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  1. As a Marvel owner. I'd recommend getting a 9MM from the start. Getting quality magazines, reliable 22LR ammo trying to get reliability is a head ache.
  2. Take the die plate off and run a empty primer strip into your press. With a good light look down at the primer seating plug when it passes through the strip and shell plate. Use your fingers to rotate the seating plug to center it within the shell plate hole. You will have much less issues if you keep the plug centered.
  3. Many Bulls-eye shooters use slide mounted Ultradot Matchdot red dots. I mounted a couple on 38sp/45 ACP revolvers for several years without issue. They work and hold up. I switched to Weaver rings,I dislike vertical split rings that completely loose zero when removed. The Weavers sit a bit lower.
  4. Its possible that your extractor is not controlling the round as it feeds from the magazine. Do some research on how it interacts with feeding.
  5. Slugging the barrel is a time honored method for setting up cast bullet rounds. Make it easy and find the largest bullet diameter that works in your chamber. Chambers and mixed brass is a issue with 9MM. I'm using a 147+ grain bullet SAECO #928 and the tapered 9mm case restricts seating depth. Many use the Lyman mold that spits out a tapered heeled bullet. I like the SAECO quality better. Our local commercial PC caster recommends .358. That size works for me, and its easier to push through the sizing die.
  6. I cast and powder coat (PC) for a 9MM. Research the shake and bake method using cheap Harbor freight Powder paint. Cast, shake, bake, size. I have a source of lead from a indoor range. I can get away with almost pure dead soft bullets using PC. This makes finding the magic alloy a none issue.
  7. Casting your own bullets is fun economical and better then watching the TUBE
  8. A Vltor will fit. Have used one on the older model hand guard by ALG. It will also fit a JP. I use the clamp on model.
  9. I bought a older used Springfield that had a drop in C&S kit. Didn't feel right to me. the sear was binding inside the frame. I had to do some polishing. Recheck your hammer and sear pins for free motion.
  10. Does your club allow coated bullets? Powder coated bullets would be much cheaper. I have owned a 44 Bulldog and its not a pleasant gun to shoot. Reloading components can be a hassle with mixed brass. Some factory brass is cut down 44 MAG brass and the thick web created a bulge that hindered loading. I was using 240 grain SWC .429. Wish I recalled what brands. I'd sell the revolver and get something you can compete with and have fun shooting.
  11. Years ago i used RCBS with out a lot drama. Have switched to Redding and they just feel better. The threads and adjustments are super smooth and easy. I have carbide sizing buttons. They smooth up the operation.
  12. I use the little cheap LEE press to size my cast bullets. Mount it on a block of wood that fits in my vice, or use a C clamp on your bench. This frees up bench space. Mount it at a angle so the bullets fall into the catch container.
  13. Its a extractor issue, unless the barrel has been replaced and the extractor cutout/relief on the barrel was not done correctly. I replaced a STI barrel for a KART and the KART had a smaller relief that was not letting the extractor clear. Hand cycle some dummies and watch what happens.
  14. I had a issue with another brands base pad keeping a magazine from seating. You might try checking there, and swapping them around. You could try measuring the magazine catch cutout location and size and comparing them with good verses bad units.
  15. I have shot 45 ACP and 9MM, as a senior the 9MM is a nice change for my body. If your gun poor the 9MM 1911 is a fun Steel Challenge device too.
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