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  1. That's it. Thank you for the reply.
  2. I think I've read every post, but can someone tell me why when I cycle the bolt, it does not cycle a shell from the magazine tube? I have the Nordic +5 and used the stock spring. If I use the button on the back of the carrier then it cycles fine while shooting
  3. I think he meant it has 8+1 capacity, with a plus 3 Nordic tube.
  4. How far past the barrel does the tube extend with the +5 extension? A picture would be great. Thanks.
  5. With a Beretta modified choke it shot slugs dead on. With the IC they were all over. Would love some pictures of the filing/sanding mods.
  6. I have been trying to get mine to run right for a year. I have done almost every Mod possible. I have the light piston, I have had the internals polished, lifter welded, cut recoil spring, ect. I have shot over 2k rounds and it still causes me problems at every 3 gun match. I have decided to sell it and I am ordering the Beretta 1301.
  7. Since 90% of all shots are less than 50 yds, why would you need a 6x scope?
  8. So you are going to give advice to a GM that has just DQd? You make it sound like only beginners DQ. It can happen to any shooter.
  9. Your handguard is probably installed incorrectly.
  10. I sent mine back to FN and they are replacing it with the new one with a stronger spring. It's only been six weeks. I've been using the heavy piston with no problems
  11. How does giving incorrect range commands help a new shooter? All shooters shoud be given the same commands, that's why they are in the rule book. If you want to coach a shooter or help them, I think that's great, but when it's time to start the COF, stick to the range commands to avoid ny confusion on the next stage with a different RO.
  12. HOA


    We are constantly teasing each other about doubles, anytime there is a single hole. It keeps people from asking for one for fear of being teased, unless they really think it is one.
  13. Sight in on a rest, just to know where the gun is shooting, then shoot off hand to see where you are shooting. Shoot a couple of brands to see which ones work best in your gun. I shot light mod or mod with slugs, IC just doesn't work well in my FN SLP.
  14. An RO is someone who has taken the NROI class and passed the test. The guy with the timer is just a guy with a timer. I am a friendly RO, but I am very serious about the range commands and the safety aspects of ROing. It really bothers me when a guy with a timer is asking me if I understand the course of fire, telling to unload that puppy and holster it and any number of other non range commands. If you are going to RO at least learn the basics.
  15. The RO makes the DQ call and cites the rule broken that caused the DQ. The RM has the authority to overrule the DQ. The MD has no authority over the RM in regards to shooting and safety issues. 7.1.6 Range Master (“RM”) – has overall authority over all persons and activities within the entire range, including range safety, the operation of all courses of fire and the application of these rules. All match dis- qualifications and appeals to arbitration must be brought to his atten- tion. The Range Master is usually appointed by and works with the Match Director, however, in respect of USPSA sanctioned Level III and Nationals matches, the appointment of the Range Master is subject to the prior written approval of the Director of NROI. 7.1.7 Match Director (“MD”) – handles overall match administration includ- ing squadding, scheduling, range construction, the coordination of all support staff and the provision of services. His authority and decisions will prevail with regard to all matters except in respect of matters in these rules which are the domain of the Range Master. The Match Director is appointed by the host organization and works with the Range Master.
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