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  1. The cons on limiting the travel is as stated the bolt won't lock back and when you tune the travel to a load you stand the risk of not resetting the trigger if you experience a slightly underpowered load.
  2. Depends on what load you want. For sub-minor loads out of my 8.5 in barrel 3.0 gr. titegroup gets me 105pf with the 98gr. For loads that make minor you need to be in the 4.0gr range with titegroup. I like titegroup for this load since it is a small charge and the times I have tried slower powders (HS6, CFE and WAC) to make gas they have been more harsh for the same power factor.
  3. I use .356 on coated bullets, haven't had one tumble yet.
  4. The eggleston 98gr coated work great for 50 yards and in. I haven't tried taking them out to 100 yards. They are cheap and accurate and I have run them all the way down to 105pf for steel matches. They shoot soft and the PCC doesn't feel sluggish cycling. Anyone wanting to give them a try use my code EM-WIKEL for a discount.
  5. I tried the taccom stick on lifter extension. The A5 lifter is not flat enough for it to stick. Also there are several cut outs on the lifter that require the same cuts on the extension. I spent a good amount of time fitting it to throw it in the trash. It may be a viable option for some lifters but the A5 isn t one of them.
  6. It may take adjusting the lifter and putting a slight chamfer on the Yoplait of the chamber. Just tweaking the lifter may affect feeding.
  7. Is the bolt locked back when this happens and it's in auto loading condition?
  8. Once you try cutting on a nitride coated barrel you may change your thought process.
  9. Drums don't make sense for colt or glock mags when you can splice 2 mags together with the taccom system. It is much more economical and has the same or more capacity.
  10. BSPS is offering a base pad cover that appears to be 3D printed. It slips over the mag and base OEM base plate and could be a good option for 20 rd mags for reloading on the clock.
  11. I haven't had any issues with 9mm picking up from either the bench stand or tripod. You do have to slow fire as the reset time is about 2 seconds.
  12. I just set my dx1 to 5 yards that way I can keep all my velocity measurements in yards out to whatever distance I want.
  13. I run an endoscope on my 650 as well but mine is not Wifi it just plugs into my phone or tablet. I bought the 5.5mm endoscope off of ebay for around $20 and mounted it in the hole of the tool head where the powder check plunger would normally go. It sits facing almost straight down over the charged case and allows me to be able to see inside of bottlenecked cases as well like .223 rem.
  14. I found a soft.load using Eggleston 98gr coated bullets and 3.6 gr of titegroup at 1.05" oal . It runs 126pf out of my 8.5 in barrel so adjust accordingly. This would work well for the guys with short throated barrels and these bullets are very ecomical. Message me if you need a code.
  15. Running a short barrel opens up options you don't have with a 16in barrel. The biggest advantage is you can run lighter mass on your bolt/buffer since the dwell is shorter and pressure drops sooner without the risk of a case rupture. Is the taccom worth the price? I have no idea since I haven't run one but it satisfies the length requirement with sbr barrel characteristics.