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  1. Recently switched from a 3MOA Venom on the Vortex-branded Samson mount to a 510c. In USPSA, the 510c is easier to pick up in situations where you might not have a perfect cheek weld. The dot is bright enough that even with the smaller size, I've never had an issue. I don't use the circle/dot, just the 2MOA dot, so it's far from busy. Haven't had the 510c long enough to comment on reliability, but I haven't heard of any failing, even from the guys running them on Open guns. The *only* issue is the square emitter reflection that appears when the sun is at just the right angle. I've only ever noticed it during LAMR, and it's never bothered me after the beep. You're welcome to check mine out next time you see me at a match!
  2. I do need to check the inertia spring. Fired hull ejects, new shell doesn't feed. Doesn't make it all the way up into the chamber, and gets stuck between bolt and feed ramp. Yes, this is with Win AA 1250 7.5 1 1/8. As for the Aero slugs, 7/8 1300 has always run in this gun, until last month's match, where the spent hull stovepiped. Though at this month's match, the 3 I needed cycled fine. Going to try new inertia spring, new Benelli ejector and spring, new mag tube spring, and see where that gets me. I'd try the MOA bolt carrier mod if they had welded up parts in stock.
  3. Those still running a Stoeger, who are you using for gunsmithing and parts? MOA never has what I want listed as in stock, and they never respond to emails. My MOA built M3000 needs some help; it's not reliable, even with WinAA 1250s. Same slugs it used to run all the time, Aero 7/8oz 1300fps, don't properly cycle any more. Thinking it's time to replace every spring in the gun as a starting point.
  4. Did the survey. Mine's 8. Just getting started with rimfire rifle in Steel Challenge. He's shot rimfire pistols before, but not quite ready yet. He may shoot PCC in a couple years. I don't think the matches themselves are a limiting factor. Lots of majors in my area do reduced cost or free entry for juniors. There's at least a few juniors at any match I attend.
  5. Ran across this the other day, interesting solution... https://magload.co.uk/shop/breech-flag-22
  6. The PCC handguard is smaller diameter, since it doesn't have to clear a gas tube.
  7. Maybe a bit off topic... but is anyone running the short stroke SCS with a Colt pattern lower?
  8. I've never had a 20rd mag fail, before the problems with larger mags started or after.
  9. Got it installed, haven't had a chance to test.
  10. They're not wrong. I need to get some pistol practice in anyway between now and BwB 3gun.
  11. Feed ramp was the first thing I checked. The setscrew had come slightly loose, so I was hopeful that was the issue. After cleaning, polishing, and loctite-ing in place, no dice.
  12. This was a good idea to check, but no discernible wear on any mag slots or the catch.
  13. Got 3 new 32rd mags today. All mags, new and old, are +/- 5 thou, both front and back. So doesn't seem like the feedlips are out of sorts. Will see if I have any issues this weekend.
  14. Black Creek Precision dedicated lower.
  15. New SCS should be here today. That will confirm or rule out the Taccom 3-stage being an issue, at least. New mags coming in as well, so I can mic out the feedlips to look for changes. Also took my existing mags and polished the followers and inside the feedlips, along with dry lube inside the body when reassembling. Yet another thing to try. I'll keep that on the list, but I'm not sure if that's my problem. The nosediving issues, the extractor hasn't even gotten to touch the round yet. And when it's running, ejection pattern is fine.
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