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  1. Really does sound like a cool match that could give me a great excuse to visit WY, but I don't understand shooting fewer than 3 stages per match day unless the stages are ridiculously huge. 4 stages Fri, 4 stages Sat. Prize table Sat night. Commute home on Sunday. Even shooting 4 stages per day, there should be plenty of time for side matches, etc.
  2. I was thinking about you as I was encouraging a fellow shooter to be more efficient in her stage planning at the A6 match. Said knees, etc. were not stable enough to run fast. I said to just shoot the whole time while you're moving like Hop. Hate I haven't seen you on the range in a bit. Hope all is well with you and yours.
  3. Thanks to all who have helped/made suggestions on this one.
  4. Google should help too. I still use them and I have not trouble with retention unless I catch the shells on something in movement. You've gotten some good information already, and I wouldn't argue with Barry's adivce, but other things that you can do include removing the springs and reworking the bend/curve to be even for the length of the spring. As it was explained to me, take the little pieces of spring steel off the caddy and roll them around something round to make the spring rounded and then replace it onto the caddy. Another thing that can get you is if the springs get a little loose, they will rotate up or down enough to get out of their little recess and this will greatly decrease tension on the shells. I spent time on the phone and in person with AP to deal with this very "issue" when I first got them because everyone made such a big deal about it. I've never had issues with mine, and I even picked up an extra QL8 at a match when a fellow competitor snatched it off his belt at the end of a stage and tossed it away. I think they offer the easiest pull/shell removal of any of the systems I have tried.
  5. Remove the trigger assembly and safety comes right out. Do some reading on the Hiperfire website to make sure that your chosen ambi will work with their trigger though. Many of the ambis dont play well with the Hiperfire units...ask me how I know...
  6. Not 100% sure what you're working with, but not all followers are compatible with all springs
  7. Ummmm....??? It looks awesome! In red on mine. But that's absolutely the only reason. Not even a remote need
  8. I used one at Optic Nats and A6. There are only a few situations as mentioned above where I think they are actually helpful. And, I'm not 100% sure how much they really help. I can say for certain that they require practice to be used effectively.
  9. I always look forward to your input on these kinds of topics, and I generally agree with you 100%.
  10. To the OP, if you're waiting on birds in trap, you likely end up shooting over them as they have peaked or just started dropping when you finally get ready to shoot. As mentioned earlier, get on them quick while they are still rising at a steady rate. Swing up to the bird and break the shot as you cover him up and KEEP swinging through the shot. Also, keep your face/cheek on the stock; wood to wood. If you're raiaing your head to look at the bird, then this will also cause you to miss...
  11. 1 1/8oz of #7.5 shot is pretty much the standard 3Gun load. Yes, lighter loads work fine on stages with close clays and such, but if you want a single, do-all load, it would the aforementioned shot size and amount at around 1200fps. I have used 1.25oz #6 shot at around 1400fps in certain situations. I have used 26g #8 @ 900fps in some situations. I would never go to a match with just either of those however...
  12. I'm interested in this as well. Whats the correct thread pitch? Length? Screw composition?
  13. I would label any effort at setting up stages with the sole purpose of disadvantaging any single division to be douchebaggery at its finest... And, what was mentioned above regarding tight hallways and skinny shooting areas with ports through walls is a great way to challenge PCC shooters. I also agree that weak-hand/shoulder stages provide great challenges. So do unloaded gun starts. Another option is hard cover since PCC's ALWAYS score MINOR. Removing some of the A zone either slows them down or costs them more points than an Open shooter. Open is still the Division to beat in any match if you are looking for HOA wins. Big mags, dots, AND Major scoring WITH better maneuverability for the WIN. (Yes, I shoot PCC)
  14. That is the plan. The only time that I would plan to cancel or adjust (outside of major holidays, etc.) would be if David Tapp wanted to take one of the 5th Saturdays for some other style of match like a "DMR-ish"-type match with smaller targets and greater distances. Even that could still be shot with the same gear, but more scope/precision might also be helpful. Come on down!