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  1. Looks like it would be fun to shoot - thanks for sharing.
  2. Looks good. With the lack of 9mm - Rimfire Open May be the way to go.
  3. Thanks for the info..
  4. Had a salt shaker 170 mag at a match this weekend. Follower flipped over and bunched the spring up in the bottom of the mag. MBX mag with MBX follower and spring. Do any of you have a cure for this? What springs and followers do you use? Anything I should check to keep this from happening? Is it common to load a magazine and be able to hear a bullet move around in the magazine? Seems like this happens often so I unload a few bullets and put them back in and do this until the rattle goes away...thoughts?
  5. You never know with the current political situation.
  6. We charge $5 per shoot on our Thursday night match. We do not shoot classifiers on Thursday nights. We also tend to use recycled targets from our monthly match. We hold a once a month USPSA match on a Saturday and charge $15 for that match which usually consists of 1 classifier.
  7. Did you make the comps or does someone manufacture them? I like the way they look.
  8. Nice looking collection. Do you shoot major power factor?
  9. Welcome to the Club ML123
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