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  1. Is the orange grip from Lok? How thick is it compared to the aluminum stock ones?
  2. I have never changed the spring on my mag and sometimes I could hear a rattling sound when I load more than 10 rnds. Do you think I need to change the spring and follower of just the spring. Ive had it for more than a year now.
  3. great info, now I have choices to look at.
  4. good post, I would like to try the cat crap.
  5. oakley flak 2.0 golf for greater contrast and clarity
  6. great post, thanks for the info. I have been using TG for a while now.. Im interestd on trying the ASP and find out the difference.
  7. I think there are solid pins now for trigger.
  8. great observation, problem solved.
  9. I have experienced some of the times that the slide comes back slower than usual but very few. I was wondering if my recoil spring is wearing down but still works fine after that.
  10. I run 11lb recoil and 13lb hammer.
  11. I was wondering what primer do you guys use and if there are ignition problems on the 11lb springs.
  12. do you guys ever change the follower too aside from the springs on the mag.
  13. mauk517

    Shadow sights

    Thanks for the info. I was thinking of putting an adjustable rear on the S1.
  14. Great purchase! good looking gun. I was wondering if the Lok grips are thinner compared to the stock rubber grips on SP01 shadows.
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