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Found 8 results

  1. Tri-State Region BIG Money Match Where: Miami Valley Shooting Grounds When: Aug 29-30 Cost: $30 Shooting activity type: Outlaw Steel See attachment for details.
  2. The july match is up on practiscore. https://clubs.practiscore.com/july-match/register We are taking the next step and getting the matches up online.
  3. Sorry to say that we are going to cancel the april 12th match. The weather is just not letting us get anything done. We want it to be right for the 1st match.
  4. This is my first post to the forum, which I've been reading for some time, but haven't yet contributed to. Let me start by saying that this has been a fantastic source of information for me in terms of IPSC shooting and equipment. I spend roughly 50% of my time in Germany and the remaining time split between Ohio (where I'm originally from) and Texas (where my company has its US headquarters). I compete mostly in European IPSC matches, but have started becoming more engaged in USPSA during my Ohio/Houston time. I have a first 3-gun match coming up in August and am currently going through and expanding my equipment checklist in preparation (firearms: Sig 516, Versa Max Tactical, G34), so I've been frequently coming back to the forum lately. Look forward to reading more great tips, learning from the experience of others here and contributing wherever I can!
  5. Rayners Range http://www.raynersrange.com monthly USPSA match, April 13th . . . one week early due to Easter! This month's side matches; 22 rim fire pistol / rifle, and combat rifle.
  6. Tom and Carolyn's first match of the year. Who wouldn't want to be there? Real men shoot in the snow . . . err . . . real crazy men shoot in the snow. I can never remember exactly how that goes. I'm going to show up around 10;30 ~ 11. Bye, bye brass!
  7. Howdy, I'm new to the forum from Mason, OH. I am fairly active over at Beretta Forum with the same screen name. I went to one IDPA competition not to far from me and it was Cold as H*ll since it was the first one of the year, but I had a good time. I didn't make to any others this year. I guess it was a combination of life getting in the way, none of my friends are interested in getting into it with me, and cost of shooting that much ammo. The people at the competition I went to weren't particularly friendly or helpful, and dispite my attempts to start conversations with them it was very much the "old boys club" with the regulars only conversing with each other. I have started to reload so the cost issue isn't such a big deal since I have cut my ammo cost in half. I am interested in shooting USPSA Production, IDPA SSP, and eventually Multi-gun in Limited then Tactical. I am in the US Army reserves and by the Army standard I am an outstanding shooter, almost always qualifying Expert, but by our standards that puts me at a skill level just about the top end of average. Firearms are becoming more of an addiction than a hobby at this point. In the past 11 months I purchased a Beretta 96FS Inox, a Beretta 92FS Inox Compact w/rail, S&W M&P15, M1903A4(since sold), Kimber Ultra CDP II LG, Lee Loadmaster press and a boat load of stuff to go with it, a holster or 2 for every gun and tons of misc accessories. That's not counting what I convinced my fiance to buy for herself. I also enjoy riding my motorcycle but with winter closing in I expect to be spending more time at my local range, Point Blank. My hope is that from this forum I might get to know some competitors in my area that wouldn't mind taking me along to some competitions. I feel like information is very fragmented in this sport and it causes kind of an overwelming sensation when trying to enter the field without knowing anyone, so I am hoping I might end up getting a small amount of handholding.
  8. This Sunday, the third Sunday of the month, is Rayners monthly USPSA match. 22 rim fire pistol and rifle side matches, along with a combat rifle side match. All side matches consist of iron sight and optic classes. http://www.raynersrange.com
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