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  1. ok probably a long post because it was a good weekend of shooting sports. On saturday I went to the Sioux City outdoor match they crammed 5 stages into a little 3 bay area with great use of the space. Lots of thought went into the layout but it didn't quite get the fact that we shot the same classifier the shoot before. Thats ok easy mistake. I should have shot it better but I actually found a way to shoot it worse so oops. https://practiscore.com/results/new/0219b777-68b2-4ce5-b8d5-75d9dbed9e03 I had talked to one of the fine fellas who runs that show about wanting to shoot limited and wanting to have him shoot something other than single stack to properly spank on me. So we shot 2 guns that day. First I shot the new fire for effect cz shadow 2 that I had gotten in and had been shooting thursday and friday. I really liked the gun right off the bat and it was shooting very well for me so I decided to pack along the other shadow as a backup and give it a shot. If it went well on saturday I would use it on sunday. The gun shot fine but I made several mental mistakes on the carry optics side. We turned around and shot my tso in 40 which I don't have many rounds through and have not dry fired at all. I really enjoyed shooting it and look forward to more chances to shoot it. I shot about 1% better on a second round of runs with that gun which probably means a second run of CO runs would have been a lot better. I hate to blow past the shoot because I enjoyed it and would have been a fine weekend by itself. I left S.C. and drove about 3 hours to the Iowa Sectional and got there to see the last of the runs due to rain delays during the saturday runs. Those guys had it rough and it feels harsh to compare scores from saturday to sunday. I understand thats part of the game but they looked worn through at the end of the day saturday while I was taking a look at the stages. I hadn't gone over the briefs more than once or twice because of the late nature of my registration and busy work schedule. I slept very poorly on my buddies couch after sitting with him at a pub watching the last of the Iowa/state game which should have been done hours before. I hit the range at 7 and told myself that I just wanted to try my best to be a consistent version of what I can shoot across the 11 stages. https://practiscore.com/results/new/8a7eaace-3a2d-432d-84af-4c386df7abf7 I came in at 50/225 or so. I told a friend that and they kinda glossed over and felt that I wouldn't have been happy at it. I tried to explain that I am very new to it and felt that I had shot good across the board. Mistakes. I made some awesome mistake. Holy s#!t they were good. On the all steel stage called real steel I had a decent cadence going and had cleared the second port as planned....so I thought. I called a hit on a mini popper and even heard the audible and dropped mag and was exiting as I saw that it was defiant and still standing. This is of course when the training wheels fall off. I looked at it extended my strong hand and shot one handed with one round in the gun at the mini which didn't hit and laughed at me. I scowled and slammed the mag home running on because Im silly in the head. I presented on the next array of steel and had a nice double action pull and no controlled explosion. I slammed a new mag home on a dead chamber because I shot the gun with no mag. I was now charging the gun flat footed at an array because of my stupidity. I finished up and there was that RO talkings of don't touch it etc. I didn't feel like dragging the day off and said no I didn't want a calibration. I had barely kissed the steel and had failed as a shooter. I helped the steel down and thanked the RO. I also shot free style at a viriginia count half old style target at maybe 7 yards and hit the first round of the second stage I shot right into hard cover. Should have been easy peasy...not so much. You laugh and move on. Excellence. A swinger on the very last stage. I had shot the s#!t steel stage above and tried to center myself. It had a lot of close open targets that you could move well through and I wanted to just do my best on the stage. Swingers are a bane to me currently. I encounter them maybe once a match and each time I try to engage well but don't have a good way to practice them. I ran through the stage and when it came time to score we got to the swinger and there was a pair of alphas touching each other. I just laughed knowing it was dumb luck but it felt nice. I didn't DQ I didn't have lots of mental errors or gear flops. I had the wheels fall off on one stage but felt like I picked it up and put it back together. The main thing was I had a great time watching people much more experienced than I am shoot. I heard excuses from some I heard advice from others but across the board I saw a group of people that had worked on the craft that liked doing it and I enjoyed being a part of it. Not many matches left in the year but I hope to work on the dry fire a lot over the winter and see if I can increase on the simple stuff that I saw myself doing wrong in comparison to more polished shooters.
  2. I got notification that my standby slot for the Iowa sectional was bumped up to active. I quickly paid and squaded then began to worry that I wouldn't make weight. With mecgear 19 round mags on my little food scale I make it but the +4 TTI's I was right on the line and variation might screw me. I had two sets of LOK grips at the house the light weight palm swells and some standards. They were right at the same weight already but I saw there was some fat to cut on the back of them. I went ahead and got the dremel fired up. Proceeded to dry fire a bunch. I've of course never done a lvl 2 event and am really looking forward to it. I will shoot sioux city which we are doing 2 guns which gives me a chance to shoot my TSO in limited major which is pretty exciting. I might have decided to get a "back up" gun which might become my "match" gun maybe more to follow. I will sit down for a real good look at the stages tomorrow evening with dry fire based around particular sections that I think might be difficult for me. Then I hope to hit the range Thursday and maybe Friday.
  3. shot go fast don't suck match today. went slow and sucked. The first two stages felt like pure trash. I had a complete mental break on the first stage which was "sponsored shooter" It called for 3 shots per target. I did that but for some reason I pushed harder on the very last target and as I was shooting realized I was on the hard cover. I shot 5 alphas decently fast except they were all in the hard cover. Instead of making up for the stupidity I went ahead an showed clear because my brain simply was turned off. It really sucked. The next stage was extendo down which I turned my gun more than normal because I busted my mag release on wednesday. I went to ram a full mag home and didn't seat. One of those dumb things that I was moving along at a good pace but the reload completely killed me. It rained hard on the way in and the try me stage was 4 inches or more under water throughout. I was the last shooter I believe and a vigorous pastier. My feet were very cold and wet by the time I shot. I enjoyed the shoot a lot and gave up my range time on saturday to drive the 1.5 hours each way to help set it up. Today I will include some range video for the people not paying attention. I uploaded it for a friend to help me and high light my flaws. https://practiscore.com/results/new/80f8e25f-3c39-4d51-9f72-0616ba678969?q_result=0&q_individual=0
  4. I found a way to shear the mag release button off of my shadow 2 while dry firing tonight. No idea how that happened. I went to do a reload and the botton just fel off with the screw head. The rest of the screw was still buried in the magazine catch. Off to stoeger pro shop for a new one. Never considered I might need a spare for that. Should make the go fast don't suck shoot this weekend extra spicy.
  5. Shot sioux city indoor last night. I don't normally get to shoot any indoor league because they are all so far away but with labor day and being at the acreage anyway it worked out pretty good. Didn't get home until about 10:45 but it was worth a bit of lost sleep. https://practiscore.com/results/new/91331?q_result=0&q_individual=0&q_division=0&fbclid=IwAR2MzN7ixwlNUbpc0A3IUeyIsGwGpPfLHSBoNhd-_AZ0vOjz125LTZWzGEE I always enjoy shooting with chase because he whoops on me with a big boy 1911. I can't take his stage plans or his version of doing things but I can try to pick up on his speed and sense of urgency between actual shooting. I shot pretty consistent through. I know a lot of people try for a hero or zero approach on classifiers but when there was only two stages planned with a 3rd tacked on I didn't want to sling rounds trying to make it big. I like the idea of going up in classification for ego reasons but if I can't preform regularly at that level I don't want the tag. The third stage was cool because we reshot the classifier lay out for 13-05 ticktock but did it strong hand then weak hand. I always feel like garbage shooting weak hand and the classifier and strong/weak version felt like a training session but with match pressure that was cool. I would happily go over for the night match and look forward to the future when I can make them more regularly.
  6. Got to shoot the match in Omaha today. https://practiscore.com/results/new/aecf2896-ad98-4bbc-b814-f71bb8907a6c?q_result=0 Man did I make a lot of mistakes. I recognized some of them as I was making them. I was squadded with Thomas Howard who and out of bad luck he was right behind me in the shooting order so it was tough to steal lessons learned and immediately try to put them to use. Wasn't planning on shooting this at all I was down on the acreage doing a ton of late summer work and brought my gun along to shoot the sioux city indoor on Monday but saw the practice score last minute and said chores could wait. I also found out the magnet I had on a mag carrier bumps you into open so that's a thing. It's too bad I really liked using it for showing clear. Maybe I need to make the jump over to limited.
  7. I have been using the 22/45 a good bit lately and found good improvement with transitioning and shooting faster when on target after a few runs with the .22 I also switched the palmswells on my s2 and feel like it allowed me to squeeze the gun better which was a welcome improvement. The old doctor optic on the 22 isn't close to be the same as the CO gun but I felt I could transition from one to the other pretty seamlessly. I hope to continue pounding away at that. I also gon my 40 upper in but don't plan on messing with it too much currently. There is a super classifier at the end of the year and I may go ahead and shoot that match in limited just because its a classifier and who cares.
  8. I went and shot 300 rounds last night on a beautiful evening. Only had 2 target stands in the truck but I worked doubles and modified aces working on throttle control. I also tried to start at 90 degrees from target with gun out and forward to work those bigger transitions into a small array it felt good after doing a few and the splits went way down. I need to bust out my ruger 22/45 with a dot to simulate the other gun today my forearms were sore which I thought was a decent sign I was gripping the gun. I made the mistake of contacting stuart wong about a 40 sw upper for my TSO so I might actually shoot some limited sometime soon.
  9. https://practiscore.com/results/new/194c29d5-c811-4f95-b49d-efb0d1c4ff8e?q_division=0&q_result=0 Not an impressive day on the gun. Yet again work has been overbearing and I painted all day saturday at the acreage. My range day this week was spent doing a bit of weak stuff waiting for someone who was looking to buy a gun from me and wasn't organized or concentrated. I did zero dry fire and was a turd. Took down several misses the classifier was tough and I took down not one but two misses. I hope to shoot yards indoor on labor day and will force 15 minutes at least of dry fire afterwork each night this week.
  10. Had a great range session today. Shot accelerator on repeat for about 200 rounds then shot some blake and doubles. Beautiful afternoon and in general felt good behind the gun.
  11. Shot SFPS today. https://practiscore.com/results/new/ea257673-5af6-4780-9c56-fda88d123067?q_result=0 Trying to get the speed vs accuracy thing figured and not putting added shots in that I don't need. I am failing at calling shots most of the time. I have had a couple scenarios now where I called a bad shot and sent a 3rd right away that were close C's. Wasting time and concentration on nothing. In doing so today I shot more deltas that I would have liked and found a way to shoot a no shoot or miss on almost everything. The 'what if' button on hit factor app is troubling today. I was 12 of 45 almost 10% behind Chris who I was supposed to be squaded with but was moved last minute. Stage one was seated on 4 different barrels. My time was about right and the hits across the board were good except for one miss that wasn't made up. My hit factor was 5.9 at 78% but without the miss it would have been 6.6 which was in the 88% area. Stage two was a runner which I should be better at as Im not in terrible shape. Again I threw a miss and 4 deltas which was just from trying to move faster. The miss itself hurt but not as much as some other instances. Stage three was a wrap around type stage that I thought I had gone the 'fast way' by cutting through the middle and engaging some shots longer. After clearing I realized I had failed to follow my stage plan and hadn't shot one target giving me 2 misses. Even then I was several seconds slower than others which I would chalk up to not moving while shooting as much as I should. Four was clean. It was a pretty straight forward and I shot it as I should. I clearly could have moved faster. Accuracy wasn't the issue it was entering and transitions. five was big barricade classifier 06-01 I shot it in 9.36 didn't feel like I was hero or zeroing anything. Just shot it as if it was another stage. hf was 5.7 thanks to a NS/A on the last round. 68% is probably fair thats likely as good of a shooter as I am. It sucked looking that if I was in control and had been 1/4 inch up it would have been a 7.37 at 87%. I just remember that classification doesn't mean anything and the NS was much more representative of the day. Not sure what drills I will be focusing on to work on this nonsense.
  12. Shot siouxland today It was a very quick 3 stage plus a qualifier. Felt terrible after the shoot as if I hadn't shot all week because I hadn't. The shoot went by so quick I felt warmed up after we had finished. https://practiscore.com/results/new/c87806d1-04c9-4a74-b3d9-1cf111b78391?q_result=0 I was 3/20 but I don't think that really mattered. The last stage that I shot was actually stage 1 lucky 13 I was 3 seconds slower than the guys who beat me. I had 3 more alphas but did feel like I was out of control. The second stage was the one I started on. I very rarely shoot forward falling steel. I don't believe sioux falls uses them and if they do they rarely do. I generally power through steel if I feel I had a miss I re-engage. This of course is a s#!t idea for slow forward falling. I knew the principle behind them but failed to work it. There were two poppers and a mini popper on each side of a wall. I hit one of the big poppers that was just off the side of the mini and when I went to shoot the mini I hit the edge of the popper. This stopped it from falling. I tried to re-engage but thought I was burning too much time. I wasn't sure this was the case when shooting it so I asked for a calibration just to see. it of course slowly fell and I caught a mike. A quick classifier 08-03 six I believe was the name. I was a second and a half slower than the winner and just failed on transitions and missed a steel I had to make up. It was a mid C class hf and thats probably where I should be. The 4th stage was hiding out. It was a cattle run type stage that I had 2 or 3 targets that I hit with a 3rd round due to calling a bad shot on tuxedo/partials. I shot good on the move my transitions to start were just crazy slow. Everything was an Alpha but the cost was huge and worthless. Again I was 3 seconds behind the winner and at least .5 of a second was used on a close pick up shot that would have been a C. There was no reason to make up the shot aside from being anal retentive. I went home and pulled out two targets to head to the range with. It was crowded and I just wanted to shoot some chris cross style drills where I was moving the gun while hitting 2 each on the targets. I got some work in but am not sure how much it really helped me. Tomorrow is another local and I am going to focus on my hit factor over my A count.
  13. Took my son shooting rimfire stuff this morning. No pistol at all but did enjoy shooting the rugers at steel. Ive been working the ben stoeger dryfire book. It always feels strange using 1/6 scaled targets. I have a standard 3 rack set up currently allowing me to work all the single target stuff I want to but also el prez, aces, blake ect. In one week I should be able to shoot siouxlands outdoor match as well as siouxfalls. That should be a nice double feature if I am healthier by then. I will also be able to be back in the gym after this week so that will also be a nice change up and hopefully improve overall strength and foot speed.
  14. Really congested the last two days started on wed but overnight started feeling like garbage. I slept most of the day but was wandering with some energy when the mail came with two new mags. I figured I had to shake them out so I threw a target in the truck and hit the range for a bit. Warmed up with drawing to an open target at 25 yards. My draws to longer targets have felt sloppy and and slow and trying to warm up with that was probably me having a mental haze. Left the target at 25 and shot two mags of bill drill and felt terrible about it. The splits were high .3s even with wide Cs and occasional Ds. I pasted and thought about just getting back in the truck. Instead I shot a few doubles at 25 just to see the dot move and be sure I was gripping the gun well. I switched over to practical accuracy still activating my timer and saw a clean group with splits in the .45 range. Pasted up and went back to bill drill seeing much cleaner shots at the same .3 area but not feeling like I was rushing all over. I have yet to shoot a match sick but I can't imagine it being much fun. In the end I was glad I went out and shot even with the mental fog. It was probably a good thing I only had the one target out.
  15. Great range trip today felt good all around. I only had two stands in the truck so I set up with two targets and did a modified blake drill shooting t1 with 2 rounds then t2 with 2 rounds and t1 again with 2 rounds. I then pushed them so that there was about a 120 degree swing between the two targets to work those wide transitions. USPSA was updated showing B classification which felt good.
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