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  1. Australian Shadow 4.925" barrel and CGW 10x bushing

    I tried, it wouldn't drop into mine.
  2. X treme Brass

    I read a post a while back about the primers blowing out with 9 major. My father in law had the same experience and sent them back.
  3. Shadow 2 safety on Tactical Sport

    I'm considering that too. I just have to find one:/
  4. Shadow 2 safety on Tactical Sport

    Good call on the safety swap. The best part is having the thin safety on the right side and not having the stock safety slamming into my knuckle.
  5. I was about to give up on my 9.4gr of 3n38 load because of powder spillage and decided to try the spill stop and bearing kit. I've done 500 rounds since with only one spill. I might add one more spill stop to soften it up a bit more.
  6. Stepped brass

    Maxxtech on the left and a freedom on the right
  7. Vectan BA9.5

    I did the same thing. Ba9.5 needed .5gr more than my N320 loads and had a bit more snap. The SD's were better than the N320/PV loads and also metered very well. It would probably be a better/cleaner replacement for people who like HP38/231.
  8. Stepped brass

    I'm pretty sure you can't reload these. I tried resizing one and it was like hitting a berdan primed case.
  9. Slowest powder for 9mm major

    I've set aside a few rounds with a couple different bullets to see if there is any growth and so far nothing. I use a U-die so the tension is bit better than the Dillon I was using.
  10. Slowest powder for 9mm major

    It's really full! I've been riding the index hole with my thumb to help soften the snap. It took some time to get the feel for it but it's not too bad.
  11. Slowest powder for 9mm major

    I used this this data for the first time the other day and I have to agree. I shot five different powders, all making 170ish Pf, and the 3n38 was definitely the one. You just have to be a tad bit more patient and gentle while loading.
  12. Square Deal B problems

    I emailed Dillon a video of my sdb ram wobbling and they sent me a rebuild kit with new bearings and bushings for the whole machine. Good as new.
  13. I used an inline fab ergo handle and ultra mount with my case fed 550 with no issues.
  14. Interesting. My 130 avg PF for all three were; 3.1(PV), 3.3(N320), 3.7(BA9.5). 1.140 oal H&S 147gr SP01
  15. I'm doing the same thing. I'll probably drill out a hole or make a hollow bolt just in case. I'm digging how deep/consistent the primers are seating now.