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  1. Check out any of the LaRue QD mounts. All good quality and backed with great customer service.
  2. if you can afford it, go for it! Open Shotguns are awesome!
  3. what do you mean a little graphite every 20 rounds? in the mag? that seems like it could cause a huge mess pretty quickly.
  4. Would like to hear some peoples feed back on the surefire mag.
  5. most any good ones will suffice if you ask me, i think the import piece would be to get a good QD like larue and go from there.
  6. What do you all recommend for shooting factory 147gr ? is it wort it to also get an upgraded guide rod?
  7. M3K was my starter gun and recently switched over to the M2 and am not looking back. Either way you can't go wrong since a lot of the M2 parts fit the M3K
  8. i just got 2 of the safariland 086 shell holders in today and love them so far. good upgrade from the Taccom ones.
  9. Yes, i have a membership to Otto Road. its a good range and you can come and go as you wish. Let me know when you get in town and we can shoot one day.
  10. Found this forum a few weeks back and love looking around to see what you all have to post about. Anyone ever in the Cheyenne area and want to go shooting just give me a buzz.
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