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  1. Pal Filler

    you guys can order direct and Umberto ships pretty fast... My pal filler died finally after giving me years & years of service since 2011. Umberto sent me 2 replacement motors with in a week and half... Great Customer service
  2. Low Recoil Loading Data needed for S&W 40

    heres my addition. mouse farts 200gr Bear Creek 1.165 oal Remington/Winchester/CCi SRP 2.8gr of N320 650fps 130pf make sure you run super light recoil spring
  3. 9mm Major Silhouette Brass Specks

    its what Ive been getting... thank you
  4. 9mm Major Silhouette Brass Specks

    Thats actual diameter after the crimping station. I use a LEE FCD and Ive always used 0.371 - 0.372 as my crimp. Tried a looser crimp before but it didnt have good results.
  5. 9mm Major Silhouette Brass Specks

    nope; I need to bell it enough to make it so the bullet doesnt fall out ( after the bullet feeding station ) when I rotate the shell plate on my 1050.
  6. 9mm Major Silhouette Brass Specks

    maybe thats it ... but its definitely inside the slide by the chamber area. It looks golden soo it might be unburnt powder
  7. Ok let me start with my specs : - 124gr CMJ Montana Gold - 8grs of Silhouette - Remington 6.5 SRP - 1.175 oal - 0.371 crimp -mixed brass - 1420fps ( because its flatter up here and softens up considerably and no pressure signs at all ) This is out of 5.4" SV Infinity Barrel and 1453fps out of a KKM barrel. - less than 1" groups at 25yrds with the SV but 1.25" out of the KKM ... All loaded on a 1050 ... I get a little bit of specks of brass on the slide right where the chamber is ... Is this normal ???
  8. New Delta Point Pro, first thoughts...

    yeah I got fed up with the constant taking off the sight and sending it to cmore for an update and get it back and re-zeroing. I wish I didnt have a blind spot on my 90 degree cmore ... but it has been happening to me alot lately and I need to change ... I cant stand the upright cmore because of the height difference... so the DPP might be the way to go for me ..
  9. New Delta Point Pro, first thoughts...

    got to the page 3 out of 12 and pretty much looked at the comparison pictures...
  10. New Delta Point Pro, first thoughts...

    see 500rds doesnt scream reliability for me ... I need to have someone on here whos have this for at least a year and/or 5000+rds with no issues
  11. New Delta Point Pro, first thoughts...

    ok I came really late to this thread ... Is the DPP good to go ??? Is it reliable... I was hoping RTS 2 was reliable but have sent it back to cmore ever soo offen to get updated was a totally bullcrap !!! I dont want the same fiasco with this one... I really want to update from a 90 degree because I have experience the dreaded blind spot too many times... And I was thinking of going with the 7.5moa Chevron versus the smaller 4moa ... What are you guys thought on that ??? Anyone running the 7.5moa chevron ??? And lastly; I would prefer to run the cheely mount because I might have case ejection problems ... My ejection is irratic but I have never experience a stove pipe with the 90 degree cmore... ( ps. I'm running an aftec )
  12. Limited Gun Thumb Rest, Who else uses them?

    Jimmy Vidanes @ 1911 Speed Shop ... I pm'ed you his contact info
  13. post your 1911/2011 pictures

    yes ever since I cracked my 5" sight tracker I didnt want to go down that route again... So I went with this design .. I think its called the comolli system or something its a 5" barrel, 1" front sight block, Commander slide, 5" recoil system.. shoots really flat and the front sight is very trackable with my messed up eyes...
  14. Limited Gun Thumb Rest, Who else uses them?

    I love my PT Thumb Rest .
  15. post your 1911/2011 pictures

    My latest 5.5 Tracker from Jimmy Vidanes @ 1911 Speed Shop. It's a 5" barrel w/ Commander slide. With the new PT EVO grip...