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  1. Did the survey. Mine's 8. Just getting started with rimfire rifle in Steel Challenge. He's shot rimfire pistols before, but not quite ready yet. He may shoot PCC in a couple years. I don't think the matches themselves are a limiting factor. Lots of majors in my area do reduced cost or free entry for juniors. There's at least a few juniors at any match I attend.
  2. Ran across this the other day, interesting solution... https://magload.co.uk/shop/breech-flag-22
  3. The PCC handguard is smaller diameter, since it doesn't have to clear a gas tube.
  4. Maybe a bit off topic... but is anyone running the short stroke SCS with a Colt pattern lower?
  5. I've never had a 20rd mag fail, before the problems with larger mags started or after.
  6. Got it installed, haven't had a chance to test.
  7. They're not wrong. I need to get some pistol practice in anyway between now and BwB 3gun.
  8. Feed ramp was the first thing I checked. The setscrew had come slightly loose, so I was hopeful that was the issue. After cleaning, polishing, and loctite-ing in place, no dice.
  9. This was a good idea to check, but no discernible wear on any mag slots or the catch.
  10. Got 3 new 32rd mags today. All mags, new and old, are +/- 5 thou, both front and back. So doesn't seem like the feedlips are out of sorts. Will see if I have any issues this weekend.
  11. Black Creek Precision dedicated lower.
  12. New SCS should be here today. That will confirm or rule out the Taccom 3-stage being an issue, at least. New mags coming in as well, so I can mic out the feedlips to look for changes. Also took my existing mags and polished the followers and inside the feedlips, along with dry lube inside the body when reassembling. Yet another thing to try. I'll keep that on the list, but I'm not sure if that's my problem. The nosediving issues, the extractor hasn't even gotten to touch the round yet. And when it's running, ejection pattern is fine.
  13. I know at least one Colt PCC gunsmith recommends no longer than 1.13" OAL for his rifles. It's on the list of things to try, along with upping the PF, if new SCS buffer and new mags still don't help. But again, what irks me is, the same load has run for more than a year w/o problems.
  14. The TF spring is very different than the Wolff +5%. I tried both, and the Wolff springs were better by far. I really wanted the TF spring/follower combo to work, but got nothing but nosedives. You're right about the mag bodies. Went ahead and ordered a new set. They're pretty cheap nowadays anyway. FWIW, every one of my mags, 32 and 20, the feed lips back and front only vary by 5 thou. The Metalforms are such thick metal, I don't even know if I could tweak the feed lips easily. The only thing that kills me is, the same TF extension/mag combo has worked for more than a year, trouble free. I'm going to keep at it, but I'm also going to be loading up some pistol ammo instead of PCC ammo...
  15. I've had this Colt mag PCC together for almost 2yrs now, and it's run great until recently. I've tried everything, so I'm looking for other ideas. 20rd mags still run fine. I have 2 TF+10s on 32rd mags that *used* to run, along with a 32+20 coupled mag that *used* to run. All Metalform mag bodies and metal followers, chamfered to work smoothly with the +10s. Now I get both double feeds and nosedives from the mags. Swapped in new Wolff +5% springs, no help. Tried clipping 1/2 coil off of some of those springs, no help. Tried TF delrin followers, no help, seemed to worsen nosediving. The only thing different is, around the same time, I switched from a JP SCS to the Taccom 3-stage buffer system. I had traded off the SCS, but put another one on order today, just to see if the Taccom 3-stage was contributing. Anything else anyone familiar with Colt setups can suggest, that might have to do with a "less than new" setup that needs refreshing? No discernable wear on bolt, firing pin, extractor, ejector. Problems are limited to first ~10 rounds in 42rd or larger magazines. Details: * JP 16" barrel * JP 9mm bolt * Taccom 3-stage buffer with the spring it comes with, no short stroke * Hyperfire 3G trigger * 124gr Precision Delta FMJ / 3.6gr Titegroup / 1.15" OAL / CCI primers / ~135PF
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