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  1. where is this coming from? in the rule book it shows page 107 18. maximum weight yes, 45 oz. including optic and empty magazine.
  2. Sadly there was last fall. The indoor range that it was hosted at closed down expectantly. This was what prompted me to buy a proper holster/pouches but they closed up shop. Supposedly they formerly shot around peterson. The only good point was I got a loaded 1050 from the shop for a steal as they were doing a fire sale. I will try and remember about your 2 gun match can you message me any more information about it so I can hopefully attend.
  3. I know Rick and talked to Ben during my very short stint as a new uspsa shooter at ikes. The Sioux Falls practical shooters is putting on a free class. I am dragging out my dad and a guy who enjoys shooting for work. Sadly dad can't do the shoot the sunday following but I am hoping the old fart from work can. I think I will come down and support ssv when the competition class goes on I am sure to learn a pile of things. Sadly I have had a pretty substantial list of training almost entirely with rifles but also for cqb with hands and pistol. That is why this was a double dose of doh for me.
  4. I will be down for business sometime in the near future and I think I will try to schedule around making one of your weekly shoots. I am attending a beginner class this weekend followed by a match on sunday so I shall be sure to work on my safety game. Sadly I was out of town all week for work so I haven't handled my gun since last sunday.
  5. I misunderstood hipower jack. I thought he meant I dropped the muzzle. I suppose I wouldn't have been DQ'd had a kept the muzzle out and away but the reality is there was no reason at all to have the gun out at that point. As was mentioned the mag was still gonna be there after holstering and I would have the rest of the stage pasting to wonder about why it didn't seat correctly rather than the drive home to think about holstering. I generally prefer to learn from other peoples mistakes... Would have been nice if someone else had done it rather than me.
  6. Yes that was the disqualification. I don't believe I have ever made a grab for a round leaving the chamber when I knew the RO was looking to show unloaded. I was fixated on the magazine that had not fed. I have seen video or other folks do that where they pop the round in the air during show clear but I will be robotic on unload until it is ironed into my brain. Just a hard lesson. I always know I will make mistakes shooting. I shot my first match really concentrating on slow and safe. I had one guy remind me that this wasn't bullseye shooting. I know I will be able to iron out many of my obvious flaws early on but I need to remind myself that many things can be slow and steady and that what ever adrenaline dump I get when the buzzer sounds it needs to simmer down and stay between the lines.
  7. I am very new to uspsa. I shot my first field match last month and a super classifier last weekend. I was open this weekend and was hungry to get a match in so I got up before 5 to drive 3 and half hours away for a nice level 1. In the truck I clearly had a bit of dummy juice because it showed nice and clear the second stage of the day. I have many many things to work on as a shooter but I had never even considered this would be an issue. The first stage went fine there was a big sweeping 170 degree transition early on and I was really worried about over extending or not paying attention to the 180. I felt ok on the stage and there were other good shooters to watch and try to learn from. I am still really new to the concept of gaming stages and watching people who are good at it still fascinates me. The second stage was a very close open, partial hard and head only hard cover target with 3, 2, 1 round engagement. I thought there isn't much game here just shoot away. I was the first shooter for the stage and stepped up confident. I either didn't seat the mag completely or the mag release got pressed between make ready and t1. I got off my first round and heard the dreaded hammer fall on either a bad primer or empty chamber. I was kicking myself through the stage and on showing clear and hammer down I wanted to see the magazine right away. Like a fool I bent over and scooped up the mag while the empty gun was still in hand. Everyone was really nice and sympathetic but my day of shooting was over with about a minute of trigger time and 7 hours of driving. I think back to the hundreds of iterations on the range that I would scoop up a round or magazine. The countless trips to the clearing barrel in Iraq and Afghanistan worried about getting the round scooped up. Best believe Nick isn't going to be trying to catch a round or scoop a magazine with a dead gun in hand. The video of my shame.
  8. any idea what the weight difference is between the lok safety and the original? Im afraid I won't get to use extended until I can get it sent out for additional lightening. this one has the plastic guide rod and lok s2 grips.
  9. I found it interesting you mentioned your M3. I have an M3S90 and don't ever remember seeing anyone shooting 3 gun with one. Mind telling any modifications you might have one it? As far as the saiga with limited mag. I don't see it being worth the added weight and reload time as mentioned before. It is in open to use the strengths it has in a limited catagory it wouldn't be able to use its strengths.
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