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  1. Shooting a classifier with weak hand. Had my strong hand across my chest and my fingers touching me left shoulder. 1 per shot for supporting my weak hand,
  2. TSO Orange - love the 90 c-more
  3. Thanks for the reply’s and pics
  4. Would love to see some Open Shorty guns and hear about your experiences. My first open gun seems long.
  5. Been shooting monthly ProAm matches - so much fun. Nice shooting
  6. I like using my racemaster over my RHT.
  7. Nic_USPSA_C

    Red dot for TSO

    I like the C-More with a 90 mount. Started with a Aimpoint T1, moved to a DPP, now running c-more. For me the c-more has been the best with the 90degree mount.
  8. I Run a race master on mine with the magnetic block, prefer this over my ghost the one. If a race holster is allowed in the shooting you do, spend money on the race holster. They are that much faster.
  9. I run a race master, spend the money it is worth it.
  10. Had this problem with my cz big stick. Started running 147 grain bullets that have a shorter overal length. These seem to run fine with no issues.
  11. I have one - Made for a DPP. If interested DM me. Would let the DPP and mount go.
  12. I run the shadow 2 trigger, disconnector, and Hammer in my CZ75 with a SP01 shadow slide. This combination works great after a complete polish.
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