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  1. Has none else been bothered by the fact that Euron Greyjoy built a fleet of huge ships from a place with very few trees and in record time. I know that’s a couple seasons back but it always amazes me the things the screen writers completely gloss over just to make their story work. Last week they’re sailing from White Harbor (in the north) to Dragonstone and get ambushed by a fleet of ships hiding behind an island that has never been there before while sailing north. Whey didn’t Danny see the ships while flying air cover? Again, suspending any sense of reality to make their story work. Despite these little pet peeves, have enjoyed this show immensely!
  2. Had one with the unfluted cylinder that looked like a flywheel on an old New Holland hay baler... Bought it in 02 after IDPA changed the revolver rules. Ended up selling it a couple years later after I bought a 646 and then...IDPA changed the revolver rules again! Should have kept the 610. It was a beast! Should have learned not to buy or customize revolvers for IDPA or USPSA. Had my GP100 converted to 10 MM by Clement Custom 10mm and then USPSA changed the rules allowing 8-shot revolvers. Would like to find a 627 or 929 but am afraid if I buy one, they'll change the rules again disallowing 8-shots or they'll let 10-shot 32 Fed Magnum in...
  3. Most of the firearm handling in Strike Back - both the original and the newer version - is realistic. When they get in firefights they don’t have endless magazines in the weapons or a never ending supply of mags.
  4. I enjoyed watching it. I've read all of Clancy's Jack Ryan books over the years and could see elements of different ones in this show. Not sure why they had to change some of the basic elements - i.e.,Boston College instead of Annapolis, but was able to look past it. Looking forward to seeing Season 2. Nice to see an actress who isn't a size 0 for a change...
  5. That would be from the TV movie "The Sacketts" based on Louis L'amour's books. Ty told Orrin (Tom) that that girls were too far apart like a crazy old roan horse they owned
  6. Enjoyed it immensely. Am watching the Amazon Prime series Britannia right now. Interesting take on the interaction between the Celts and Romans.
  7. Yup, had both of them. Bought the 4" 610 with the "flywheel" unfluted cylinder in 2002 right after IDPA outlawed the 5" barrels. Shot that for a year and bought the 646. Traded the 610 for a shotgun in fall of 2004 because of course I didn't need it and shooting the 646 was more fun. Three months later they change the rules and now I've got to shoot major in the 646. #@$%$#%$!!! You're right - those 170 PF loads tended to stick in the titanium cylinder. Unfortunately a few years ago I had to send it back to Smith for a divot in one of the chambers and they said they didn't have any cylinders available for it and they weren't making it anymore. They were going to send me a brand new 686 but I already had mine setup and had shot it for years so I had them send me an M&P Pro instead. Doubt they would have sent it back to me so I could have got a custom cylinder made for it. Probably someone at Smith ended up with it... Long story, but the point is we've all gone through several revolvers trying to find the one that worked best for us. Some of us have got there and some of us are still looking. But then again that's half the fun of it anyway...
  8. Have it milled off and install a Wiegand sight base. That's what I did with mine and it allows a lot more front sight variety like the new 686's
  9. Finally got around to watching this one. Fairly good action - showed a little bit more of Jack's human side with the girl and that he isn't infallible. Cobie Smulders was kickass as the Army Major. Here's the thing - is anyone else getting tired of the "ex-military contractor goon" or "CIA goon"? Seems to be the flavor of the month bad-guy character. Also shows you what the pinheads in Harrrrrywood think about the military
  10. Neil Diamond Hot August Night Prolog - Crunchy Granola Suite. I was watching an Air Force Now film at Commanders Call in 76 when I was stationed at Tanagra, Greece. The film segment was talking about the release of the Vietnam POWs and their repatriation. They started playing the music when it showed them getting on the C141s in Vietnam and then as their touching down at either Clark or Hickam the prolog hits its crescendo and the drums kick in for Crunchy Granola Suite. its been 40 years but every time I hear that music I see that film in my head.
  11. 41, Azshooter is right - showing up the bottom feeders is the fun part. I hadn't shot much the last three years because of health reasons but dug out my 686 and shot an IDPA match a few weeks ago. Even though I hadn't shot the gun in almost four years, I still kicked their butts on a couple of stages. Just the looks on their faces when they were beat by an old left handed revolver shooter made my day! I was one of the guys looking for a way to get an edge so I had my GP100 converted to 10mm/40 Smith right about the same time the rules changed. (While it might not load as fast as the 625, it's a shooter - besides I had to replace my 646 when it went TU.) The point is I spent a chunk of money converting that gun that I could have spent on a 627/929 if I'd known the rules were going to change. So now I have two six shot guns that aren't competitive anymore in USPSA revolver. Guess what, that isn't going to stop me from shooting and striving to do my best with what I've got. I figure I've got enough to work on to hone my skills. When I get to the point that I think the gun is holding me back, I'll buy an 8-shot and go that route. Of course, if I found a deal I couldn't pass up on an 8-shot before then, I'd have to take it
  12. What bullet are you using? That was always the hardest thing - finding a .40 jacketed pointy round nose bullet in 180 or 200 grain.
  13. I use the Safariland block mounted on top of the "It's a Box" from Dillon. It's mounted to the flip lid with sheet metal screws. I've used the L series block for both L and K frame speed loaders. Since all my speed loaders have been "Bubberized" there's not a lot of binding on the cases. This setup still allows me to store small items in the top tray, as well as the main tray inside the box.
  14. Yup, binge watched the entire series on Amazon Prime. Pretty good gun handling for the most part but does have parts that make you say WTF? Or dang she looks good naked but her gun handling skills need improvement ...
  15. Bought the book about 12 years ago and have read it twice. Outstanding read! Living in the metro east side of St. Louis and working in St Louis, I was very familiar with a lot of the places in the book. In some ways it reminded me of Clancy's Debt of Honor ending.
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