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  1. nickforney

    Shadow 2 MOS

    I would be curious what the weight is.
  2. trying the SSI nitrofin deal now and have a redhill holster for it to go in. I like the way it shoots and hope it doesn't mess with draw etc later.
  3. RHT was the best answer ordered through them!
  4. Ok so these thumb rests are legal now for production/carry optics. Does anyone know of a holster that will fit?
  5. Ive been sick a bit this week but working dry fire. I went out and shoot the casino drill a good bit yesterday but felt it was more minded towards general shooting rather than uspsa. Its not often I have slide lock reloads as so many general public drills call for. I shot my PCC some and it doesn't like ets magazines. Im going to try a few different springs in it but its looking like more of a toy than something I would want to compete much with. I could have run down to omaha for todays match but I worked all day saturday and the cold is coming in. I didn't think it was wise to spend my sunday outside and drive all those hours. I will probably regret it later in the winter when there are no good days to shoot.
  6. Tag I had some in my cart but would love to hear more peoples insight now that they have been out for a while.
  7. Yea I wasn't clear sarge. I meant to expand that a location for carry optic forward of the hip line is easily enforced for use of barney or start mag and after stage for showing clear. I don't believe it will change and the sport need not cater to me but I shoot in golf shorts most of the time and pockets are tough to get to. Its best to just drop the mag or slap it into a mag carrier. Might all be null and void anyway as my limited gun has been a lot of fun to shoot lately.
  8. what are you gonna do with the old dpp?
  9. I still can't seem to get the PCC to function. I feel it might make sense to just grab new stuff and leave the old trainer 9mm behind reverting back to a 10.5 inch pistol AR. I don't feel like messing with loads a bunch to get it to work right. Tried all the different buffers and spring combos I have here and the 16 inch barrel just don't wanna reset the trigger.
  10. It makes a direct call for allowing barney mags to be loaded from a pocket though as well which flies in the face of being contained within a magazine pouch right?
  11. I wore speedcrosses for a long time before shooting uspsa I was surprised how many pairs I saw when I showed up. I like shooting in golf shorts. They are airy and have flex in them. I also almost always where a baseball style hat.
  12. Got in some A/C size targets from MOA targets in today. I really like the way they are put together. I have been doing all my dry fire with the TSO this week and will shoot the gun some time tomorrow or friday most likely.
  13. I saw magnets and though hell thats great. I used it in training all the time for my unloading or my barney mag. Didn't realize it was a no go for carry optics though so I shot in open class that day. I have one on my limited setup though and it is good for that use you just mentioned. I have a pretty strong little magnet I got at work. I put it in my back pocket out on the range now and am curious if I could have it in there not to affix mags for use in a stage but to slap my mag on at the unload and show clear.
  14. 'outlaw' type matches are pretty much what you are looking for. If you wanna have a really good time look up cola warrior.
  15. Thats pretty much right. Folks smarter than me recommend getting two of what ever gun you are going to shoot in competition. Shoot rounds through both guns to see which is better and have that be your match gun. Your practice/dryfire gun is the other. I question my choice of S2 for this role more slides are coming out now but a bare slide doesn't fix a problem in the lower.
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