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  1. 20.7gr of AA2200 under a Hornady 55gr is my hosing load. It actually holds MOA to 200yds too.
  2. Yeah, he gets around. I've seen some of his guns floating around the internet, I was somewhat underwhelmed till I saw the Califas Nomad. If I was stuck in the butthole of America I'd be all over one of them.
  3. You guys wouldn't like southern Wisconsin then.
  4. Oh your build rendering looks pretty awesome too.
  5. +1
  6. My rifles currently have either the Taccom buffer or a regular buffer with all the weights taken out. I tested the JP extra power spring vs a standard spring vs the TTI light spring and ended up going with the lightest. And you assume correctly, all these lightweight parts without adjusting the gas down to match it will make for a very unhappy system. Right now I'm of the mindset that buying a $30 AGB and considering it a disposable next time I go to tune a new load or part is easier than buying a $100 AGB and being pissed when it's seized up. I have a few gas blocks at the extreme ends of the price spectrum, and once you tune them they're all the same.
  7. You'll be happy with a BHW barrel, but don't get the NM if your planning on trying 3 gun. Its quite heavy. Even the standard might be a bit heavy, depending on your physical build. JP steel LMOS carriers are great, zero maintenance and just as reliable as anything else in a properly set up system. The buffer (both standard low mass and SCS) are over rated and overpriced in my opinion. They are high quality and do their job but the performance wasn't any better than a gutted buffer when I fiddled with them a while back. And don't let the old farts on the BHW forum talk you out of a rifle length gas system on an 18" barrel, you'll eventually regret it if you get a mid length and then go balls deep in 3 gun.
  8. Vortex lists the Strike Eagle at 17oz and some change. That's almost exactly what most 1-4/6x optics weigh. The rest are heavier.
  9. The weight and lack of aftermarket parts is probably a deal breaker for most. I don't know anyone who buys a factory rifle anyways, it's a lot easier to build what you want. Not an option with the ACR.
  10. It's an eBay Miculek knock off. The holes should face up.
  11. Let me know if you find that magic answer! Just to muddy the waters further, I do all my longer range precision shooting left handed because my left eyesight is noticeably better as well.
  12. Just when I thought my Mom was the only person watching my videos... I'm in the same boat as you, born left handed and left eye dominant but my first couple grade school teachers weren't going to have that nonsense in their classroom. A couple years later when I started shooting BB guns and .22's I had been fully indoctrinated to do everything right handed. I didn't realize how left hand/eye dominant I was till I started shooting pistols but I had no interest in trying to start over with long guns. I do often shoot pistols both eyes open but with long guns my left eye takes over and all I see is the side of the gun. When I started shooting competitively I messed with shooting long guns left handed or both eyes open but I never got anywhere with it. So no special tricks, just a very minor handicap I've gotten used to.
  13. I was right once before, what am I right about today?
  14. Love thefeedramp. Haven't laughed that hard in a while.
  15. The Yugo stuff I've shot, in 7.62x39, 7.62x25 and 8mm Mauser has been awesome.