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  1. Thanks for the response. How is the flatness on the Czechmate? (Does your red dot leave the glass when you shoot)
  2. I do not reload ammo and have been shooting 9mm major Ammo from Everglades in my open 2011. Every time I put down my open gun and pickup my TSO I really like the feel of the TSO. I am considering purchasing a czechmate, has anyone ran Everglades Major 9mm ammo through one? I would be interested in hearing about purchased 9mm major armor for a czechmate since I do not reload. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  3. Is there a check fixture or something similar used for proper engagement?
  4. I am okay with fitting the parts, don’t want to mess with the hammer and sear angles.
  5. I was wondering the same thing about my Tactical Sport Orange with a CZ customs threaded barrel. I contacted them about their barrel and I was told that from a manufacturer standpoint that they would say it was designed to standard 9x19 saami specifications.
  6. Thanks for sharing this info, are these fire controls drop in? I am looking for something that would not require any adjustment to the engagement angles.
  7. I have tried different options, the fastest for me has been a 90 degree mounted c-more. The glass is low to the slide (almost touching it and it) and is close to the same location as iron Sights.
  8. I have a fun squad I shoot with. We are all friends and like to have appropriate “fun”. I have noticed that my scores are not as good when I shoot with them. When it is time to get serious, I like to squad with good shooters, pay attention to how they plan a stage, walk a stage, shoot a stage, and listen!
  9. Share some dimensions? Hole Size, Slot Size, distance from comp? What kind of fps loss did you get after adding them? Interested in any info you can share.
  10. I tested some Everglades 124gr JHP 9mm Major in my gun.
  11. I would agree with that. The dot from my C-More stays on target the entire time. First shot is typically an “A”, second one 50% of the time it’s a “C”.
  12. This is my project gun. Also looking into slide lightening as this gun as none.
  13. Are you happy with the results? Would you do it again? When you Milled your slide, how close to the end of the slide did you go?
  14. They did fire with 0 problems so far. I have shot 75 rounds so far since it is more expensive. I will be shooting it at a local level 1 match. This will be a good test for it. The dot movement was good, working on double taps. I am for the first shot and double tap the trigger as fast as I can. It has been working out for me.
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