They said to follow up with them in 2 weeks to see if the gen 3 mags have come back from production/testing. Till then, hopefully these MBX mags prove reliable.
  3. Even if they work, it still sucks to have to spend that much extra on aftermarket mags for the gun to run reliably. That or wait for STI to release their g3 mags. It's still crazy to me that some gen 2's work, and others don't. Even in the same config.
  4. I read that, and STI support reached out to me as well. They informed me of the issues with the gen 2 mag and that they were working on a gen 3 mag. They didnt say anything about the g2 grip being an issue though. I did however pick up 3 MBX mags to see if they'd feed any better. They load the first round just fine and the rounds stay pointed upward in the mag. I'll have to test for function during live fire tomorrow, but so far the MBX mags seem promising. Sucks that they're $126-140 a piece though lol.
  5. On Extreme Shooters site, it stated that if converting a 2020 staccato p to a gen 1 grip, that the trigger may need to be filed/fitted slightly to fit? Did you have to do this, and if so where exactly needs to be filed? Thanks
  6. Do you think switching to a G1 grip/mag release might fix my feeding issue?
  7. Yup 9mm. If I slingshot the slide with mag inserted and the slide at rest, it will chamber. If the slide is locked back and I slingshot, it will nosedive still. The gun fed federal HST's fine at the range. It hasn't had a FTF while shooting HST's. It's just chambering the first hollow point in a mag where I'm having the issue. My concern is, if I ever need to reload from slide lock, it doesn't seem to do that reliably.
  8. Ok, so I got the ISMI 11 coils in. Tried it out in one of my mags. And it's still doing the same thing. Funny part is, if I ride the slide and chamber it real slowly, hollow points chamber just fine. But if I try to load it from slide lock and press the slide release, the round nosedives into the bottom of the ramp. Not sure what else I can do. I opened a warranty claim with STI, but I'd rather fix it myself if possible.
  9. I may have to do the same with mine if I can get it running right.
  10. Nice. Did you get the original grip redone or did you replace it with a Gen 1?
  11. Gotcha. Also I forgot to ask, do you have a 2019 staccato P or a 2020 with the updated grip frame/4.4" barrel?
  12. Are you still running the original mag springs? I called STI earlier, and they said to submit a warranty claim. They did mention that they were aware of issues with the staccato p and hollow points. They cited having issues with magazines and mag catches and were currently redesigning them. They didn't offer to send one though. I'll try new mag springs first and go from there I suppose.
  13. Awesome. I'll give those a shot. Will these springs work on both the 20 rounders and the 17 round mags?
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