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  1. Had my first match of the year two weeks ago and definitely improved. Overall gun handling was better, hits were better, and speed was slightly better. Imagine that, focused dry-fire makes a difference in a match. Who knew?
  2. Thanks JCC. I'll switch over to WST, I keep hearing good things about it.
  3. I know I'm reviving an old thread here as well. But I just had a case blowout this afternoon. Extractor's gone somewhere. For you X5 users, what powder and bullet set-up are you using to keep pressures low?
  4. Hey guys, figured it would make sense to revive an old thread instead of bringing up a new one. Are some of the new grip modules that are on the market legal for Production/CO? I'm specifically looking at the Polymer 80 version. I doesn't look like it adds an additional magwell like the Wilson Combat does. Thoughts? https://www.polymer80.com/pistol-frames/pf320ptextm-grip-module-1/pf320ptextm-grip-module
  5. Happy Birthday Brian! These forums helped launch me into the sport I love, a career transition, and a lot of new friends. Thank you!
  6. I can vouch for the Birchwood Casey stuff too. Works great for the little stuff.
  7. For me, this time has been very beneficial. Since I'm now working from home I don't have to cram my dry fire in all at once in the evening after the kids are in bed, I can break it up in random 15 minutes sessions during the day. I'm finding this is definitely more productive and I can stay focused on certain areas better.
  8. That's a freaking genius idea. I have some LEO friends that would be very into that.
  9. This is awesome, I've been cleaning out the gun room the last few weeks (corona) and I had left this problem on my reloading press some years ago. Thanks for fixing an issue I didn't remember I even had.
  10. Compete with an X5 and just got a new 365XL. It's close enough to what I'm used to training with, but not quite as large. I had a Glock 19, but I just hated the trigger so much.
  11. I think this change is really interesting. It seems to widen the gap further between some of the poly guns steel frame da/sa's. The Sig Legion seems to be the only gun that crosses the barrier (that I can think of). It'll be interesting to see what kind of adjustments people start making in order to bring the weight of their gun up. Things like internal frame weights, tungsten barrels, and other random craziness.
  12. *Mind Blown* -- My shoulder is sore as all heck after practicing transitions yesterday. Thank you VERY much for helping out with this all, and especially CHA-LEE.
  13. After re-reading my post, I didn't word it very well. I do what you suggest Joe, but I'm wondering on the closer targets is there a way to train myself to stop on the A zone instead blowing right over it and then having to swing back?
  14. Hey Guys, I'm noticing that I'm pushing the dot past the A zone on nearly all of my transitions. On narrow transitions I "swing" the gun from one target to the next, while on wide transitions I tend to pull my arms in closer to the body and then push back out as I get on the second target. How do I correct this? Do I just slow down and make it a conscious effort to not overshoot? Thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Kevin
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