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  1. Thanks STjs! Great advice. Will do. I’m a One Shot user previously. The dwell really makes sense. Just changed my order to the apex. Pretty psyched.
  2. Thanks, Farmer. Much appreciated.
  3. Hi, Does anyone have a source for loads OTHER than the data Lehigh Defense publishes? Specifically, I’m looking for recipes for LDs 325 gr Xtreme Defense bullet that drive the bullet over 2000 FPS. Alternatively, advice on how to think of this all copper in terms of reloading data for other bullets would be appreciated (starting from minimum published loads of course). Thank you.
  4. Couldn’t tell from the site - does the lube need removal before firing?
  5. Thanks, Merldizzle. I don’t have the press, but do have the Grease, syringe, and Starrett already here. I’ll look at the brass juice lube.
  6. No insult taken. It is a bit of a chitty chitty bang bang press.
  7. Hi, Has anyone found something that can autodrive the Hornady LNL AP? I’m upgrading to a different press, but would love to keep the Hornady for off calibers and tasks like depriming, without having to crank the handle. I’ve searched and searched and found nothing.
  8. I’ve been really, really pleased with my Casepro over the last (almost) 10 years. I got it with the PW autodrive (separately). At 1500 rph, this setup competes with the DC Rollsizer (with the added benefit of shaping the rim/extractor groove). But it doesn’t come close to the throughput of the commercial Rollsizer at basically the same price point all in. I’d appreciate hearing whether anyone is aware of something that will drive the Casepro faster than the PW drive, perhaps closer to the Rollsizer throughput. Thank you
  9. We just had an epic thread on the facebook user forum for the Mark VII. The experienced high volume guys all seemed to settle on a 2 pass approach for consistency and throughput. Commercial guys 3 - decapping separately because of the primer dust. Check it out.
  10. Brownells has magazine brushes. Or at least they did at one time. I use what I have after a soak in the tank with Prolix.
  11. Hi, I’m very happy with Prolix in a dunk tank. But I thought it might go to the next level with using it in an ultrasonic, as opposed to after an ultrasonic. This would avoid the whole water/wash/dry then Prolix steps. Has anyone done this? Thoughts?
  12. Very sorry. I now see there is a Gunsmithing forum where this post should have been made.
  13. Hi, I am a really, really happy customer using Prolix in a typical dunk tank fashion. Any other Prolix users out there who have ever used it in an Ultrasonic cleaner? I’m wondering why not skip the gun cleaner and rinse, then lube with Prolix, and go straight to using the Prolix in the ultrasonic. Any experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I like to shoot 105 gr FP bullets for revolver mouse farts. If you’re not married to your bullet, you might try that. Typical cowboy action loads use them, albeit typically from a 4 inch barrel. I used Titegroup for obvious reasons, but Trailboss is another alternative (and fills the case more). I shoot them at steel so I don’t care so much about the shape of holes.
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