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  1. You probably were not bumping the shoulder back enough with the sizing die. This is a pretty common occurrence loading .223.
  2. Guncraft makes some drop in trigger shoes/bow. Other triggers can be fitted and work for example I have a SVI trigger shoe/bow in a para frame.
  3. I don't see this being a significant improvement in any situation. I agree that 30 rd mag limits on PCC would be a change I would support.
  4. If they are coated or plated bullets pull one after you re-seat them to assure you aren't removing the coating or plating as you seat them deeper.
  5. What size will the targets be from 100-200 yards? You will definitely need to confirm your holds from 100 to max distance to determine your dope. Strelok is helpful to get you in the ballpark for a hold but still need be confirmed.
  6. I was told by the manufacturer that the radar needs at least 15 yards clear in front of it to operate properly. I have used mine several times at an indoor range on a lane with others shooting on either side of me, i have yet to have an issue as long as the sensitivity is set accordingly.
  7. Have you pulled the slide off and placed an empty case in the extractor hook? You should not be able to shake it loose and if you can you need more extractor tension or a better bite on the case.
  8. Sub group averages don't mean much in relation to individual drop weights. If you want to control the variation of individual drop weights you need to collect that data not an average of 10.
  9. No it is not legal read appendix D8.
  10. I also have a RCBS Chargemaster 1500. I use it for precision rifle loads and when running test batches of ammo on an XL650. They have a newer version out now, the Chargemaster Lite. It appears to have all the common functions of the 1500 unit with a few less bells and whistles that the average handloader may not need. The CM 1500 has been very accurate for me and there are some mods that can be done to improve the efficiency of throwing charges. I have zero experience with the CM Lite version.
  11. You forgot the biggest gap between Open and PCC, major PF scoring!
  12. What you are seeing is normal process variation in your COAL like was said there are multiple factors that influence this. The variation you are seeing won't make any significant impact on your chrono results. The best way I have found to run test batches on a 650 is to keep the shell plate full and drop the power in the case off the press. I pull the sized, primed and flared case off the press and drop in the powder charge from my RCBS chargemaster. This allows me to keep the shellplate full at all times and just separate the test batches as they drop into the finished cartridge bin.
  13. Yeah I missed that part I thinking Prod legal CZ's.
  14. Bolting a thumb rest to the frame isn't an option for Prod or CO with the current rule set, it would need to be an OEM replacement part (like a slide stop or take down lever). I am assuming that with the thumb rest it will still have to fit the 1.625 in. depth dimension of the box to be legal. I don't think a pistol with nitrofin will make that.
  15. I have tested PTFE (teflon) spray on dry lube. It worked well preventing build up of burnt powder and carbon but I haven't run it over 300 rounds. Im not sure how it would hold up long term with wear and build up.
  16. Yes the pull weight adjustment screw. It will also change the return of the trigger or atleast it did mine. If I tried to run the pull weight really light the reset isn't very positive, increasing the pull weight slightly prevented the issue you are having for me.
  17. Have you tried adjusting it with the adjustment screw at the rear of the trigger?
  18. I'm just running the springco spring kit and polished the contact points on my trigger bar and firing pin stop. It makes for a really smooth 3lb ish trigger. Plenty good for what I need but would like less take up and shorter reset.
  19. Not my PCC's but they look like the strike industries strike switch.
  20. I've never seen or heard of anyone breaking a firing pin on the CMMG Guard platform. You must be one of the rare outliers.
  21. I use mobile 1 synthetic and only use it on the contact points of the bolt. I found the wetter I run my bolt, the quicker it get dirty. I have also tried dry lube on my bolt in the form of PTFE. It works extremely well in keeping the gun running cleaner since there is nothing for the burnt power and carbon to attach to but I have only run it in practice sessions with limited round counts. I did notice when running dry lube that right hand and arm had burnt power and carbon accumulated on them.
  22. I don't get stuck in the details as long as I have a repeatable SD of 10 or less. Take that out 3 SD's and you have a process with a very high confidence of success.
  23. Will these fit the mag gage with the +4 TTI CZ base pads? Anyone have first hand experience with it?
  24. Here is the link to the exact spring I ordered. It is tapered on the last coil of one end but nothing needle nose pliers won't fix quickly. https://www.gunsprings.com/index.php?page=item_details&iID=3248&dID=116&pID=109
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