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  1. I have always noticed I get more duplicates of new posts. For example, I don’t get them for this thread - only one notification.
  2. I am pretty sure all of them do. I know mine can do the dot or circle dot in battery or solar mode and from the looks of it, the shake awake feature works in all modes.
  3. I live in AZ where there is plenty of bright sunshine. The one thing I have noticed with the Holosun solar optics is that they were obviously designed to shoot inside at a target inside or outside at a target outside. Standing indoors and pointing it out the window and you can’t see the circle dot at all because it is illuminating based on the inside ambient light. I know it doesn’t come up often in shooting sports but something to consider. I have a 9mm SBR with the circle dot solar and a .22 SBR with just the battery dot. If there had been a circle dot battery as cheap as the solar one I bought I probably would have gotten that. Lee
  4. If you aren’t in the serious competitor stage and already have a Shadow 2, why not just fill it up and shoot Limited Minor with it? You could always go back to Production or CO then. Way cheaper.
  5. I find mine useful with the timer for first shot draws. We also occasionally set them up in the house for “intruder” kinda stuff with our nightstand gun. I don’t think I would have a use for the constant in laser ones but with mine I can’t even see the laser flash.
  6. Agreed. Just so we are sure we are all talking about the same thing - these aren’t like laser boresighters, they are momentary push button activated for a fraction of a second by the firing pin.
  7. I use iTarget and it lets you set your center of bullseye off center in the screen so if you have to adjust the scoring rings to line up you can. My lasers aren’t marked for whoever asked earlier.
  8. All of mine are adjustable for POI. Would it be possible to clock them then adjust and bind them into your practice moonclips?
  9. I have used the same load I was using in 9mm and .38 Super. Somehow it made the same PF in all three guns despite the OAL difference. The internal case web may be a little different, but I don't see how any starting .38 Super starting load wouldn't be a good place to start.
  10. If I could get a decent deal on a 929 I would give it a whirl again too. I can make my own moon clips now so I am sure I could sort out something that would work. I cast for 9mm, just don’t want to add another caliber.
  11. Is 9mm better than 45? Is Ford better than Chevy? Seems like this question has been asked before. Rofl.
  12. I have a friend with one. she uses on an SP-01 Tactical and we have had good luck with federal champion bulk, American Eagle 40 gr solids and of course Mini Mags. I think these kits need to be cleaner than some kits and well oiled, but they are a ton of fun. She is trying to sell hers because she likes the buckmark better and isn’t a serious competitor but it seems to run well on the stuff mentioned above. Lee
  13. 627 .38 Super factory with the front narrowed to about .105”
  14. True that. Which is why I stopped making the moonclip checkers despite the fact lots of people wanted them because I was making them my spare time for people who didn’t have the tools to make their own and was selling them at cost. It simply wasn’t worth the effort unfortunately. Lee
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