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  1. What you “want” Or “like” is subjective. In fact blitz recommends the 5150H with spacer weight in an A5 tube over AR25 carbine tube. just saying.
  2. Spring recommended for my setup was actually either: JP 308/9mm Carbine Sprinco Orange 308 Carbine Works wonderfully, easy/smooth to charge and recoil is the best it's been.
  3. I made changes that were recommended to me buy a PCC guy. I made too many at the same time to know what did what, but its significantly better. The BCG is actually 1.5oz heavier (weighed with scale) than the Taccom, but lost 1oz in the Buffer, so that is close to sixes. With the A5 tube, it has a fuller stroke about 1/2" more than the other setup. However, leaving everything as is, only making 1 change, that being AR15 Carbine Tube vs A5 Tube, with the same Spring, it charges so much easier and smoother in an S5 tube. God, maybe its all placebo lol, who knows. I am not
  4. "Free country" is an illusion and "Freedom of Will" is almost entirely gone. I mainly use CCI, but if/when I don't have any, I use Federal. I try to keep the Federal for my CO rig.
  5. why not? Not sure if you know, a “virus” has primers being impossible to find. Sorry I ruffled your feathers Mr.
  6. Here is my current setup: UPPER: Davidson Defense PCC Billet Upper Brekke 12" Barrel w/ 4" CompXtension Brekke/Maxamundi CompXguard NLA Extended Charging Handle Stern Defense SD BU9 NiB ECHO BCG Sig Romeo8H 30mm Optic - 25y Zero Sig Romeo3 XL 45-degree Optic w/ JP 45-degree Mount - 25y Zero LOWER: Gibbz G9 Lower (I'm backwards left handed) TechWell Magwell Magpul K2+ Rubber Grip Hiperfire ELC Trigger (2lb pull springs) 2A A5 Buffer Tube (VLTOR on the way as its 7075 aluminum) Blitzkrieg 5020SS Bu
  7. JP Tuned and Polished Extra Power Carbine 308/9MM Spring (JP-S-OSC-308)
  8. Lol rofl cakes, sorry my friend.
  9. 10-15 for me depending on the gun/ammo.
  10. So much time and effort, I think I would rather just find a new interim hobby lol.
  11. There isn't enough energy in the multi-verse to keep a lie going forever...
  12. Just be a good human. It's really not hard.
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