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  1. Can’t say a lot about powder, but my first open gun was Sti Trubor, in 9mm. I use HS 6 powder 8.3 gr with precision delta bullets. I had two holes put in my barrel and with video it recoiled less, and I felt less recoil.
  2. Chills, I’ve never read that before. Great read. Thanks guys for all comments, It never gets any easier. solong little boy.
  3. Last time I wrote about this little dog was almost 10 years ago, he left us today with congestive heart failure. He was found in a ditch, maybe it was meant to be. He was such a loving little boy. Now he can cross that Rainbow Bridge to be with his playmate Princess who I lost 5 years ago. His name was Buddy, we miss You little boy.
  4. I’ve been using his products ever since I started shooting and that’s been a long time, not often you can walk into a crowd of people and call someone’s name and almost everyone says I know him. He will be missed by a lot of people including ones that never met him . Rest In Peace .
  5. Bass pro in Myrtle Beach had primers today at 11:00 am, 56.00 per 1000.
  6. That’s one purty truck Trace. I would be so dam mad I’d get a headache.
  7. Zero 125 gr, jhp be here tomorrow.
  8. I can’t see me doing that at $150.00 bucks each for my mags. I’ll use my hand.
  9. There was one 10 rounder on GB yesterday . $38.00 ish
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