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  1. I can't remember the last match where I didn't have to explain the highly technical concept of "two hits anywhere or one A" to a newer shooter, and people still manage to screw it up. This target would easily triple the time spent scoring at any match I've attended. No thanks.
  2. Had to go check out the site. I'm not sure what aspect of it is supposed to save money.
  3. No. The level of stupidity regularly displayed by people no longer fazes me.
  4. I highly doubt he's trolling or working for the company. Read his earlier posts/threads and you'll understand.
  5. Good post Sarge, I didn't like football before but the NFL has really sucked hard the last year. I would boycott it, but I stopped watching TV altogether a while back.
  6. It runs indeed. Brownells carries the part
  7. I seem to have found the first wear item on the 1301. I'm gonna call it the bolt cam pin, I noticed it was getting a flat spot around 4k rounds and now around 7k it has a significant flat spot with a nice burr. This part has always been well oiled and usually had a thin film of grease on it. I could feel some drag on the bolt when easing it into battery, and if I let the bolt slowly close it wouldn't go fully into battery without a little help. No malfunctions of any kind, so it hadn't become a problem yet but I'm going to buy some spares. It appears that you can spin this pin 180 degrees and get some more life out of it.
  8. I built a 14.5" for my oldest son. Never shot it for groups with a magnified optic but it often put 3 shots in 1/2" at 50 yards with my hoser 55gr loads when zeroing a red dot. Had some extraction issues, contacted Faxon after I dicked with it some, they had me send it back. They said it was a tight chamber and had a new barrel at my door a few days later, so CS is good. The new barrel shoots the same as the first one.
  9. I assumed they made the tube diameter larger to keep people from putting stocks on them for legal reasons.
  10. At least you get to compete against two or three people in your division this way.
  11. Ported shotgun's are great for when you need more noise without the hassle of a performance increase. And you'll be in open.
  12. The Miculek is not going to be more effective than your M4-72, and it will be almost as blasty. The Titan is also harsh. The Seekins ATC is the best I've found for effectiveness without the concussion.
  13. The match I mentioned above with targets out to 60 yards is also known to have targets as small as 3x4" out to 15 yards. Its very painful to see the people who have never practiced it. After I saw them the first time I went straight home and welded up some 3.5" circles.
  14. I keep thinking 82nd Airborne.