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  1. FWIW, mine connects and runs fine in direct sun with the Digital Link no matter what the outside temp...and summer gets plenty hot in Louisiana...but I've never run it enclosed. Curtis
  2. No problems here with a Hiperfire 3G (w/strongest springs for lightest pull) in a PSA lower running a Taccom upper. Curtis
  3. I liked it fine, I just couldn't never get it to run 100 percent with my Taccom upper with factory or reloads at about 143 PF. I have pulled all the internal cushioning out and now testing with the main portion of the buffer for maximum travel. Curtis
  4. Hard to tell exactly. Some I probably bought maybe three to five years ago—some I received as part of a trade. But I am pretty sure that they were only the lot #/#s mentioned earlier in the thread. The problems were not caused by all the Winchester primers, only the particular lot numbers mentioned. I'd check your the lot numbers on your primers…and it never hurts to be aware of the potential problem so you can catch it early. Curtis
  5. All I use for competition and practice are the CMC Power Mags…never a problem. Curtis
  6. I didn't photograph them before I turned them over to Winchester, but another Enos thread has a good picture of exactly what they look like: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=137924 On a few of my samples, the crack ended in a tiny pinhole on the edge of the primer face. Curtis Edited: 'cause I hate tipos typos!
  7. That is a real advantage for the Infinity slides, for sure, Lee. Winchester compensated me fairly for the value of repairs, which put us even on the value of the pistols to where I was before I ran into the bad primers, and I released them from any further obligation on the issue with my pistols. Right now, I'm planning on continuing to shoot the Baer as is…much like myself as I approach my geezerhood, my breech face and I may not be pretty but we can still get the job done when we have too . Curtis
  8. I was able to trace my problems to one lot of WLP and didn't realize what was going on until it had advanced quite a bit…because competition pistol shooters can go through a lot of ammo in a hurry and don't necessarily clean and inspect after every range trip or match. For the records, I had thousands of Winchester primers of maybe five different lots, obtained during the last Great Primer Shortage or from a recent trade when I sold my .40 Limited gun and exchanged components with the buyer. Now you know what to be looking for if it starts to occur in your pistol, no matter which primers you use, which is the real value of this thread IMO. Curtis
  9. Final update: After examining my pistols, ammo and samples of the cracked primers, Winchester agreed to a payment sufficient to cover the cost of slide replacements for my Baer and Delta, plus 1K rounds of WWB 45 ACP to make up for the ammo I sent 'em. It was very upsetting for me to see my pistols damaged, but to its credit Winchester was willing to stand behind its product and treat me fairly. Curtis Edited: 'cause I hate tipos typos!
  10. Stick with Titegroup. Started with Titegroup years ago because it was cheaper and more available and have continued to use it for 9mm, .40 and 45 with no desire to change…but these days seems like nothing is available. Got lucky with gunbot and picked up 10#s of TG a few months back so I'm breathing a little easier. Curtis
  11. Still waiting word from Winchester…as well as return of my pistols. In the meantime, I picked up a near-new Sig Scorpion on a trade and started loading all my new 45 ACP rounds with Federal LPP. FWIW, a couple hundred rounds down range and the breech is still pristine. Guess it ain't necessarily Titegroup, my brass or my loading techniques that are the problem. Curtis
  12. For anyone following the topic, here's another example of the problem I ran into right here on the Enos forum: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=137924 Some nice photos of an example of how the primers crack on the side of the primer cup. LIke skip62, I saw the highest incidence of the problem with R-P brass, plus a few Federal in 45. The 10mm was Federal nickel only because that was what I was loading. Here's just a couple of other examples, FWIW, of similar problems in Winchester primers, pistol and rifle, that I ran into recently after a quick Web search: http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=619406 http://m14forum.com/ammunition/128496-trouble-winchester-wlrm-primers.html I kinda wish I had kept a log of all the URLs of similar topics I ran into when I was originally researching the problem. Curtis
  13. No offense taken. Anything is a possibility, I guess. That certainly might explain the cracks on the side, but a few primers only have a pinhole—no crack—and the pinhole is above the rim of the primer pocket. That would seem to confirm failure of the primer to me. A couple samples show both the crack and the pinhole, though the crack extends from the side and ends at the pinhole. Winchester has received the sample brass and fired primers for examination…a drum of reloaded ammo and the last 100 primers from that lot number were picked up by the freight company Friday. Two pistols go to them for examination on Monday. If Winchester feels this lot of primers was not the problem, I'm sure they will be quick to say so. One way or the other, for everyone's continuing education, I'll post whatever they determine. In regards to the cases, I make it a rule to discard cases for any caliber after the sixth loading. I was actually considering discarding 45s after 4 or 5. These particular 45 cases were on their third loading or less, the 10mm were on their second loading. Curtis
  14. Winchester eventually did get back with me and I have been discussing the issue with a Winchester marketing representative. Samples of the fired brass and defective primers were shipped to them today. They will be sending shipping materials for the remaining reloaded ammo and 100 unfired primers I have left from lot XML596G. We also discussed sending my Baer to them in August after I complete matches over the next two weekends. I've reconsidered my first inclination not to send one of my Colt Delta which was also affected, though not to extent seen on the Baer, and am asking them to examine that pistol as well. We'll see how it goes from here…I'll keep y'all posted. Curtis
  15. Just wanted to update: Shot the last 194 practice rounds loaded with the WLP lot #XLM596G earlier this afternoon. Examined every single piece of brass under good lighting and pulled 5 pieces of brass that looked a little suspicious, i.e. a little dark/sooty around the primer. Punched out the primers .Out of the five, 4 had cracks running the entire side of the primer cup, one so extensive it actually ran up about 0.03 in. of the way or so onto the face of the primer. Three of the pieces of brass were R-P (Remington), one Federal, all fired 3X before today. To minimize further damage to the breech I slowed down my practice regimen and let the pistol cool every 3 to 4 mags and limited rapid strings of fire, working mostly draws and follow up shots. Also heard back from the gunsmith I'll go to for the inevitable repairs when they become necessary: a new Caspian slide, and I might opt for a Hard Hat treatment for further protection. Curtis
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