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  1. I find a 12# too light. Sometimes on reloads the slide will go just out of battery, so I went back to factory.
  2. I second cleaning the mags. All I have are 32 rounders, some with the TF plus 10 extension. The mags get pretty dirty.
  3. Another 200 rounds shot at a match this weekend. No issues with the gun— just the idiot pulling the trigger.
  4. Brazos bullets. Abuot $.05 for 125 coated. I just picked up a sample pack they are as accurate as Xtreme 124 HP’s, got the same velocity in my pistol as the Xtremes, and 50 fps more in a 9mm AR 16” barrel.
  5. I have had FTF’s with factory ammo too. Yes there was a time when I had an issue with high primers, but think it’s resolved. I shot a match today with no failures. The new striker spring seems to take out some of the mush from the factory trigger. so for the record: 200 rounds in testing/training with a single FTF, one match ~135 rounds with zero FTF’s.
  6. Yep. It did not reliably go into battery with the reduced power recoil spring. I test fired it today, but not really enough to know how much more reliable it is. Plan on shooting a match next week though.
  7. I got the Wolff springs today. I have not installed yet, but the package says not to use with reduced power recoil springs. Is this an issue? I swap back and forth with the factory spring and a 12 lb spring.
  8. How much weight does the poly guide rod save?
  9. I have occasional ftf’s with the factory striker assembly on my M&P’s. Is there a sronger striker spring available? Wolff only sems to make reduced power springs. I have ftf’s with my handloads using CCI primers and factory ammo as well. I have about 10,000 CCI’s left. I intend to switch to WSP’s when I exhaust my CCI’s.
  10. I have run a 12# spring on mine, but it will sometimes go out of battery on reloading a full magazine, so I went back to factory for reliability. The issue I have with the factory spring is it is it is not 100% reliable with my 125 pf loads...
  11. Review of this powder for 9mm? How does it meter? Are the throws consistent? How clean does it burn? How smoky is it? I have really enjoyed Prima V, but it looks like that’s all gone for now. Guest’s load data looks quite similar to my PV load data...
  12. Grafs only charges $10 hazmat, and $7.95 shipping. If you want anything besides Winchester primers, it is more economical to buy from them. I like Midway, but their specials are pretty restrictive ....
  13. Where is your slide stop?
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