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  1. I took a spare mag catch I had left over and filed down the top edge where it engages the top of the slot in the Colt magazine and now it takes much less effort to seat the magazine and loads by hand cycling, but have not had a chance to actually shoot it yet. I will update once I fet a chance to actually shoot it.
  2. Any pics of this?
  3. I run two set ups with the Rock River mag block; my registered SBR and a regular 16". These run Colt pattern mags I got from PSA, four of my magazines have Taylor Freelance +10 base pads. The SBR has a 3.5# POF drop in trigger. The lower uses an H2 buffer and carbine spring. The upper is an Anderson slick side, BA 11" barrel with either a thread protector or silencer, a clamp on gas block front sight and Aimpoint PRO The other lower is a CMMG MK 4 lower with the standard milspec trigger group, carbine spring and buffer and a 0.94" spacer. Anderson slick side upper with BA 16" barrel and ATI freefloat handguard and Trijicon MRO and a Custom Muzzle Brakes 9mm comp, which I don't think does anything other than protect the threads. I run a JP bolt in both configurations. As built currently both set ups work very reliably with a total of two failures-a double feed jam and an FTE. The only remaining issue I have is seating mags on a closed bolt: it has to be forced very hard, even when down loaded a few rounds. Ammo is my 115gr plated handloads with 2.8gr Prima V. This load makes PF in the PCC, but won't cycle a single pistol I have. What has not worked, or not worked well is a Wolf XP recoil spring--it was quite heavy to cycle by hand (my wife uses this gun for matches more than I do), and the recoil was a bit harsh. NFA heavy 9mm bolt and buffer were also heavy on the recoil, additionally running the heavy recoil set up with the drop in trigger caused a few doubles, so I quickly abandoned it. I ultimately decided on developing a light load, rather than a heavy rifle to manage recoil.
  4. I have been using Nobel Prima V 2.8gr with 115 gr bullets. They make 1090 fps just a hair over 125pf.
  5. My wife shoots my 9mm AR conversion with no complaint of powder, gas or brass. She has shot about six USPSA matches with it, and is intimately familiar with the brass and gas issues, as she has experienced those with her 223 and .22 AR's. We have used Freedom 115, 124 and 147's as well as my handloaded 115, 124 and 147 gr rounds, both standard loads and down loaded to 125 pf from the rifle.
  6. Limited loads for PV http://forums.brianenos.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=91900
  7. I chronoed some 124 plated RN bullets loaded with 3.8 gr Prima V @ 1.12" and got 1025 fps out of my M&P long slide. I don't know if the TC referred to lesd, plate or coated. I also chronoed at 4.0 gr PV, same gun and OAL: 1067. I tested more rounds of this load, so I feel it's a more accurate velocity.
  8. Thanks Eric. I don't think I even looked at that thread, seeing QC10 and assuming it was a Glock pattern.
  9. Eric: pics of magwell and finished lower? Please?
  10. I assume off the top side of the Colt style lower's mag release. I have to seat hard, so I try not to have to reload mine. I have +10 base pade on PSA Metal Form magazines.
  11. USPSA PCC rules
  12. I use the Rock River mag block. It seems to work pretty well in non-Spike's lower. I got is to use in my registered lower as well. Lining up the mags on the reload is a bit tight though. I have experienced a couple FTF's with the empty case stovepiping and getting wedged in bu the next live round, which can cause a kind of nasty jam. I am not sure if this is related to the adapter, the ammo or the mags.
  13. I suspect this is happening partially due to bolt over travel. You might try a buffer spacer or something like that to stop the over travel.
  14. I ran four of mine in a match today. They all performed well, except I didn't seat one all the way and had a stovepipe on the first round. I didn't run any of them dry, but had one round left at the end of one stage.
  15. Drat! I just got a bunch of Taylor Freelance +10 base pads.