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  1. Dannybot

    Free Hazmat Fees?

    Grafs only charges $10 hazmat, and $7.95 shipping. If you want anything besides Winchester primers, it is more economical to buy from them. I like Midway, but their specials are pretty restrictive ....
  2. Dannybot

    CO mag weights for Shadow 2

    Where is your slide stop?
  3. Dannybot

    Shortest Reach Trigger?

    Do these short reach triggers take away any of the single action pretravel? I am totally new to double action pistols, I was hoping for something more like a revolver...
  4. Dannybot

    Shortest Reach Trigger?

    Digging up an old thread. I am wanting a short reach trigger, which is the better one; CZC or CGW?
  5. Dannybot

    Shadow 2 Carry Optics

    In the smae boat. My research has shown CZ Custom seems to have a slight edge over Cajun Gunworks, but I haven’t seen any objective reason to pick one over the other. As for the optics, more of the same personal preference over objective rationale to get any particular optic for the CZ. I like how low the RMR and Sig Romeo1 on the slide. The Sig has a rear sight cut into its body, but it has a reputation for being unreliable. That said my RM01 on my M&P CORE has been fairly unrelable as well...
  6. Dannybot

    Shadow 2 magazine extensions

    Where is the best place to get rpthese mag extensions?
  7. Dannybot

    Lee Pro 1000

    I use both Pro 1000 and Dillon 650. I have run about the same number of 9mm through both; about 10,000. The dillon is no faster for me, but you can just run straight through when you fail to decap a crimped primer. I have had just as many high primer seating problems with the 650 as I ever had with the Pro 1000 too. But I have been sort out the seating issue with the 650. I keep two Pro 1000’s around: one for 223 and one for .38 spl. The 223 would be faster on a the Dillon, but would still require two passes...
  8. Dannybot

    Colt mag tuning?

    Try disassembling the mags and giving them a good, thorough cleaning. Gheye is a lot of carbon and debris that comes out of a 9mm upper. The magazines are not taperes, so this build up inside the straight wall magazines can cause resistance.
  9. Dannybot

    Prima SV vs Prima V?

    Since it looks like Prima V is all gone, at least for now, I am looking at SV for a replacement. For those who have loaded bith, hiw does Prima SV compare to Prima V? The threads I have read and load data I have seen indicate a fairly comparable starting load. How does SV meter compared to V? How much case volume for SV vs V? Thanks for any input.
  10. Dannybot

    Problem Headstamps?

    PPU. Primers don’t seat at all for me on my 650.
  11. Dannybot

    Coated vs Plated Bullets

    For me, my most accurate handload so far has been Xtreme 124 plated HP’s. At 10 yards the group is 1/2 the size free hand, even tighter off a bag that BB 135’s. I tried many OAL’s, crimps and power factors and just couldn’t get them to group as well as any plated bullets I have loaded. I like the economy and ease of handling of coated bullets over plated; I can easily grip and manipulate coated bullets with two fingertips, the plated bullets feel slippery. That makes my RPH a bit higher,.
  12. Make sure the primer punch block assembly is fully seated—use a 9/16” wrench. I have had intermittent high primers since my 650 was new. I attributed it to technique and speed, but today I all at once every round had a high primer. It turns out the punch assembly was about ready to fall off! https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/238771-650-and-high-primer-issue/#comment-2661223
  13. Dannybot

    Diamondback 9mm AR?

    Anyone have one? Tried one? I held one at the LGS yesterday. It felt solid, has LRBHO, and the handguard is long, slim and feels light. The mag catch is very easy to use— not like most of the Glock pattern rifles I have played with. I didn’t even touch the trigger, so no idea what it’s like, but imagine it’s basic mil spec. https://diamondbackfirearms.com/collections/db9r-rifle-series/products/db9rbb?variant=1953441513484
  14. Dannybot

    Good news for Prima V junkies

    Just can’t wait until Graf’s does one of thise free hazmat with 10lb purchase....
  15. Dannybot

    223 neck sizing?

    Is it necessary to neck size 223 for 3gun hoser ammo? Will be shooting for minute of IPSC target.... It seems I could process my brass a lot faster and with less effort with just a decap and FL size. thanks.