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    I stroked my last open gun I cut the reverse plug towards the muzzle and milled the rails back toward the hammer the same same amount that I took of the reverse plug area. This has worked for me. Started a new build and will not stroke this gun so I can run them both and see if I notice a difference.
  2. Had the same problem. Installed my Zig Raker in a Vice and used too much heat. The heat damaged the spring in the ball detent, the ball detent on the end is the only one working. Used it this way without any issues.
  3. Nice build. I enjoy shooting 9 minor open at local matches as well.
  4. I have also been trying different comps. I currently have an open gun that has the same one shown in this picture. I also have one with a Akai Steel Shoto, just picked up an used Atlas Comp to try as well. Your gun looks great, what kind of finish do you have on it? Who did it?
  5. I prefer a taller window. Started carry optics years ago with a vortex venom, it was wide and short. Switched to a FF3 which was narrower but taller. When I started out it seemed that my aim was usually low, left or right didn’t seem to be a problem. After a bunch of practice and a year of matches the dot is in the center of the glass. This will come as you practice drawing and getting muscle memory built. Now I use a DPP.
  6. Here is another one that I did, it is my first and I call it the ACME Blaster. It is all sorts of eBay and miss matches parts that should not work - but it does. I wanted to show you how I milled the dust cover in an attempt to blend in the front slide cut.
  7. Looks Nice. I just picked up a Brazos Slide and Frame for from their Black Friday sale. My next build starts soon. I have to work on fitting the barrel, I haven’t fit a barrel right yet.
  8. Ordered a slide to frame fit frame and slide. This will be my 3rd build, thinking about building a light open gun.
  9. Looks like it would be fun to shoot - thanks for sharing.
  10. Looks good. With the lack of 9mm - Rimfire Open May be the way to go.
  11. Had a salt shaker 170 mag at a match this weekend. Follower flipped over and bunched the spring up in the bottom of the mag. MBX mag with MBX follower and spring. Do any of you have a cure for this? What springs and followers do you use? Anything I should check to keep this from happening? Is it common to load a magazine and be able to hear a bullet move around in the magazine? Seems like this happens often so I unload a few bullets and put them back in and do this until the rattle goes away...thoughts?
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