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  1. Good one! I've read a few of his books. Seems like he was a good one.
  2. Stability of the bullet shouldn't be the issue. Little longer or shorter may make just the difference you want to see.
  3. Maybe try different OAL's? Try your current ammo through another pistol or 2?
  4. 99% of the time the factory STI mags work fine when left 100% stock. When you start trying to add capacity by switching out guts and basepadsn thats when feeding issues generally start popping up. If you're happy with 18rd capacity and/or a bit of tinkering and frustration, just roll with the factory mags. If you already know that you're going to want the 20-21rd capacity and dont want to fool with mags not running, buy a set of tuned mags or the MBX mags. A little more expensive up front, but not that much more than replacing springs and follwers and basepads, and someone else has handled the frustrating part.
  5. Most of the direction that I'm getting in my neck o' the woods is that as long as they dont penetrate fully, its ok. One man's cocking serrations are another's lightening cuts...
  6. The anti-walk pins DO degrade thw trigger some. Personal opinion as to whether or not it becomes a deal breaker. I couldnt get the Strike Ambi safety to work worth a flip in my G-mag PCC. Seems that many of them may suffer from a similar problem with poor interface between the trigger group and the various cuts to make the trigger ambidexterous and offer different throw ranges.
  7. Will, send PayPal gift $97.00 to scott40cal@gmail.com.


    In separate email send shipping information.




  8. Lots of us that load .45 are using the coated bullets these days. MG's are great, but significantly more costly...
  9. Would definitely go with the 38 follower. Any of the designs that work in SV tubes should work. Maybe even try the MBX followers.
  10. Signature grip, yes.
  11. Was it reassembled properly? Legs of sear spring in correct positions? Disconnector in correct orientation related to sear and trigger bow?
  12. Fiber is likely .040 or .060. I think .060 is more common until you get into the "microdot", skinny front blade sights. You could figure out the screw question by taking the MSH to a hardware store and testing various thread pitches until you find the right one.
  13. eaa

    Take a box and a scale to a shop that has one...?
  14. Looks fantastic! Awesome work, Glenn/LSI!