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  1. The mainspring housing is aluminum from the factory. No real weight to be saved and screwing the magwell into plastic doesn't sound like a recipe for long term success. hogging out grips, frame and an aluminum guide rod are your best bets. I want to tri top mine but the hard chrome looks so good. Oh well.
  2. 11lb seems to have less recoil. You have to grip hard or it will take forever to come back Down.
  3. Pretty sure the Dawson ice doesn't work on a 5.4. Guessing based off my crude measurements and my 5.4. I'm going to make it fit though.
  4. Are statistics up? Wondering how many SS shooters
  5. I just picked up a used one. Slide speed was a little slow so I went to a 10lb recoil spring and switched from 200 grain to 180. Sight is nice and steady and fast now. All holes touching at 20 yards was good enough for me freehand. I am curious if it will fit in the box with a Dawson ice magwell instead of the ipsc magwell
  6. I recently cracked my magwell nearly in half on my 1911. It is Two years old and I practice reloads a little too much apparently. Just curious if anyone has seen one break before. im not talking the insert either.
  7. Pretty sure uspsa HQ bumped this up a few months ago and AZ shooters hasn't updated
  8. I'm looking forward to it being in Florida. It may be a little warm.
  9. Don't do this test on 9mm. The variation will be 20% easy
  10. Standards stages are an excellent display of character. Between your guy and the numerous people I have seen want doubles because their loads tumble, I hate RO'ing them. I love shooting them though.
  11. That's pretty weird. I would still call back and see if you get someone different.
  12. Maybe she mistook it to mean doing the install and refinish for free?I would call back and ask how much it would cost to get a new grip and refinish on one of their guns. Otherwise try calling back in a week if the above was clearly communicated.
  13. This should get good.
  14. Irony would be if that was the serial number and gun that earned him the teardrops under his eye. Nothing like tattooing the evidence on.
  15. What part of your gun gets hot? I have melted a fiber before on my SS but I have shot 150 rounds in a row with nothing but mag changes slowing the pace. Never thought the gun was too hot to touch or use. I'm guessing the barrel was hot but I grab the slide from front and never had an issue. I love titegroup for .40 plated. I lose my sights when using it with any coated bullet. They all smoke too much. N320 is way better for coated.