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  1. CJW3


    yes for top barrel first
  2. I feel that a 2011 will improve most pistol shooters that have the foundations knowledge down already...
  3. CJW3

    adj comb or not

    I 3rd getting the adjustable comb cut by a professional.
  4. whats the best distance to test POI at for trap guns?
  5. CJW3


    MOD and IC in top and bottom respectively
  6. Posted this in the wrong thread earlier but looking for any feedback on this shotgun. Looking for a budget friendly trap gun. https://www.tristararms.com/series/tt-15-trap/#tt-15-trap-cta-(usa-&-dta) Thanks!
  7. I'm getting into trap with a buddy of mine and looking for any thoughts or reviews on this gun. https://www.tristararms.com/series/tt-15-trap/#tt-15-trap-cta-(usa-&-dta)
  8. Awesome, I'll watch these tonight. Thanks for the help!
  9. Recently got a used STI DVC Limited 2011 with factory magazines. Twice now I have had my ammo get stuck in there causing issues. Im new to the 2011 world and all that so i was wondering if there are some upgrades recommended for factory magazines/anyone who tunes them.
  10. I've always lived buy what Jerry said and that's you can not over grip the pistol. so I grip the s#!t out of it..
  11. i know the Voodoo Tacitcal 3 gun bag will fit it but its quite expensive after you factor in their shipping cost and all that. Good luck!
  12. really good advise. something i need to work on myself.. thanks for the tip!
  13. are there any good videos out there for transitioning to a 2011?
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