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  1. Another 200 rounds shot at a match this weekend. No issues with the gun— just the idiot pulling the trigger.
  2. Brazos bullets. Abuot $.05 for 125 coated. I just picked up a sample pack they are as accurate as Xtreme 124 HP’s, got the same velocity in my pistol as the Xtremes, and 50 fps more in a 9mm AR 16” barrel.
  3. I have had FTF’s with factory ammo too. Yes there was a time when I had an issue with high primers, but think it’s resolved. I shot a match today with no failures. The new striker spring seems to take out some of the mush from the factory trigger. so for the record: 200 rounds in testing/training with a single FTF, one match ~135 rounds with zero FTF’s.
  4. Yep. It did not reliably go into battery with the reduced power recoil spring. I test fired it today, but not really enough to know how much more reliable it is. Plan on shooting a match next week though.
  5. I got the Wolff springs today. I have not installed yet, but the package says not to use with reduced power recoil springs. Is this an issue? I swap back and forth with the factory spring and a 12 lb spring.
  6. How much weight does the poly guide rod save?
  7. I have occasional ftf’s with the factory striker assembly on my M&P’s. Is there a sronger striker spring available? Wolff only sems to make reduced power springs. I have ftf’s with my handloads using CCI primers and factory ammo as well. I have about 10,000 CCI’s left. I intend to switch to WSP’s when I exhaust my CCI’s.
  8. I have run a 12# spring on mine, but it will sometimes go out of battery on reloading a full magazine, so I went back to factory for reliability. The issue I have with the factory spring is it is it is not 100% reliable with my 125 pf loads...
  9. Review of this powder for 9mm? How does it meter? Are the throws consistent? How clean does it burn? How smoky is it? I have really enjoyed Prima V, but it looks like that’s all gone for now. Guest’s load data looks quite similar to my PV load data...
  10. Grafs only charges $10 hazmat, and $7.95 shipping. If you want anything besides Winchester primers, it is more economical to buy from them. I like Midway, but their specials are pretty restrictive ....
  11. Where is your slide stop?
  12. Dannybot

    Shortest Reach Trigger?

    Do these short reach triggers take away any of the single action pretravel? I am totally new to double action pistols, I was hoping for something more like a revolver...
  13. Dannybot

    Shortest Reach Trigger?

    Digging up an old thread. I am wanting a short reach trigger, which is the better one; CZC or CGW?
  14. Dannybot

    Shadow 2 Carry Optics

    In the smae boat. My research has shown CZ Custom seems to have a slight edge over Cajun Gunworks, but I haven’t seen any objective reason to pick one over the other. As for the optics, more of the same personal preference over objective rationale to get any particular optic for the CZ. I like how low the RMR and Sig Romeo1 on the slide. The Sig has a rear sight cut into its body, but it has a reputation for being unreliable. That said my RM01 on my M&P CORE has been fairly unrelable as well...
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