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  1. Yup.
  2. Nope, smallish hands/thumbs. I've never had a reason to stick my thumb past the lifter when loading though, the rims get beyond the catch long before I need to poke my thumb in that far.
  3. I've always considered the 1301 to be the most thumb friendly shotgun around. In fact, I just spent 20 minutes trying to get my thumb injured while loading and I couldn't pull it off. I'm really not sure how some people do it.
  4. I had one a long time ago, the glass was mediocre, the reticle is too small at 1x because it's FFP and the illumination was as bad as you would expect in its price range. It was most certainly not heavy at 17oz though, pretty much the same as all similar scopes. I'd give $130 for one if I wanted one, which I don't.
  5. Slow night...
  6. I'm probably going to the Steiner P4xi next season. I've been shooting a 6x for a couple years and recently realized I've barely cranked it past 4x on any 3 gun sized target out to 600yds so far.
  7. Is this what your after?
  8. I would try XBR 8208 for your purposes. The stuff is almost magic, AND it meters very well.
  9. Maybe lower the ram and give it another 1/8 of a turn?
  10. Hell, I've been wasting perfectly good apple cider vinegar by drinking it all this time when I should have been dumping it into my guns?!? Next thing your going to tell me I should feed them too...
  11. Must be regionally dependent or something, all the tac optics guys lost the offset irons around here too.
  12. I was just looking at this the other day, it looks like it has 3 gun-esque time plus scoring and incorporates some pistol shooting. Sounds awesome, hopefully some matches pop up in my neck of the woods.
  13. I wondered this same thing a few years back. But when I looked at all the open shooters rifles I realized everyone had abandoned the offset RDS in favor of a good 1-6 or 8x optic as the only sighting system.