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  1. Visually inspect brass after tumbling. No other check needed other than paying attention when loading mags. If I'm going to nationals, ammo will get an extra glance while being boxed up. I won't load bad brass, so I don't waste time and components making bad ammo.
  2. Nt means nontoxic. The leadfree primers are crimped.
  3. I missed that the string times were 5.7 sec so the overtime penalties are in order. The penalties are not procedurals and are worth 5 points or less depending on the hits on the target in question
  4. You should not have received overtime shot penalties, and they are not procedurals. Know the rules. Where static scoring paper targets are used, a shot (or shots) fired more than 0.30 seconds over the set time, will be considered overtime. For example, if the time is 5.00 seconds, a shot(or shots) at 5.31 seconds or more would be considered overtime. Overtime shots will be penalized the maximum possible scoring value of each shot so fired. If the overtime shot results in extra hits on the target, only the specified number of shots may be scored.
  5. You posted the story here too http://forums.brianenos.com/topic/2809-cool-shots/?page=2&tab=comments&_fromLogin=1
  6. Don't use 231 or HP38 for .45ACP in a revolver. You will occasionally get unburned flakes under the extractor after a reload. Causes a horrific trigger pull. Does not affect a semiauto. I use WST for lead, Clays for plated and jacketed.
  7. Check for coil bind whenever you put in a new recoil spring. Thats usually what breaks the bottom tabs off the bushing.
  8. Backup rod not adjusted properly at the swage station will do this. Looks very likely that you have wrong size shell plate. Case inserter does not have a strong enough spring to mangle brass. Don't think thats your problem.
  9. Yep, had it happen. Locked the gun up tight in the middle of a stage. Used the base of the mag as a hammer to punch the slide stop back in and finished the stage. Replaced the worn slide stop and never had the problem again.
  10. see if the top of one of your mags is hitting the bottom of the ejector.
  11. If you are doing it right, the sights are moving toward the center of the A zone while you are working the trigger. Don't wait for a perfect sight picture before starting the trigger, and don't stop refining the sight picture until after the gun fires.
  12. This sounds like a weak extractor. When was the last time you removed the extractor and cleaned it and the tunnel in the slide?
  13. http://www.schuemann.com/Portals/0/Documentation/Webfile_Barrel%20Twist%20Rate.pdf
  14. This should be a rule, but is it? 5.7.5 Under no circumstances is a competitor permitted to leave a course of fire in the possession of a loaded handgun (see Rule 10.5.13). I couldn't find another rule that covers the competitor leaving the stage.
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