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  1. Does anybody know is it possible to make milling job on Beretta 92 F (Standard slide not Brigadier slide) same as 92x Performance Defensive has for red dot plate? does the upper shape of slide is same so RDO base covers will fit seamless? it shouldn't be any problem but .... i don't sure so i ask
  2. Anyone know where to find 15 rd mags for Glock 43x?
  3. For dovetail mount both of them are comparable good. For miling slide FTP3/Stryker is much better because it has no locking screw on the back. RTS2/HD26 has locking screw on the rear so could be difficult to make propper cut to reach this locking screw. In case of Shadow 2 OR ( you have not OR) there is no problem therefore slide has a different dimensions
  4. https://www.halinka-arms.pl/84-czesci-zamienne one of the best store
  5. https://www.halinka-arms.pl call Evelina
  6. I got Shadow 1. Is CGW RRK does same/ similar result in Shadow 1 just like in Shadow 2?
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