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  1. I would try XBR 8208 for your purposes. The stuff is almost magic, AND it meters very well.
  2. Maybe lower the ram and give it another 1/8 of a turn?
  3. Hell, I've been wasting perfectly good apple cider vinegar by drinking it all this time when I should have been dumping it into my guns?!? Next thing your going to tell me I should feed them too...
  4. Must be regionally dependent or something, all the tac optics guys lost the offset irons around here too.
  5. I was just looking at this the other day, it looks like it has 3 gun-esque time plus scoring and incorporates some pistol shooting. Sounds awesome, hopefully some matches pop up in my neck of the woods.
  6. I wondered this same thing a few years back. But when I looked at all the open shooters rifles I realized everyone had abandoned the offset RDS in favor of a good 1-6 or 8x optic as the only sighting system.
  7. How light? I would agree with the Stretch16 recommendation although it's not a super light barrel if that's what you're looking for.
  8. I won't say one hole groups are impossible, but generally those pics on the internet are 3 shot groups and they're cherry picked out of the other 20 groups the guy shot that day. On Snipershide generally anytime some claims one hole groups or "1/4 MOA all day everyday!" they are asked to provide a 6x5, which is 6 consecutive 5 shot groups on the same piece of paper. Not many people can back up such claims. I've shot quite a few magic 3/8" groups out of guns that are 3/4" guns on average. That doesn't mean I get to call them 3/8 MOA rifles... If you can consistently shoot 5 shot groups like the 3 shot groups you posted you have nothing to despair about. You also didn't specify your level of brass prep and loading procedures, if your using mixed brass and loading on a progressive press your doing pretty well.
  9. Most people I know store a couple guns in their unlocked vehicles sitting in the driveway. And they own a cheap gun storage cabinet at best. I'm guessing my neighborhood looks a lot different than most of the posters on this thread.
  10. You haven't had the A5 that long have you? How many rounds did it take to stick the choke?
  11. If you ever get the urge to compete don't hesitate to sign up for one of the Polo matches. Some great people there that will make you feel welcome.
  12. I've been running a Stretch16 barrel for just over a season now, it's only got about 5k on it so far. 95% of the ammo through it are my light blasting loads.
  13. It won't have any effects, ill or otherwise. 3" of barrel doesn't change anything in our game, except for slugs being theoretically more accurate with a shorter barrel.
  14. Good question. I hope I don't have an answer for at least a couple more seasons.