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  1. Not my PCC's but they look like the strike industries strike switch.
  2. I've never seen or heard of anyone breaking a firing pin on the CMMG Guard platform. You must be one of the rare outliers.
  3. I use mobile 1 synthetic and only use it on the contact points of the bolt. I found the wetter I run my bolt, the quicker it get dirty. I have also tried dry lube on my bolt in the form of PTFE. It works extremely well in keeping the gun running cleaner since there is nothing for the burnt power and carbon to attach to but I have only run it in practice sessions with limited round counts. I did notice when running dry lube that right hand and arm had burnt power and carbon accumulated on them.
  4. I don't get stuck in the details as long as I have a repeatable SD of 10 or less. Take that out 3 SD's and you have a process with a very high confidence of success.
  5. Will these fit the mag gage with the +4 TTI CZ base pads? Anyone have first hand experience with it?
  6. Here is the link to the exact spring I ordered. It is tapered on the last coil of one end but nothing needle nose pliers won't fix quickly. https://www.gunsprings.com/index.php?page=item_details&iID=3248&dID=116&pID=109
  7. I ordered a wolff 13 lb. glock spring, removed the OEM flat wire spring and replace it with the glock spring and put the retainer clip back on the stock guide rod. It was a pretty cheap solution for less than $8. No issues yet running 130ish PF loads.
  8. It was a red and green run back to back for a test, dont think he ran this way long. I didn't like the circle and dot together it was to busy with dot movement so I just ran the dot.
  9. I put together a CMMG franken-guard in Dec. 2016 using a colt mag lower and side charging upper and I currently still run this set-up. The guard RDB system has advantages over the straight blow back system. The bolt opens at a lower pressure due to the delay, it runs a little cleaner than a blow back system and you don't have the inherent broken firing pin issue that most blow back actions have since it uses an AR firing pin. The buffer system can be tuned just like a blow back system so the dot movement and recoil can always be a little better than a blow back system. There were some minor challenges with the guard system out of the gate. Some owners have reported problems with extraction and CMMG replaced a few bolts and extractors. Personally the extraction issues I experienced were related to poor maintenance of my bolt where I had carbon build up behind my extractor hook and improper extractor tension. I resolved both by detail cleaning my bolt on a regular interval and replacing my standard extractor spring with an extra power version that I change annually now. The only other challenge I have run into was COAL of JHP's I loaded to run in my gun. The barrel has an extension just like a normal AR so it prefers pointed bullets such as round nose profile. I have been able to get JHP's to run by loading them shorter than I normally would for a pistol. Other than these issues and one mag extension problem my set-up has been extremely reliable. If you wanted a guard and don't like to tinker buy the complete carbine from CMMG. If you want to build your own guard based AR my recommendation would be to at least buy the CMMG bolt, barrel and guard lower. All the other parts you can pick your preference and they will work fine.
  10. You have a different 510c than what I have then. It's not as high as my c-more with adm qd mount even with the holosun riser added, that is why mine is a back-up optic now.
  11. Here is my ICRW firing pin from my guard with a over 5k on it. Still going strong, except for the coating. Most of the round count was with a 24C before I pulled it out.
  12. Yes they sell a riser that fits between the QD mount and the optic. You can find it on their site or on Amazon.
  13. There should be a listing for QC10 if I remember correct. My last.one was a QC10 form 1.
  14. That is the gas plug that retains the gas piston. Here is a assembly video and schematic of the gun. It is listed as part #11 on the schematic. https://www.brownells.com/schematics/remington-/versa-max-sid1091.aspx
  15. If you have an empty tool head go through where the dies would be. You only need one tight enough so it doesn't move until you can secure both.
  16. Make sure you dropped the alignment tool through a powder die, make sure it is adjusted all the way down and the primer seater should be removed off the press. The goal is to raise the platform and not have the alignment tool move upward in the powder die when it enters where the primer seater cavity. Snug the platform hex bolts up tight enough that the platform will not move easily. Once you get the platform perfectly aligned with the alignment tool in the tool head tighten at least one of the hex head bolts up the rest of the way with the platform in the raised position so it doesn't move on you. Lower the platform and tighten the other bolt. Recheck the alignment with the tool after this and if good reassemble the press.
  17. Still evaluating in live fire. Locking the wrist seems to bring the sights back quicker but to much cant of the wrist pulls my palm off the back of the grip. Trying to find a happy medium with good results.
  18. When you ramp up on new production please consider different molds that eliminate the lube groves on any bullet that will only be sold as coated.
  19. bwikel

    Solvent/oil suggestions

    Yes the non chlorinated version of brake cleaner is safe for polymer guns also.
  20. That makes sense, I'll test to confirm my results.
  21. Would it matter if the wrist is straight or canted if the wrists were locked with tension? Wouldn't it be easier to keep the wrists locked in a neutral position versus in extension such as they would be canted forward?
  22. bwikel

    Solvent/oil suggestions

    Non chlorinated brake cleaner is easy on finishes. Hose it out, blow it dry and lube it up.
  23. I have been running a 650 for 6 years now and I have never paid for a broken part. Dillon even sent me the return springs for my powder measure when I wanted to ditch the fail safe rod even though I offered to buy them. They have also sent me a replacement platform after mine cracked, free of charge. I don't own a 1050 but if I did I would not expect free replacement parts after the initial warranty ran out, as stated in their policy. Are you expecting them to make exceptions because of your large number of purchases? If so, it isn't realistic to think they keep up with everyone's order history or treat certain customers differently. My personal belief is if I broke a part due to my own negligence I would pay for it out of my own pocket, so far Dillon hasn't let me do that but I have also never "thrown a fit" when calling them about it. You should take your own advice and just get over it.
  24. Ranier and Botach both announced today they are shipping hi cap mags to Cali.
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