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  1. 327 Yoke (or crane) and barrel nut

    Hey Dave, hope all is well. I recently went through trying to find a replacement crane for a 627 dealing with a bent one on one of my frames. It's pretty much impossible to find a new style yoke , Smith will not sell you one, and the ones on eBay are old and rusty. If it's really nessasary I'd just get the fun looking stockish and send it in to Smith. Personally I just swapped barrels out on that frame with the screwy yoke to make it a dedicated steel challenge gun. Alec
  2. Starline 38 Long Colt .358 160 grain Ibejihead coated lead bullet 3.2 grains of Clays 1.37" oal
  3. Smith 625 a good option for me?

    Meh. Personally, I'd pass on the 625 and go for a 929 or 627 ( 8 shot ) - It's a far more versatile gun that can also be used in steel challenge and uspsa. The 625 would only be good for Limited 6 division in ICORE, and that's it. ( can be used in uspsa and steel challege, but pretty useless and puts you at a huge disadvantage ) I'd expect a stock 625 in 4 or 5 inch barrel length to go anywhere from 500-600 used.
  4. given those requirements of longer sight radius, reloads on the clock, and a min power factor of 140 your best option is going to be a model 25-2 in 6.5" or 8 3/8 The most cost effective route would probably be finding a barrel on the forums here or ebay, I always see 6 inch and 8 inch 45 barrels for sale on the cheap.
  5. Josh Lentz winning US IPSC nationals

    Youre right , no Poggie.
  6. Josh Lentz winning US IPSC nationals

    He said only good revolver shooters. What match ?
  7. Looking for grip

    Hogue big butt, custom jobber looks like. Contact the boys at hogue if you are interested in having something custom made.
  8. Online membership renewal

    I recall being emailed a link when it came time to renew.
  9. Why the Apex Hammer?

    What do you mean starts at 5 and goes to 3? Is the weight changing mid pull ?
  10. Aluminum Barrels

    I think the closest *factory* option would be a 327 TRR8/R* barrel, which is scandium with a liner. You might also be interested in other options, myself and poggie had a couple of these barrels made for steel challenge. Carbon Fiber wrapped, the barrel underneath is very thin. Makes for a very light weight gun.
  11. Revolver in production

    so are aftermarket hammers allowed in production now ( ie - apex / tk hammer )
  12. Apex 929 hammer fitting