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  1. parashooter38

    glock mount

    does anyone know if a carver cmore mount on a glock 34 will fit in a ghost holster? Thanks
  2. I used a longer ejector and put a 30 degree back cut on it. It makes the case come out downward instead of up into the scope If you have a fax number ill send you a little drawing of what I did
  3. i think it is because of the pressure you would put on the machine do to the necked down case
  4. What kind of gun are you going to use it on?
  5. Have you pulled the extractor and cleaned the the hole out. Some time you get a lot of gunk in there and it effects the way it works
  6. how do i put a picture on here if if can ill put the diagram on and anyone who wants to can use it
  7. p.s. i still have the diagrahm of the ejector if anyone wants it I would have to send it to you on an email because i dont know how to pics on here
  8. I ran one on a para frame with a sti slide. put a 30 degree back cut on it and it ejected all the cases down and not into your scope. I also always used a slide racker so i never put my hand near the port
  9. tactal supply depot has them for around $20.00 dollars
  10. I have had jam problems after reloads. and found out that most times it was me. I tend to loosen my grip during the reoad and then not grip it tight enought and get a stove pipe. But im working on it and getrting better at it
  11. I had a problem where my rounds were to short causing the top one top overlap and push nose into the front ofthe mag
  12. Is there a rule in uspsa that does not allow an optic to extend past the rear of the slide?
  13. I have one on a glock 34 with a few thousand rounds through it with no problems. i red loctite the mount to the frame and the same with the dot to the mount its solid
  14. Looking at the first picture the c-more is extended way past the end of the slide. I thought there was a rule against that in IPSC.
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