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  1. I use 9.3 grains of Longshot. Getting 1250fps out of a G20. My friend's G40 is in the lower to mid 1300s There's a bunch of information elsewhere on the internet regarding what 10mm powder/bullet combination is most accurate. As always start lower and work up safely.
  2. I keep trying to read and enjoy Mccarthy's work but I find it difficult. I'm not sure why. I grew up poor white trash, so the violence and rawness isn't an issue. I read Hawking's "Brief History of Time", enjoyed and understood it, so I don't think I'm an idiot, but Cormack's books have given me trouble. It may be that I can't be sympathetic to the characters. He doesn't try to sell anyone as someone you should pull for. It's like his characters are all in a river that are going over a 1000' waterfall and they don't try to swim against the current. Sometimes they even swim toward the falls. That being said, "Last Pale Light in the West" is one of my favorite songs. Thanks Brian for introducing me to the rest of the album. Despite not liking the book I enjoy the music.
  3. One of the things that most people do not consider is the hit after the reload. I did some testing many years ago and the difference in time between normal and weak hand thumb reloads was about .2 seconds. The thing that I noticed in testing was that I had more consistent A hits with the Weak thumb reload. If you do the hit factor for a Major C in 1.00 seconds Vs. an A in 1.2 seconds the A in 1.2 is .1666 hit factor better. So even though it is not best to use the Weak thumb method, it is probably not horrible either. If you are shooting Minor it may even be a wash over time.
  4. Completely wrong. I am not trying to change anything to fit my whims. I am commenting on a philosophical debate that never will happen and I really would like for there to be two divisions. Open and limited. I don't care if they keep major/minor or get rid of it. I do believe that the level of competition would be better if we only have two divisions and if that means making one power factor, I am OK with it. I don't believe that minor is an advantage except to those who are small, weak, old, or unskilled. Those competitors do not threaten my ego. Nor do those who are large , strong, young and skilled. I would rather have the very skilled production, single stack etc. shooters come into the Limited fold so that the overall competition base is raised. Shooting Major gives me no more, or less, pleasure or challenge than shooting Minor. I shoot Major because of the free points. I also don't care if nothing changes. I also wouldn't care if they got rid of classifications as well. That would end the debate on sandbaggers/grandbaggser too.
  5. I would rather see fewer divisions too.
  6. If we get rid of minor vs major scoring we would need to add a capacity limit of 20 to Limited to not make any gun or caliber obsolete. As Shred stated in an earlier post, Major isn't scored higher because of difficulty of shooting major, but because of the extra damage it does to a target. This would be a target in the real world. I would think that nearly 100 percent of those who shoot Major reload. The only thing that getting rid of Major and adding a 20 round magazine limit would make obsolete, would be the current load data for Major. However, this would kill Production in every state without capacity laws.
  7. If you are looking to have all of the gun advertising, that is going to be tough to find and expensive when you do. I looked briefly. However, I will second the Academy brand for protection, comfort and price. They don't have any cool factor but they work fabulously and at times you can get them for $15. I usually wear a regular golf shirt, with only my friends holster company name on it, with the Magellan brand fishing shirt underneath. It works better than sunscreen which gets all over my gun from rubbing on my arms. During the Georgia summer I don't find it too hot. Shameless plug for my buddy: Sultac.com
  8. That is a nice cabinet. Nice representation of the Van Winkle family too. Shame they are still full. It's not a bourbon but that bottle of Don Julio hiding in the upper right corner might be my favorite of the bunch.
  9. The striker spring actually pulls the trigger forward to reset it. The extra power trigger spring counters the striker spring and keeps it from going all the way forward. I had this problem even with some factory trigger springs. My solution was to weaken the trigger spring by stretching it a little. Make sure to have extra springs. Not sure if anyone makes a weaker trigger spring. It has worked so far. I think it allows the break to be softer and the pull only slightly stronger. It does make the reset alot more positive, which I am a fan of.
  10. This is great advice. To add to it, for competition pick an acceptable power factor and work up from there. Don't let a higher power factor scare you from the most accurate load, especially in 9MM. If you are not competing pick the one you enjoy shooting most. The more I am around reloading the more I realize everything affects accuracy. I have seen seen a different primer/charge weight/overall length all affect accuracy.
  11. I steer new shooters to Limited because of the Lack of rules and fewer reloads. Production has the largest rule set and the need for more equipment than what new shooters normally have. Their lack of knowledge of the game and lack of equipment( mags and pouches mostly) actually steers them to Limited. Typically Limited Minor.
  12. I have used the Dawson's and found them utterly reliable. I shoot Single Stack only occasionally though. I did find that CDNN has Zenith Magazines for 14.99. For that price they might be worth a try. They appear to be a copy of the Metalform magazine which is what I think Dawson is. The lone Zenith 9mm I have, has been reliable. They all hand cycle empty brass but that may be because I have a super fancy Citadel 1911.
  13. It is an addictive endeavor. When you do decide to go with a full size gun get the G40. It is nearly as easy to carry and my buddy gets about 150 fps more that I do in my G20. Have fun.
  14. Shouldn't change anything. Probably opens more options if you go with the upper. Gen 3 uppers should also work on gen 4 frames, but not the other way. If you are looking for carrying the 10, I think the upper would be the better option. Also check out Underwood ammo. From my G29, I get 1175 fps from their 180 gold dot load.
  15. 10mm is awesome in the small guns. The frames for the G30 and G29 are the same, I often put my g29 upper on my 30SF frame. There are a couple of ways of doing it. Buy a G29 upper or just add an aftermarket conversion barrel. Not sure how easy a complete upper is to find but that is the best option. I did quite a bit of research on the barrel a while back and there are plenty of mixed reviews on the barrel only solution. Some people suggest swapping the extractor as well. If you have a G30s though, the barrel only solution will not work. I found out after buying a barrel. Not quite enough research apparently. I ended up buying back a G29.
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