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  1. It does just fine. It takes a bit longer, but works. I buy ferret bedding in bulk at the pet store. I also use my cement mixer to tumble 00 Buckshot in moly. Many uses.
  2. I use a cement mixer for shotgun shells and semi cleaning brass for inspection.
  3. Everyone should read what he is saying. He test fits a clip, shoots other rounds then tries reinstalling the original clip but can’t. This isn’t a problem with the dimensions of the clip, it is something occurring while shooting. you might try marking the cylinder and the round or trying all 8 orientations. It is unlikely but possible, you are not putting the same rounds into the same holes and there is a minor tolerance stack. any chance you have a gage pin set? Lee
  4. I have seen something similar with sub minor loads using WST in .38 Super. Almost as though there wasn’t a good enough seal to keep blowback around the brass. This was 158gr cast LRN and Starline brass, 2.6gr WST at 1.250” OAL. Once I raised the velocity over 800 fps it went away. Lee
  5. I have one for the Cmore. I was wanting to try out the AP.
  6. I know it is possible to put a Aimpoint Micro (or clone) on a Buckmark with the picatinny and the OEM low mount, but have never seen a direct mount. Does no one make a mount you can attach the AP to the mount through the bottom then bolt it to the pistol to get the optic as low as possible? I am a machinist and will probably make one if needed to try this out but would rather buy one. Thanks.
  7. You can just pull the trigger. The hand will advance the cylinder until the stop engages the notch as part of the trigger pull. Lee
  8. I have always noticed I get more duplicates of new posts. For example, I don’t get them for this thread - only one notification.
  9. I am pretty sure all of them do. I know mine can do the dot or circle dot in battery or solar mode and from the looks of it, the shake awake feature works in all modes.
  10. I live in AZ where there is plenty of bright sunshine. The one thing I have noticed with the Holosun solar optics is that they were obviously designed to shoot inside at a target inside or outside at a target outside. Standing indoors and pointing it out the window and you can’t see the circle dot at all because it is illuminating based on the inside ambient light. I know it doesn’t come up often in shooting sports but something to consider. I have a 9mm SBR with the circle dot solar and a .22 SBR with just the battery dot. If there had been a circle dot battery as cheap as the solar one I bou
  11. If you aren’t in the serious competitor stage and already have a Shadow 2, why not just fill it up and shoot Limited Minor with it? You could always go back to Production or CO then. Way cheaper.
  12. I find mine useful with the timer for first shot draws. We also occasionally set them up in the house for “intruder” kinda stuff with our nightstand gun. I don’t think I would have a use for the constant in laser ones but with mine I can’t even see the laser flash.
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