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  1. Slide milled by Springer Precision.
  2. That's not correct as of the first revision of CO provisional rules, when weight changed from 35 to 45 ounces. That first revision also relaxed rules on grip and slide modification ONLY to CO. USPSA/NROI should depreciate or otherwise mark the original PDFs as superseeded and link to latest. If you google search (which most folks do), you get the original / incorrect appendix with 35 ounce weight as first hit, as those are still posted. You need to use the USPSA rules page to get to the correct / latest appendix and rules.
  3. Or it could be the attachment point for a rear sight when the rear sight is attached to it, so I'd argue that would fall under the language about site mounting. But that doesn't cover all the cases -- if you had optic milled forward of rear sight to co-witness, then it's exactly as you state just plate to fill a cut, not related to rear sight.
  4. With regard to cover plate for my CZ, to allow a slide milled for optics to be repurposed back to production, if that was OK (milling ONLY for optic to be covered back to stock profile, with rear sight attached)", this is email I got from Troy McManus last summer, as I thought I has seen email or ruling, but couldn't find it. "I think it was probably an email response, but that should not render your pistol non-compliant for Production, since there are other commercially available guns like this. I'm kind of tied up with Nationals right now, but as soon as I can get to it, I'll probably issue a ruling regarding this for Production."
  5. Deltapoint Pro 7.5 MOA triangle on my carry optics CZs. I have friends who just prefer the 2.5 MOA dot on theirs, its certainly bright enought to not lose or wash out. But I find the larger triangle is just more visible for me at speed (just put red on target 15 yards and under), and there's some versatility with the triangle on how you use at longer distances. (I've variously tried 25 yard zero to tip of triangle, as well as lining up triangle to top of steel or target at 25 yards the zero to headshot A zone. Both ways have some pluses/minus vs each other, but either for me superior to just the dot).
  6. > finally "affordable" Yes! Also finally readily available. We waited over a year in the transition from Delta Point to Delta Point Pro where you couldn't buy anything. Once they settled on what the revised Optic would be, they were all going MIL/LE for awhile (my understanding). My first ones were $480 (used ) to $580 for purchase, so now getting at $400 or just under is a bargain, in my opinion. BTW, when I had issues with my first gen Delta Point, no hassles at with Leupold, they send the newer pros back as replacement.
  7. Once your draw and index with the dot is second nature (it will get there), also remember to practice difficult positions like low ports, hard leans, and strong hand / weak hand. All of those fun ways to make a dot disappear if you haven't practiced it enough. And I agree with zzt. I had my CO index dead-nuts on. But, I then switched from Deltapoint to Deltapoint Pro this season. Just that slight different in dot height is enough that I have to rebuild my index. I'm not starting from scratch shooting a dot. But everything above is not yet to my last season speed, I need to get the practice reps in with the new dot location.
  8. I believe it was brake cleaner that removed the red painted on 'safety' dots on all my CZ frames.
  9. Oh, ok, sorry, my mistake. The picture you posted looked like the extractor pin was in the multioptic cut area. Are yours deltpoint specific cut?
  10. If you know you are going Deltapoint Pro on a SP01 Shadow top end, I think currently Springer Precision may have one of the better cuts for that specific combination. Scott has set it up so that the DP Pro sandwiches perfectly behind the extractor pin, and just in front of the firing pin plate, so neither of those are touched. And because there is not firing ping block, you can get reasonable low, certainly lower than you can with a firing ping block upper. In the past, my CZC milled multi-optic cut was forward of the extractor pin, you can see where CZ85Combat's pin is now under the optic and milled shorter. The advantage of the multi optic is its very versatile and doesn't lock you into an optic. But you trade away exact fit, the deltapoint will have a space in the front, while the RTS2 will have space in the rear. (My first go around with Springer last year we had it all the way back so the firing pin plate was milled on the top, and you had to watch clearance with the hammer.) I think with the Deltapoint, Springer has it just about perfect now for the SP01 shadow top end. You can check out @ Richmond anytime.
  11. Why not get a carry optic top end for your current production gun? Then you have the trigger and all the kit (mags, holster) you are already used to. CZ Custom sells the uppers stand alone.
  12. The folks you see shooting strong hand or weak hand losing the dot just haven't put the time in yet to build the index. I noticed it was often slightly off left or right when either hand didn't have the other to push against. While you are getting your index, as a substitute for BUIS, you can build a reference of optic to slide, precisely what you see (for example how much of tip of slide do you see in glass). You'll be shooting target focus 100% of the time CO, enjoy the scenery, no BUIS.
  13. Perfect :-) Almost all my friends that I had to troubleshoot issues with 9mm were because they 'crimped' to a measurement at the end, but then wondered why bullets tumbled (mostly because it compressed against bullet, but then relaxed after out of the die loosening grip). If you back way off on crimp then do what you've done, just enough crimp that you just knock bell off enough that it will case guage. More often then not you'll find you are in spec and the ammo works wonderfully. To original post, I'll echo above, just see what maximimum OAL that you can load that after finishing a round that case gauges OK, when inserted in your chamber it spins freely w/o snagging the rifling. Worse for short chamber CZ is profile of hollow point, you have to go really short to make it work. I've had 147 range from 1.14 (extreme plated RN), 1.11-1.12 (Acme RNFP - I currently use, and the old BBI 147 mold), 1.08/1.09, the new BBI 147 mold). So you just need to try it. It just depends on what the bullet profile is, if the RN is thinner or fatter at the top. FWIW, you can get a throat reamer (or send barrel out), which cuts back slightly where rifling starts, so you have some flexibility to load a little longer or use your 147 die. But with CZ75 you'll still then be limited by the magazines which I don't think will take much more than 1.15 before the bullet tips drag in the magazine. Against, something to test for if you do throat ream and go long. Welcome to CZ fun!
  14. Yes, sorry, the case taper that holds the 9mm bullet in from the sizing die.