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  1. Coda, Smoke, Isler also make good looking CF hand guards. Taccom’s is much less expensive and thinner since it doesn’t leave room for a gas tube.
  2. mahamoti

    Ar pcc And vortex venom

    Just preference. Mounted rearward, the window seems larger, but so does the frame around it. I prefer mounted forward, because at least for me, the frame just disappears. Probably depends on your length of pull and where you get a good cheek weld too. You're welcome to give my setup a shot if you'll be @EAPS this Sun!
  3. This! Along with awful QC. Good riddance, FM. You won't be missed.
  4. mahamoti

    Ar pcc And vortex venom

    So... that's the Spike's Colt magwell. It's not a perfect match for my BCP Colt lower. It's better than nothing, but I'm still on the hunt for anyone making a magwell for the BCP Colt.
  5. mahamoti

    Ar pcc And vortex venom

    Only thing I rail mount is the optic. The rail section at the front of the handguard, I just use as a grip index point.
  6. mahamoti

    Ar pcc And vortex venom

    I went through the same search a while back. Ended up with the Vortex-branded Samson riser. CMT supposedly makes a non-QD mount but I’ve never seen it in stock. The only other cheap/easy option is a picatinny riser.
  7. I'm not really arguing one way or the other, since I think 99% of comps on PCC are just for looks anyway, but doesn't JP "just" use side ports in their 3-port as well? I went with the Nano just to keep OAL down, w/o having to deal with a pin/weld, while looking better than a thread protector. I'd do a different comp were I building another, but mostly to help with the low noise/timer annoyance.
  8. If you're worried about the timer picking up, definitely *don't* use the NERD Nano comp. Of all the PCCs in my circle of friends, mine's the only one that's had issues with the timer.
  9. I use the TTI Glock pads with a couple wraps of electrical tape to keep them from popping off. Works really well. https://i.imgur.com/Vq7QiIa.jpg
  10. mahamoti

    TACCOM 2-Stage Buffer Setups?

    Recently switched from a stock JP 9mm SCS to the Taccom 3 stage. Other relevant config: BCP Colt lower Metalform mags 16" JP barrel NERD Nano comp JP bolt Hiperfire 243G trigger 124gr Precision Delta FMJ over 3.5gr Titegroup @1.15" OAL ~130PF Could not tell the difference between either of them, honestly. Recoil feel was basically identical. Shot placement at 15yds was 2-3" spread as fast as I could pull the trigger. Both locked bolt back on last round. I know Tim says he's not a fan of the 308 springs, but I may give one a try, or stack some quarters to try shortening the cycle some more. Not that I think this carbine needs any help... it's just out of curiosity to see what happens.
  11. I’ve seen at least one custom solution for a GMR, with an extended lever screwed into the stock button long enough to hit with your thumb. But a Colt pattern lower is the right answer. HVA ambi release is my favorite.
  12. Yeah, I didn't really think it would work, just a shot in the dark. The BCP magwell is flared decently well internally... I tried the Taccom Spike's Colt lower magwell, it fits the external dimensions, but the funnel is a poor match for the BCP's internal dimensions. I'm not 3d printer guy, or I'd try to make one myself, since this particular lower seems not very prevalent... I don't expect an aftermarket for it.
  13. anyone know if a different pattern, like the QC10 Colt, would also fit a Black creek Precision Colt?
  14. mahamoti

    What is my major malfunction?

    Glad you’ve got it figured out. PCC is both a blessing and a curse for those of us who like to tinker!
  15. Ah, the old sample size of one. Glad it works for you. It has not worked for me, and for MANY others, a simple Google search will dredge up pics of lots of blown up guns, squibs, tumbling bullets, and split cases. And their 9mm cases are total trash, there's no denying that. Stepped cases are a reloader's nightmare. Get a life? Rofl. You're supporting a company that endangers people's lives with their poor QC.