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  1. Said ammo was the issue. Didn’t get specific but reading up it appears 9mm is longer than .40 for factory ammo which gives it better feeding. I did say I would only be only using factory. I know many who use a 1911 in .40, reload and always load long.
  2. I emailed LB and he even recommended the 9mm as a more reliable gun.
  3. I only know he made the HC40 (caspian wide frame) but was unaware he ever had a single stack in .40, I even called them a few years ago, after 2012, and was told they did not and even stopped making the HC40. I haven’t seen reviews on it either.
  4. Exactly what I was thinking but wasn’t sure if people had them in hand yet to review. Don’t mind having a 9 just as a trainer gun but leaning to 40
  5. Absolutely love my .45 but have access to much more factory 9mm and .40. Pushing hard in USPSA I would like to get another Baer but can’t decide which caliber. Again, would be using factory ammo.
  6. I have not changed the choke in my gun (1301) and rarely miss Skeet to Slug plates. Like all the best advise, shoot your gun and know it’s behavior. Your skill improvement makes a bigger difference than a choke.
  7. Just make sure to get the base pads as well.
  8. Most guns don't have serialized slides. Shouldn't be an issue as the frame is the only part the ATF considers a firearm and requires serial numbers on. But I would contact the FFL you plan on using.
  9. Had several, each had flaws, TGO, Dawson.....The very best option, Weld on magwell. Standard mags with no added cost for base plates. Chan, Briley, ect...The price of all the baseplates, magwell will add up to the cost of a weld on. I won't own a 1911 without it from now on. I just love the one on my Springer and Planning on one for my LB with a 1 piece Wilson next.
  10. Limcat and send it back for a check up.
  11. People who are affected by a gun discharging the way you described should. I'm a vet and have numerous friends who spent weeks-months unconscious, one has 3 Purple Hearts and they are not traumatized by much. Someone who suffers from mental Trauma by a gun discharging the way we're talking here, has no business handling guns.
  12. Garret industries. giholsters.com makes a Kydex that is leather lined.
  13. I understand the wrist is more sensitive that the knuckle or top of the hand. However, your not mentioning the path taken by the shrapnel. It will likely go back and up, not forward. But it is possible. What's more possible, incompetent humans loading, gunsmithing, finger on trigger while racking and a bunch of other idiotic errors. Many LEO and Military trainers teach the rear serrations cup, I was taught in both the military and as a new LEO. I'm interested in the real cause of your fellow shooters real issue. I'm positive it didn't happen because he used my FCS demo. PTSD, shock, emotional trauma? Those people should be sitting home, bottom line. I agree a slide racket is the safest but I also think we're disagreeing about something that statistically, is 100x safer than driving. So should we not drive to a match because of those odds?
  14. Well then, thanks for the info. I have never had an issue depressing mine but know a few who have. I thought I seen the guy doing the chrono, weight check was checking safety function as he manipulated it a few times.
  15. Been looking at the 3gun DVC with a 5.4" barrel. Very appealing.
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