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  1. This is great advice. To add to it, for competition pick an acceptable power factor and work up from there. Don't let a higher power factor scare you from the most accurate load, especially in 9MM. If you are not competing pick the one you enjoy shooting most. The more I am around reloading the more I realize everything affects accuracy. I have seen seen a different primer/charge weight/overall length all affect accuracy.
  2. I steer new shooters to Limited because of the Lack of rules and fewer reloads. Production has the largest rule set and the need for more equipment than what new shooters normally have. Their lack of knowledge of the game and lack of equipment( mags and pouches mostly) actually steers them to Limited. Typically Limited Minor.
  3. I have used the Dawson's and found them utterly reliable. I shoot Single Stack only occasionally though. I did find that CDNN has Zenith Magazines for 14.99. For that price they might be worth a try. They appear to be a copy of the Metalform magazine which is what I think Dawson is. The lone Zenith 9mm I have, has been reliable. They all hand cycle empty brass but that may be because I have a super fancy Citadel 1911.
  4. It is an addictive endeavor. When you do decide to go with a full size gun get the G40. It is nearly as easy to carry and my buddy gets about 150 fps more that I do in my G20. Have fun.
  5. Shouldn't change anything. Probably opens more options if you go with the upper. Gen 3 uppers should also work on gen 4 frames, but not the other way. If you are looking for carrying the 10, I think the upper would be the better option. Also check out Underwood ammo. From my G29, I get 1175 fps from their 180 gold dot load.
  6. 10mm is awesome in the small guns. The frames for the G30 and G29 are the same, I often put my g29 upper on my 30SF frame. There are a couple of ways of doing it. Buy a G29 upper or just add an aftermarket conversion barrel. Not sure how easy a complete upper is to find but that is the best option. I did quite a bit of research on the barrel a while back and there are plenty of mixed reviews on the barrel only solution. Some people suggest swapping the extractor as well. If you have a G30s though, the barrel only solution will not work. I found out after buying a barrel. Not quite enough research apparently. I ended up buying back a G29.
  7. I do it all the time. I practice with a 9mm Glock and compete with a .40 Glock. I used to shoot limited minor in local matches as well. One thing I always tried to do was switch to all major PF about a month before a big match. I don't know if it's necessary. I shoot the same time/hits with either setup.
  8. DeweyH

    G34 Accuracy Issues

    How long did it take to stop shooting left?
  9. I've put several thousand through a g34. I have seen no ill effects. For me the only benefit is the beaver tail. Accuracy may or may not be affected by swapping uppers. Apparently the slide lock/take down lever has great affect on accuracy. If I switched frames and lost accuracy I would switch the slide lock as well.
  10. The accurate arms load data sheet list 4.5 as a max load. I would be careful.
  11. There's going to be extra pressure to consider as well.
  12. We have safety rules because something really bad can happen if you don't obey them. I will always try to stop people from doing things that can injure or kill themselves or someone else. If I see someone about to holster a weapon that doesn't have the safety engaged I will warn them. If I don't catch it before it happens then they are dq'd. But to watch it happen, knowing you could stop it, is irresponsible. Also, as an RO, you are in imminent danger if a weapon goes off while holstering. I surely don't want a life long limp just to protect competitive equity.
  13. Tom Robbins writes this way as well. His mind is certainly bent, but he is a virtuoso with the English language.
  14. We are certainly not what we started as. I'm OK/happy with that. I'm not sure the founders would be unhappy with where we are. If you look at some of those old photos of their equipment, they definitely had racing on their mind. I am a strong advocate of limited minor. I believe that before we add any other division limited minor should be recognized as it's own division. I think there are more numbers there than any of the new divisions.
  15. I believe the difference in power factor has more to do with the combat mindset of Jeff Cooper. When practical shooting began they cared more about what the bullet does to the "target", not what the shooter "feels" in recoil. More damage=more points.
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