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  1. mahamoti

    Colt style 9mm magazine differences

    Had a chance to try these out yet? I picked up a couple of followers and springs from TF myself to replace the guts in some older mags, and I get nothing but round nosedive jams with that setup. Back to Metalform followers and Wolff +5% springs... same mag body runs with no issues. I really wanted to like the TF guts enough to convince me to pick up a 66rd mag from him as well...
  2. mahamoti

    Pcc belt setup

    2x Ghost 360s for reloads, plus a magnet for starter mag, on weak side. Strong side front, I found a 3d printed ELS fork for one of my leftover Ghost 360 "bullets out" pouches. I use it for weak side reloads in classifier strings that are freestyle/reload/weak hand, instead of switching over from strong side.
  3. Look for a magwell made for a CMMG Colt lower, maybe. Their magwells aren't shortened like other brands, just not milled out as much in the inside, so the outer dimensions are the same as a standard lower. Maybe that would work.
  4. mahamoti

    Left side mag release lower

    All opinion of course, but I prefer the High Velocity Arms or Forward Control Designs ambi releases waaaay more than the Troy release. Anything's better than the Norgon design though, especially with stuffed full Colt mags.
  5. mahamoti

    cz 75 long slide

    Ah, you might be right there. Probably should have replied to the other poster, who assumed it was an SP-01 frame with a TS slide. I was more pointing out the lack of full dustcover and rail up front, as the SP-01 frames have. Didn't even think about the difference in the 75B and SA frames. Is that just the beavertail?
  6. mahamoti

    cz 75 long slide

    No, the CTS LS-P is a CTS/TS slide on a standard short dust cover 75 lower.
  7. mahamoti

    How heavy, is too heavy?

    Yes. I like the lack of forward assist and low profile brass deflector. Plus it's one of the less expensive billet upper receivers. I actually purposely chose Keymod. I don't plan on hanging anything on the handguard, and the Keymod cuts make the same length lighter than the Mlok.
  8. mahamoti

    How heavy, is too heavy?

    I’ve been satisfied with mine. Odin makes quality stuff.
  9. mahamoti

    Odin Work vs JP 9 mm barrel

    Another option, though not sure if it's less expensive, is to have the barrel you have cut to 14.5" and rethreaded for the comp you have.
  10. mahamoti

    which comp for 9mm PCC ?

    Just found it... MPX threading only. Ugh.
  11. mahamoti

    which comp for 9mm PCC ?

    Man, you're right about ugly. So ugly they don't even put it on their complete barrel they sell, opting for a more rounded design there, that they don't sell by itself. It looks like a Glock slide that went through a Limcat mill job.
  12. mahamoti

    which comp for 9mm PCC ?

    On the subject of comps... Taccom released their new CF sleeved barrel, but it's 13.5". That's going to need a comp at least 3" long to pin and make it legal. It's also 1/2x28 threaded instead of 1/2x36. Anyone have an idea of what comps are long enough to work, with that threading available?
  13. mahamoti

    Max won the Lucas Oil PCC match !

    Congrats Max! Great shooting.
  14. mahamoti

    Max won the Lucas Oil PCC match !

    My first thought when I saw pics of that array was how cool it was that you got your steel out there at a match this big. As much as I'd hate to have to shoot it, I hope you get credit for the design!
  15. mahamoti

    Dedicated PCC load

    Precision Delta 124gr FMJ 3.5gr Titegroup 1.15" OAL ~130pf out of my JP 16" barrel